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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

February 7, 2011
Committee Reports:
Bill Freeman reported on the ADA Committee and stated they have met and developed plans for FY ‘11. He stated the charges to the Committee are listed below and what the members were doing or have done to comply with those charges.
1.      The Committee is in charge of helping the College to be compliant with A.D.A. regulations. (Bill stated that Nancy Mitchell describes this as an ongoing process in which she and administrators make sure that counselors, instructors, and staff are up-to-date in their knowledge, interpretation, and application of A.D.A regulations.)
2.      The Committee should research and remain up-to-date on A.D.A regulations as they impact the College and its students. (Bill stated that Nancy Mitchell describes this as an ongoing process in which she and administrators make sure that counselors, instructors, and staff are up-to-date in their knowledge, interpretation, and application of A.D.A. regulations.)
3.      The Committee should develop planning for each year for the College so that it incrementally attains total compliance over a period of years as allowed. (Bill stated the Committee will continue to evaluate ease-of-access software and hardware, and become aware of new developments in BlackBoard and computer applications which improve access by A.D.A. students. The Committee is developing a questionnaire to give to A.D.A students to critique A.D.A. services offered by Central Virginia Community College and should be completed by the end of the semester.)
4.      The Committee should research potential grant sources for funding of activities to bring the College into compliance with A.D.A. regulations. (Bill stated the A.D.A Committee and Distance Education determined that at this time it is not feasible to apply for a grant to document the effectiveness of the IPad use by A.D.A students. The members are will continue to research any potential grant sources.)
5.      The Committee should make recommendations to the President’s Staff on compliance issues that are at issue for the current fiscal year and into the future. (Bill stated the Committee is not aware of any noncompliance issues which have not been addressed.)
John asked that the Committee members assess the facilities for A.D.A. compliance.
Bob Moden reported on the Cultural and International Events Committee and distributed a list of tentative plans for Spring 2011. They included the following:
·         Old News
o   NC Zoo in Asheboro, NC
o   AIDS Quilt here at CVCC
o   “Romeo and Juliet” support
o   “As You Like It” Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg
·         Monthly Art Displays in Merritt Hall—Cindy Vener
o   February
§  Rick Tyler Photography
§  Black Shakespearean Actors
o   March - April
§  Lovey Peters
§  Retired CVCC professor
o   Picasso Show
§  February 26 in Richmond
§  30 tickets—sold out
o   Black History Month Program
§  Provided financial support
o   Bus Trip (tentative)
§  Science and art Museum Trip to Raleigh, NC or
§  Day trip to Washington, DC
§  Mid-March
o   Reading Program—Jessica Hogan
§  The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
§  Discussions, videos and readings in April
§  Purchased 20 books for distribution
o   Student Art Show
§  April 22 in the Student Center
§  Purchase awards ceremony Friday evening
§  Jill Markwood and Donna Hobbs
o   International Day, April 22
§  International Day displays in the Student Center
§  11:00 a.m.—1 p.m.
Federal Financial Aid Report:
Cat reported the HR regression testing had been completed. She stated the HR system was installed and the SIS training completed. Cat reported testing included dropping and enrolling students, running a cancellation, etc. She stated a couple of minor issues were encountered but thinks they were caused by the system being overwhelmed.
Cat stated Financial Aid Title IV Refunds have been completed prior to the deadline by two weeks. She stated now the process was run every week for those students who are now eligible for their refund by paying a late parking ticket, etc.
Judy reported the Financial Aid workgroup met at CVCC at the end of January. She stated one item of discussion was the Student Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Standards. (Judy distributed and discussed CVCC’s Satisfactory Progress Standards.) She stated the document contained regulations that will change for the upcoming fall semester. Judy stated some of the changes are mandated by the federal government and some by CVCC. She stated the changes requested by CVCC must be approved by the President’s Staff.
Judy stated a major change is the Financial Aid probation period for recipients who lose their aid because of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) which is measured by the cumulative grade point average and completion rate. She stated students can appeal once to obtain one additional semester beyond probation. Judy stated at the end of that additional semester, the student must have corrected whatever deficiency they had.
