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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

January 10, 2011
Committee Reports:
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Federal Financial Aid Report:
Judy reported there were 230 students which were not eligible for financial aid for the spring semester. She stated funds from CVCC’s Foundation were distributed to some of the students.  
Judy stated the VCCS is hosting a number of meetings on January 27-28, 2011, to test the SIS (Student Information System) when usage of the HR portion begins. Judy stated a number of people from CVCC will be attending. Judy also reported here at CVCC on January 26, a separate meeting on Financial Aid will be held.  
Judy reported the APA auditors (Auditors of Public Account) have contacted Financial Aid to submit documentation regarding Title IV refunds. She stated the auditors asked to review prior findings also. Judy stated she is unsure of the Auditors’ date of arrival on Campus, but does anticipate any issues.
Meeting Adjustments:
Decision: Outstanding Alumnus
Discussion: Annual Reviews, SLRP, Monthly Financial Statements, and Presentation at January Board Meeting               
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Sunday (1/9/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported all the glass has been installed but the soffits must be reinstalled which will be time consuming. He stated the inside was progressing with all the dry wall up, mudded, and ready for the first coat of paint.
Decision Items:
The President’s Staff approved the logo (sample logo was distributed by Geoff and approved prior by the deans) to be used by the Culinary Arts Program.
Don discussed that Senator Steve Newman was chosen as last year’s Outstanding Alumnus but he could not attend the commencement exercises. The President’s Staff approved to ask him again for this upcoming graduation. (Cindy will also discuss this with John Capps.)
Discussion Items:
Cindy discussed the legislative visits and asked for volunteers from the Staff. The following agreed to attend:
February 9-Legislative Reception
Cindy Bambara
Don Sutton
February 16-Community College Day
Geoff Hicks
Cindy Bambara
February 23- Community College Day
David Lightfoot
Cindy Bambara
John Poole
(Skip Lamb, Board member, already volunteered.)
Cindy discussed the Staff becoming members of the Lynchburg’s Chamber of Commerce Committees. It was decided for John to continue on the Finance Committee, Don to continue on the Legislative Committee, Geoff has volunteered for the Small Business Committee and George volunteered for the Welcoming Committee.  
Cindy stated Darrel had left a six-month review for each Staff member. She requested each Staff member send a list of accomplishments from June 2010-February 2011 and their future goals in order for her to complete their annual reviews. She stated she will either print or email what Darrel had written.
The President’s Staff approved to postpone the SLRP meetings usually held in March until April as the new president will not begin his duties until March.
John distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the Budget/Expenditure Report as of January 6, 2011.
George volunteered to give a presentation on Job Corps at the upcoming Board Meeting which will be held on January 19. The President’s Staff approved for a Culinary Arts’ presentation be given at the July 20 Board meeting. They also approved to hold the ribbon cutting ceremony on that day just prior to the Board meeting with the Culinary Arts’ students preparing the meal for the Board Members after their meeting.
Divisional Report:
Geoff had no report.
John reported he will attend a Simulation Center Board meeting tomorrow at noon. He requested to move his meeting with Cindy from 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. He stated next week on Tuesday, all of his regional VPs will be meeting at Patrick Henry Community College. John also reported he is waiting on applications from HR for the Security Officer position.  
George reported the DOL Community-Based Job Training Grant has ended at the end of the calendar year. He stated the process of invoicing is still ongoing with almost all of the money spent.  He also stated the students in the five-week AREVA Nuclear Technician Classes are still here on Campus.
Don reported an industry request (not in the SLRP) was made for CVCC to purchase a CMM for the Quality Control Lab in the AREVA building. Don stated the machine cost $122,000 new but can be purchased for $58,000. The President’s Staff approved to purchase the machine. John questioned if Don could also fund the cost of installing two (10 ft. high double) new doors necessary for the entrance of the machine. Don assured John he would. Don stated his department will be submitting two notifications, one for closing and one for Freedom of Information Act for Local Board Meetings.
David reported Security is changing and a WebX on Wednesday is scheduled to talk about security requirements.
The meeting adjourned at 2:16 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on January 24, at 1 p.m.
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