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Committee Name: Part Time Staff Association
Meeting Date: 4/22/2020 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Linda Roberts (Recorder), Mickie Whalen, Trish Sawyer, Susie Fisher, Marcia Robertson, Ghana Ramey, Debbie Gilliam, Taylor Flynt
Annalee Bondurant (Treasurer), Kimberly Williams (Vice-Chair)
Review & Approval of minutes from the March 25th meeting
Marcia Robertson moved, and Debbie Gilliam seconded, and the minutes were approved as written.
Drop-in Zoom Coffee hour was held on April 9th. Five part-timers “stopped in” to chat about how things were going. It was a great informal way to connect. At least two more Drop-in sessions will be held.
We have completed our previously scheduled meetings to date. We decided that our next meeting will be on June 3rd with two informal sessions in between, every two weeks. Sarah will send out an email about those.
Be sure to be reading the emails that Alison Moore sends out. She’s got some great resources for some professional development opportunities. Also, make sure you are reading the CVCC Daily Bulletin for there are some great links provided by the Library and others there with some fun cultural activities, performances, and resources available online.

We discussed setting up a Canvas site for the PTSA and Sarah will look into that. This would be an easy way to share information and post helpful links, as well as the recorded meetings.

We discussed some of the Virtual Learning Community trainings and Susie recommended the ones by the Google Guys. Will add a link to the Canvas site about this once created as well.

We played a Zoom Bingo game to break the ice and talk about some of the experiences (both funny and serious) that members have had during work-from-home. It was a good way to get to know each other better and identify common experiences.
Linda Roberts
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