Judy referred to the last page of her handout which listed the total number of credits attempted with the GPA requirement and stated this is what must be approved. She stated currently the total number of credits attempted is 6-24 credits with a GPA requirement of 1.5. She stated after 6 credits were completed by a student, their GPA must be 1.50. Judy stated a request was being made to change the 6 credits to 12. She asked the President’s Staff include that in one of their decision items during this meeting.
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Meeting Adjustments:
Decision:      Financial Aid and Honorary Degrees
Discussion:  Dr. Capps’ Visit and Calendaring, SLRP, State Board Items, and Legislative Visits
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (2/7/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported last Friday the electricity was connected to the building. He stated Merritt Hall had to be closed for the afternoon in order to make that connection. John reported the gas installation is scheduled for February 28 and will take about three days to run the gas line underground. John also reported the furniture and equipment is being delivered and will be stored in the workout room in Amherst Hall.
John reported most of the exterior is now completed, and the landscaping and sidewalks will begin soon.
Decision Items:
The President’s Staff approved the recommendation by Judy Graves to change the total number of credits attempted from 6-24 credits with a GPA requirement of 1.5 to 12-24 credits with a GPA requirement of 1.5 for Financial Aid as it gives students more opportunity to prove themselves. Geoff will convey this change to Judy.
The President’s Staff discussed Honorary Degrees.
Discussion Items:
John distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the Budget/Expenditure Report as of January 28, 2011.
The President’s Staff discussed the calendaring of John Capps’ visit tomorrow. He will meet individually with each Staff member.
The President’s Staff discussed the upcoming SLRP process and Geoff stated he will discuss this with John during his visit tomorrow. Don stated he will discuss community outreach plans with him also.
Cindy stated she sent out an email for State Board agenda items. She stated George had responded with the Machine Quality Diploma needing approval by the State Board. Geoff will find out what needs to be done to add this to the agenda and report to Cindy by the end of the day.  
Cindy stated the Legislative visits were scheduled. She stated Martin Giudice will travel with Don for the Legislative Reception (February 9), and she will meet them at the reception. Geoff stated he will be going to the Community College Day on February 16, and David will be going on February 23. Both agreed to be the drivers of the van on their day.
Divisional Report:
Geoff reported Super Saturday, held in the Multi-Purpose Room, was a success with approximately 500 students and parents attending. He stated there were 63 people using the computers in the library which stayed open longer to accommodate those students.  He stated on Friday he had a wonderful experience when he and Jim Lemons visited a culinary class at Centra Health watching students practicing their knife skills to cut vegetables.
John reported last week interviews were held for the Emergency Preparedness part-time position and is now in the process of checking reference on one individual. He also reported the sidewalk outside Appomattox Building and Amherst Hall will be replaced as it floods during massive precipitation. John also reported the carpet will be replaced in several areas of the Merritt Hall with George providing some of the funding. John stated he hopes to replace the foyers’ carpet in several buildings next year.
George reported he traveled to San Antonio last week and presented R2MIP to the American Society for Education’s Committee for Engineering and Education Collaboration and Jeff Laub presented UVA 2+2. He also reported Workforce will participate in a Lynchburg Chamber mailing to make more apparent to local businesses what CVCC can do for them with a focus on the Microsoft computer one-day classes. He reported on Wednesday, a Job Corps’ Community Outreach Breakfast will be held in Monroe, VA, at 8:30 a.m. Geoff expressed interest in attending.
Don reported a Foundation Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 8. He also stated July 20 has been finalized as the date for the Culinary Arts’ Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Don stated Peggy Samuels will be returning to CVCC this week as the Grants’ Accountant.
David reported an email was sent from a College for Living student to all BlackBoard students through their Goggle email accounts. David stated he assured the students the intent was harmless. He also stated Distance Ed is working to prevent this from happening again. David reported he talked to Judy Graves concerning some problems with Compass testing from Bedford County as the College is only resourced for 40 students at one time. David also stated he is working on the E-2IT Committee to move from the Polycom to WebX.
The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 14, at 1 p.m.
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