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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

February 28, 2011
Committee Reports:
Dianne read a report submitted by Matt Poteat on the Diversity Relations Committee and stated the following:
The DRC has been busy with several activities this semester. The members have supported the following activities to increase diversity relations at CVCC:
1. AIDS Quilt project arrived to campus this past fall and was displayed to the public in the Student Center.
2.  The Committee is busy getting ready for the "CVCC Reads" event this spring. This event was previously called the NEA Big Read event, but because CVCC is not affiliated with the official Big Read in Lynchburg, a name change was required.  However, the Committee will still offer lectures, book drops, and curriculum integration with the assigned book into English and History classes. The book "The Things They Carried" was chosen.
3. The Committee sponsored two $500 scholarships for qualified CVCC students to study abroad on the College’s sponsored study trips to Spain and Italy in 2011. Eight students applied and the Committee members met to review each and selected two students—Taylor McPeake and Desiree Page to receive the awards.
4.  The DRC awarded $250 to Black Student Alliance (through Debbie Marshall) for assistance in presenting a Black History performance.
The next committee meeting will be held in March and future business includes bringing in a speaker to discuss issues that pertain to diversity relations.
Cindy Wallin reported on the Educational, E-learning and Information Technology Committee and stated the Committee has been restructured and renamed. Cindy stated members include seven or eight faculty members which was very important for their valued input. She stated the members have been looking at Lecture Capture System which is an important component for some of the faculty. Cindy stated she had used exclusively Webx as asynchronous online component for her Calculus class which has gone extremely well. She stated she has been encouraging others to use Webx with compressed video. Cindy stated the Committee met a month ago and looked at Webx and Connect Pro which are already in place. She stated Webx is clearly better for what the College needs. (Connect Pro had too much lag time between video and audio.) She stated as the Compressed Video was not working as hoped, Webx was considered to supplement or replace the Polycom system. Cindy reported an informational session was posted and invited all faculty and particularly those that taught compressed video, online classes, or wanted to teach online. She stated attendance was good. Cindy reported she presented Webx with a demo of how she uses it. She stated David answered questions as what would need to happen before using Webx. David stated they are trying to use existing equipment whenever possible such as cameras but first a capture card had to be ordered. He stated he was pleased that it worked and stated another one will be purchased for the Bedford Center to use. David stated several other components will be ordered and a comparison will be made between Webx and the Polycom. He stated the College will move forward with the Webx if agreeable with the faculty. Cindy stated the financial savings will be substantial if they choose to use Webx system.
Cindy thanked each for their report.
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Meeting Adjustments:
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (2/28/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported things are moving along well. He stated the gas line will be installed sometime this week. The floor has been installed in the kitchen which will enable the equipment to be installed this week. The sidewalks are being marked to be replaced that were removed during construction. John stated there were some problems encountered with the walks not meeting ADA and fire code requirements. He stated the road is coming along with the asphalt being poured around March 9. John also reported the roof should be completed this week.
Decision Items:
The President’s Staff discussed a request from the Amherst Center asking to use their funds to pay VDOT for marker signs on Route 29 for the Center. The request was tabled until next week’s Staff meeting.
Discussion Items:
George discussed the possibility of funding for Tech Prep State Grants program (Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act) being in jeopardy. He stated for CVCC, the funding supported Barbara Bragg’s position, Summer Academies, Lego League, career coaches, and the Grow-Your-Own program. He stated he is in the process of looking at grant opportunities and other potentials to support these programs and position. Cindy stated she received copies of letters to Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner from area Region 2000 businesses encouraging them to not reduce funding for Tech Prep. She also stated the Chancellor had written letters with the same message. Cindy asked that George let her know if there was anything else she could do.
The President’s Staff decided departments must fund individuals requesting 22-inch monitors; otherwise, monitors will be changed as PCs are upgraded.
Divisional Report:
Geoff reported last Wednesday he attended an agricultural consortium meeting which ended with representatives from the Tobacco Commission Indemnification listening to the group. He stated it looks positive for getting an extension.   
John reported he received an email from Donna Van Cleave as a recap from the General Assembly for the budget as it applies to the VCCS.
·         VCCS E&G operating budget
o   An additional $9.92 million from the general fund for the VCCS in FY 2012 is provided to support the goals of the Governor's Higher Education Commission of access, affordability, quality and increased degrees. Includes $5.4 million to improve the full-time faculty ratio by at least two percent, $2.65 million for operations and maintenance of new buildings and $1.87 million for base operating support. 
o   This additional funding brings the VCCS net general fund appropriation reduction next year down to $25.5 million.
o   Also, a $10 million cut for higher education remains in the budget.  How this will be distributed across the universities and colleges has not been determined at this time.
o   An additional $1.095 million from  ARRA Stimulus Funds is appropriated to the VCCS as recommended in the Governor’s budget
·         Student financial aid.  An additional $5.36 million is funded for the VCCS in FY 2012 – a 20% increase. 
·         Noncredit courses for workforce development.  The budget includes an additional $3.0 million next year for these courses as recommended in Governor’s budget
·         Two-year College Transfer Grant Program.  General Assembly provided an additional $300,000 in FY 2012 for anticipated enrollment growth in the program
·         Employee Compensation.
o   VRS contributions.  Effective June 25, 2011, all VRS state employees will pay the 5 percent employee retirement contribution.  The cost will be offset by a 5 percent salary increase for employees in VRS plan hired before July 1, 2010.
o   Optional Retirement Plans (ORP) rate.  General Assembly restores the funding to continue the contributions at the 10.4 percent of salary rate
o   No employee bonuses.  Eliminates the potential for a 2% bonus for state employees in December 2011
·         Capital outlay. 
o   The House and Senate adjourned before they could agree on updating the state six-year capital plan.  No state funding for planning or construction for new higher education projects was approved.
o   Funding for equipment for new buildings coming online and authorizations for non-general fund projects at JTCC, VWCC, and GCC remain in the budget
John also reported he held a pre-bid conference last week for the workout facility with 16 contractors attending. He stated with so many attending, he hopes to receive a low bid. John also reported he held two pre-bid meetings for a potential cleaning crew.
George reported he had a meeting with a number of organizations to explore possibilities with the DOL TAA (Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Act) Grant. He stated there were representatives from VA Tech, VCCS Workforce, and four other community colleges. George stated he feels the College will be a part of this but is not certain of its role as of now. George also reported an Engineering Career Fair will be held tomorrow at CVCC from 2-5 p.m.  He also reported he will be in Richmond on March 2 in a meeting with Charlie Carter, Peter Blake, and others concerning the weatherization program. George stated an Engineering Open House is scheduled for the evening of March 3. He also reported Sandy Martin has turned in her resignation from Workforce effective March 10. Interviews will be held on March 3 for her replacement.
Don reported the Faculty/Staff Campaign ends Wednesday. Don stated he will attend a Legislative Affairs Committee meeting tomorrow morning with the Lynchburg Chamber. He also reported Winford Nash will be retiring soon from Babcock & Wilcox.
David had no report.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on March 7, at 1 p.m.
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