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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

January 24, 2011
Committee Reports:
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Meeting Adjustments:
Discussion:  Replacing Dryer in Machine Tool
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (1/24/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported several items are being discussed as to where the IT rack and Honeywell rack will be placed. He stated the tile in the bathrooms is being laid and the electrical lines are being pulled.
Decision Items:
Geoff discussed the use of the Altavista Center by a business for free. The President’s Staff discussed the rule which states unless the business is one of CVCC’s partners, a fee must be paid for the usage of the (Main Campus or Centers’) rooms. George stated he would investigate to see if this particular business is a partner or not.
Geoff stated a dryer in the Machine Tool lab needs to be replaced. (parts cannot be obtained for repair) Don stated he will look into this to see if there are any Tobacco funds available to replace the dryer.
Discussion Items:
Cindy discussed CVCC’s enrollment status as FTEs and Headcount numbers are down for the first time in several years. She questioned as to what strategies are being used to stop any downward trends. Geoff discussed and distributed a list of additional classes for the second 8-week session for the spring semester which will hopefully attract more students. Some of the classes included: physics, math, business, English, history, public speaking, EMS, and others. He stated there were some new programs at the College that show promise of additional students also. Geoff stated the developmental courses are being designed so that students can retake only certain parts of the course that is needed. Cindy discussed some of the strategies that were used while she was at Lord Fairfax Community College to increase enrollment. The President’s Staff discussed following the enrollment numbers closely.
Divisional Report:
Geoff reported BAH has decided to hibernate the Dental Hygiene program after the graduation of 2012. He stated he met with the Advisory Committee for the program and received their endorsement. Geoff stated the next meeting will occur in February with the area dentists to discuss this decision with them. He stated one reason to stop the program is VCU has a dental hygiene program (bachelor degree program) and is flooding the market with their trained hygienists which has made it difficult for CVCC’s students to find a job. Geoff also reported a new EMS person has been hired.
John reported he has received the applications from HR for the Security Officer position and should begin interviewing soon. He also reported he and Will Sandidge met with the assistant superintendent from Bedford County Schools requesting they continue to provide transportation for the Early College students after next year. John stated the College offered to offset some of the cost if they would continue. John will also meet with officials in Amherst to see if they will also continue to provide transportation for their students. John also reported he would like to see a variety of health classes made available to students once the Wellness Center is completed such a Zumba, Hot Yoga, etc.
George reported the Welding Program with Job Corps got off to a modest start this semester. (with four students) He also reported he is planning to use a VCCS grant by partnering with the Tech Council to host an Entrepreneurship meeting with speaker, Hugh Cameron Johnson.
Don reported Liz Barry from Lynchburg’s News and Advance, attended the Local Board meeting held last week on January 19. He stated she published an article that same day concerning CVCC, next year’s budget status, and on-going projects.
David reported the Bedford Center now has the capability to allow the Compass Test to be given on site at the area’s high schools. He stated the Career Coaches will be present for the monitoring of the tests. (The ASSET will no longer be used.) David also reported he will be attending a Tech Council meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
The meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on January 31, at 1 p.m.
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