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Committee Name: Part Time Staff Association
Meeting Date: 5/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Annalee Bondurant, Arlene Gunter, Kimberly Williams, Linda Roberts (Recorder), Kris Collins, Michel Mavinga, Bryant Beverly, Ghana Ramey, Debi Stevens
Review & Approval of minutes from the March 13th meeting
Arlene Gunter moved, and Bryant Beverly seconded, and the minutes were approved as written.

ODU Trivia and pizza social was a huge success!

Our pizza fund raiser was a tremendous success! We cleared $353.06, kept $88 dollars for PTSA future events and we donated $ 267.06 to CVCC Foundation Student Emergency Fund and The Book Fund.

Our Off-campus account has been closed and we now keep our funds in a “club account” based in the CVCC Accounting Office! That saves a lot of time and money.
Committee Reports:
  • Presidents’ Cabinet (Sarah): They are focusing on retention.
  • Student Success (Bryant Beverly): They are working on a Phone Tree to help people get to who they need easier, also working on the new Student Handbook
  • Professional Development (Sarah) there is talk about having some credit classes for free open to just CVCC staff employees. They are also approving people to go to professional development programs. As a reminder, part-time staff are eligible to apply for funding for professional development.
  • Social Events (Linda) The end of the year luncheon was a huge success! We had nothing but good comments.
  • PR & Marketing (Kris) They are wrapping up all surveys, and there is a new Kiosk at the mall for CVCC.
Committee Volunteers for Next Year:
Arlene moved and Michel seconded, and all agreed and here are the officers for 2019/2020.

Chair: Sarah Jarett
Vice-Chair: Kimberly Williams
Treasurer: Annalee Bondurant
Recorder: Linda Roberts
Next Meeting: Sometime in September
None at this time.
None at this time.
Linda Roberts
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