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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

March 7, 2011
Committee Reports:
Cindy Vener reported on the Public Relations & Marketing Committee and stated the following is a comprehensive list of projects, either underway or completed, undertaken by the Committee since the beginning of the 2011 spring semester.
1.      News and Advance education writer, Liz Barry, has been kept informed on the progress of construction on the Culinary Arts building. She covered the story with a comprehensive article and photo.
2.      Releases were sent to all media for the January Local Board meeting, SACS accreditation of the Culinary Arts Certificate and Associates Degree, Super Saturday financial aid assistance, BSA Daily Bread donation, and new Local Board member Ben Witt (Smythe Companies).
3.      Program cards were updated with revised copy and photos. The top 18 “most frequently used” were prioritized, approved and are ready for print including a new Machine Tool & Quality Diploma (state approval pending).
4.      Black history month events were promoted with media releases sent to all media. Events covered were a gospel festival, Jabali Afkrica concert, and art show opening reception for Shakespeare in Sable, Black Actors in Shakespeare. The News & Advance provided good coverage of all three events.
5.      Photography was completed by Jill Markwood and approved for the CVCC Fall 2011 class schedule. The new model for both the magazine cover and upcoming billboards is Erwin Raj, a student in the Economics program. Jill also designed a rotating web banner-featuring Raj.  Donna Hobbs designed the schedule cover.
6.      Work on the 2011 CVCC fall alumni magazine is underway. The featured article will cover a Culinary Arts student and the ribbon cutting ceremony on July 20. The outstanding alumnus is Senator Steven Newman. There are several potential alumni to highlight in articles including Lynn Kirby (Pres. of Stimulus Advertising), Van Tanner (PA, Regional Cancer Care, Durham, NC), Raymond Pages (Engineer, NASA) 
7.      Billboards and bus ads for spring have been designed and feature student Veronica Torres, a Communication Design graduate.  The theme is “transfer to over 30 colleges”. The proofs for spring have been approved and are ready for Lamar to print. Jill Markwood shot photos of our new-featured student, Economics major, Erwin Raj, for summer billboards. The theme for summer is “fall classes start August 22”.
8.       Donna Hobbs designed a logo for the Culinary Arts program. The Local Board has approved the logo, and it will be added to student uniforms.
9.       An Early College brochure was designed for Campbell County with new photography shot at the Yellow Branch location.  It is ready for print.
10.  Marketing worked with CVCC Workforce to produce newspaper ads and media releases for the CVCC/U.Va. Engineering Program Open House, Engineering Career Fair, and Summer Career Academies.
11.  Photos were chosen, approved and sent to Lynchburg Life magazine to align with the CVCC article relating to Workforce programs. 
12.  Judy Graves is marketing the spring 2011 second 8-week classes on FaceBook with ads.  The maximum limit of “hits” have been reached every day. 
13.  Donna Hobbs has designed a new CVCC website template to be implemented using SharePoint.  Jill Markwood will create a website catalog for images.
14.  Marketing has written a Commencement program bio for Senator Steve Newman.
15.  Donna Hobbs has worked with the Center Directors on a number of ads for area newspapers and other publications.
Judy Graves reported on the Enrollment Management Committee and stated the members have met several times during the semester. She stated over the years methods of communication to the students have changed to now include email, website, You-Tube videos, (several created for CVCC by Kevin Riley which are very popular), and Facebook. Judy stated the College’s Facebook advertising page has had around 2,800 hits since February. She stated Facebook is also used as a College information site and currently has 600-700 friends. Judy stated now students are asking questions with Cheryl Carter (counseling) answering their questions or requests.
Judy stated discussions and suggestions made by Committee members for spring include beginning in mid or late April to offer information sessions which will be ongoing once a month. Plans are to advertise on the website for Friday afternoon tours of the campus for students. (no pre-registration required)
Judy stated the Enrollment Management Committee requested to reconsider TV advertising as a marketing tool. Judy stated CVCC has never done this but a lot of other community colleges do, and a lack of the College’s presence has become noticeable to students. (Don stated that student surveys have never shown a link to admissions and TV advertising, and the ads would be very expensive just to show a presence. Geoff stated he feels that CVCC’s presence is very well known by students. John C. and Staff members asked to review the new student surveys.)
Judy stated recently high school seniors have been visiting here on Campus for information sessions and tours. She stated visitors include Lynchburg City Schools, Bedford County Schools, and Campbell County Schools. Judy stated the students were even treated to lunch. She stated this has been a very positive experience for students, and feels this is more productive than the Open Houses which were done in the past.
Judy stated retention research shows that it is important for students to feel connected to the College. She stated one counselor requires an assignment called “Operation Engagement” in an Orientation class which connects students to faculty, staff, or administrators. Judy stated some students stay connected to their contact person even after graduation. Judy stated recently Committee members agreed a valuable retention tool is to have testimonies from students to put on CVCC’s You-Tube site. She stated the deans have asked faculty for students who would be willing to do this.
John C. thanked them for their reports.
Federal Financial Aid Report:
Cat reported the Auditors of Public Accounts are on Campus this week until Thursday. She stated their focus will not be on Financial Aid this time but more on payroll. Cat stated VCCS auditors are on site also.
Cat stated there is no information on tuition increase for the fall setup, therefore, at this time, tuition will be set to $0 to allow students to enroll.
