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Committee Name: Part Time Staff Association
Meeting Date: 10/13/2021 12:00:00 AM
Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Annalee Bondurant (Treasurer), Kimberly Williams (Vice-Chair), Linda Roberts (Recorder), Michel Mavinga, Arlene Gunter, Debbie Gilliam, Ghana Ramey, Susie Fisher, Lori Minter, Lee Tookes, Thomas Turner
Review & Approval of minutes from the September meeting
Annalee Bondurant moved, and Kimberly Williams seconded, and the minutes were approved as written.

Committee Reports:
The individuals who are on different committees gave their reports. We do have a few Committees that are open if you would like to volunteer. They are as follows: Cultural Diversity, Annual Budget, Financial Aid Appeals, Evaluation and Assessment. Also because of a scheduling conflict Arlene Gunter who is on the Student Success Committee has offered for someone to take her place. Just let Sarah know if you would like to be on one of these.

We had Cynthia Deutsch as a special speaker. She is the Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning here at CVCC. She will be sending out equity chronicles as a way of highlighting how diversity looks at CVCC. She is hoping for some great feedback on these articles to help us make CVCC a better place to work and go to school.

We nailed down the details for our decorating contest which is going on for the month of October. Information will be sent out for people to sign up for the contest in the next week or so along with all the particulars. Lori Minter volunteered to create a registration form and judging form, which Sarah will distribute to the campus the week of October 18. Several members volunteered to serve as judges the week of October 25 and two classified staff will be asked to join us as well. Annalee volunteered to work on getting the prizes for the contest winners and will start by reaching out to Market at Main.

Lee Tookes presented us with an awesome way to give back to our community. We will be holding a Food Drive with the Lynchburg Daily Bread for the month of November. More information to follow. Arlene volunteered to assist with food sorting on Fridays and Thomas Turner volunteered to pick up food donations from off-site centers.
We also had a few gardening updates from Thomas Turner and Michel Mavinga which was very informative.
Your officers for the 2021/2022 school year are as follows: Sarah Jarrett (chair), Kimberly Williams (Vice-Chair), Annalee Bondurant (Treasurer), Linda Roberts (Recorder). If we can help you in any way, please just let us know. We are looking forward to great year!
Our next meetings will be on Wednesdays, November 10th and December 8th at 11:00 a.m. on Zoom.
Linda Roberts
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