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Committee Name: Part Time Staff Association
Meeting Date: 2/25/2021 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Linda Roberts (Recorder), Annalee Bondurant (Treasurer), Kimberly Williams (Vice Chair), Ghana Ramey, Arlene Gunter, Michel Mavinga, Susie Fisher
Review & Approval of minutes from the January 27th meeting
Annalee Bondurant moved, and Susie Fisher seconded, and the minutes were approved as written.

We were privileged to have Evora Baker as a special speaker, she is the new Trio SSS Director in Academic and Student Affairs. She updated us on what her role is at the college and how we can help her.
Secondly, we were also privileged to have Chris Bryant who is the Vice President of Institutional Advancement and is also over the foundation. He updated us on what he is doing as far as the Institutional Advancement goes and how the Foundation is doing and how we can help.
Both speakers were very good, we learned a lot, but the most important thing we learned is how our college is going above and beyond to help our students! That is the goal of everyone in this family of ours here at CVCC.

Members gave reports and updates from their College Governance Committees.

Next Meeting: March 24th 11:00 A.M. This meeting will have a gardening theme to help us get ready for spring.

Your officers for this year are as follows: Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Kimberly Williams (Vice-Chair), Annalee Bondurant (Treasurer), Linda Roberts (Recorder). If we can help you in any way, please just let us know. We are looking forward to great year!
Linda Roberts
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