Judy reported Financial Aid Title IV Refunds continue to be processed on a weekly basis and will continue until the withdrawal date.
Judy stated the deadline for the Academic Merit Scholarship is March 31. She stated this scholarship is awarded to each area high school for one student’s full tuition cost.
Judy reported the budget is in turmoil in Washington, D.C. which may result in a reduction of the maximum Pell Grant amount awarded to students, and Year-Round Pell Grants may be discontinued. (She stated the House has already approved both of these reductions.) She stated the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is in question. Judy stated this is a federal grant which can provide additional funds to low-income students. Judy stated the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) and Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program (HETAP) have already been eliminated for next year. However, Judy stated the Work Study funding has increased. She stated there are a limited amount of jobs available here on the Main Campus, so Financial Aid is looking to place Work Study students at the Off-Campus Centers and non-profit agencies. Judy stated next year, Financial Aid may be increasing hours and pay rate of the Work Study students.
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. 
Meeting Adjustments:
Discussion:  Grants and Budget Expenditure Report
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (3/7/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported the gas installation is in progress which will be placed nine feet underground across Campus. He stated on Wednesday, carpet will be installed in the classroom and two offices. John also reported the roof is now completed and kitchen equipment is being installed. He stated the sidewalk issue of ADA requirements has been resolved. The “green” road for fire and emergency vehicles has also been completed.
John reported April 4 is still the day of substantial completion and the building should be ready for summer school if needed.
Decision Items:
The President’s Staff decided for John C., Geoff, Don, George, John P., David, and Cat to attend the Pancakes and Politics’ breakfast event sponsored by the Lynchburg Chamber on March 31 at Liberty’s School of Law. 
The President’s Staff approved a request to not give diplomas to students during graduation. Students will be contacted prior to graduation as to this decision. Several options were explored as to how and when the students would receive the diplomas but no decision was made.
The President’s Staff discussed a request from the Amherst Center to fund a sign on Route 29 for their Center and decided to table the decision for now.
The President’s Staff approved to remove all reserved parking on Campus for the Staff.
The President’s Staff discussed possible College representatives for the upcoming SLRP Committee. John C. will discuss this in more detail with Geoff.
The President’s Staff discussed meeting schedules with the President and approved to hold Staff meetings every other week and one-on-one meetings with the President on the alternating weeks.
Discussion Items:
The President’s Staff discussed a request from the Chancellor to have three students to speak at the State Board meeting which will be held here on March 23-24. The following areas were chosen:
·         Job Corp
·         Early College Program
·         Engineering 2+2 Program
David stated he attended a nation-wide Executive Round Table for Community Colleges with CISCO and different grants were discussed during the meeting. He stated CISCO wants to be involved with the DOL TAA (Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Act) Grant. David stated he knew that CVCC is also involved with this grant in several capacities. He stated other grants were discussed such as one for nursing education, simulation center, and broadband in rural areas. David stated CISCO has resources available to help write grants and wanted to know if the College would be interested in their help. John P. stated he was very interested in the Simulation Grant as he served on the Board. David stated he will send an email saying CVCC is interested in the Simulation Grant. George stated the College was already looking at that particular grant. John P. stated he will talk with Jim Lemons on the Simulation grant as well.
John P. distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the Budget Expenditure Report as of March 3, 2011. John C. asked if more discretionary funding could be provided.
Divisional Report:
Geoff reported he will attend a VP’s meeting Wednesday and Thursday of this week. He also reported three faculty members will be retiring in May of this year.
John reported asbestos abatement (tile removal) is in progress in the 2500 wing of Amherst Hall. He also stated the sidewalk outside Appomattox to Amherst Hall will have drains installed underneath prior to replacement to prevent flooding during heavy rains. John also reported bids for the Wellness Center are due March 22 and bids for the Cleaning Crew are due March 14. He stated the Records Room is in the process of being painted, and carpet has been installed in Merritt Hall. John reported he will attend a Chamber of Commerce Finance Committee tomorrow at noon.
George reported Terry McAuliffe plans to visit CVCC tomorrow from 11-11:45 a.m. to view a Grow-Your-Own Presentation and visit the Machine Tool and Welding Lab. (Terry McAuliffe is a longtime leader and political advisor for the United States Democratic Party.) George reported the Engineer Career Fair held last week was a success with about 60 students, mostly from CVCC, attending. He reported the Engineering Open House was also a success with about 50 prospective students attending. George stated Cathy Sanders will be replacing Sandi Martin in Workforce.
Don reported the Faculty/Staff Annual Fund Campaign was successful again this year. He stated a pizza party for those donating with a Mardi Gras theme will be held next week. He reported he has been coordinating the arrival of a machine from Danville which will be placed in the Quality Control lab in the AREVA Center.  He reported he will out of his office on Thursday and Friday of this week.
David reported he attended a nation-wide Executive Round Table for Community Colleges with CISCO being involved. He stated one item proposed was trying to leverage Webx instead of Polycom as Webx is less expensive. David stated this was interesting as CVCC was also paralleling this idea. David stated he spoke with one of the sales representative to come to CVCC to speak to the faculty. David also reported IT will be bringing up Exchange 2010 at this time which will upgrade email to give it more functionality. David reported Wil Perez has found a contractor for SharePoint. David stated after SharePoint, it will no longer be necessary to have an internet and intranet. He stated a person’s login would determine what can be viewed.
The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on March 21, at 1 p.m.
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