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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

February 14, 2011
Committee Reports:
Geoff Hicks reported on the Curriculum Committee and stated the members meet to consider new curriculum and changes to curriculum. Geoff stated if these are approved, they are presented to the Local Board for their approval and then on to the State Board for theirs.
Dianne read a report submitted by Leticia Forster on the Employee Recognition Committee. She stated “Employees may not self-nominate” has been added to every nomination form emphasizing that an employee cannot nominate his/her self or his/her own department due to possible conflict of interest. The email to “everyone” announcing the nomination period of February 1 through March 15 and providing the link to nominate an employee(s) was sent out. Once a completed form is submitted, it is sent directly to Human Resources for confidentiality purposes. HR will then gather all of the nominations and report back to the ERC. Wil Perez will be placing the nomination forms on SharePoint 2010 once it is implemented. Tom Sparhawk will chair the Outstanding Faculty Committee in order to choose the recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award which will be presented at graduation. The remaining awards are presented at Convocation in August.
Cindy thanked each for their report.
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Meeting Adjustments:
Discussion:  ACOP and TIC Spend Down
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Sunday (2/13/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported the HVAC equipment is in the process of being connected in hopes the electrical can heat and maintain the building to 60 degrees enabling the floor to be laid.  If not, they will have to wait until the gas is connected on February 28. John stated the equipment cannot be installed until the flooring is in. He reported the substantial completion date is April 4 but if the floor is not installed until after February 28, this date will have to be extended.
Decision Items:
Geoff requested additional M&O monies for the Campbell County Early College. John will look into this to make sure money wasn’t already appropriated for the Early College.
Discussion Items:
Cindy reported the following items were discussed at last week’s ACOP meeting.
·         Budget update
·         General Assembly budget overview
·         Violence Committees and Threat Assessment Teams
Other items specific to Staff will be discussed individually.
Don distributed and discussed the Tobacco Commission Indemnification awards and balances for the Anatomy and Physiology labs at the Appomattox Center, Culinary Arts, Cardiovascular Sonography, and Tobacco Scholarships. 
Divisional Report:
Geoff had no report.  
John reported Lucy Smith has been hired for the Emergency Preparedness part-time position. He stated he will participate in a 3:30 webinar this afternoon concerning the budget. John also stated an ARMICS response will be sent out tomorrow but he will discuss it first with Cindy. He stated Peggy Samuels has returned to CVCC as the Grants’ Accountant.
George had no report.
Don reported he attended the two legislative receptions last week, one with the Lynchburg Chamber and the other with the VCCS. He also reported the Faculty/Staff Campaign will begin next week.  
Barbara Soldivieri, in David’s absence, had no report.
The meeting adjourned at 1:39 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 28, at 1 p.m.
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