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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

April 4, 2011
Committee Reports:
Kimely Davis reported on the Social Committee and stated the members had hosted a Christmas Luncheon for the CVCC faculty, staff, and retirees. She reported the catered event was well attended. Kim discussed the Back-to-School Picnic which has been held on the Friday evening prior to the beginning of fall semester and stated for the past several years, it has not been supported in attendance. Since the event has become rather costly, Kim asked for suggestions in making this event more appealing. The President’s Staff suggested changing the time of the event to noon so everyone on Campus could attend. Options were also discussed as to the date of the event.
Susan Rush reported on the Sustainability Committee and stated the members realized the Campus has been pursuing “green” solutions to many issues but had several suggestions they thought would further the efforts that are already in place. They include the following:
·         Re-useable containers for events—such as using pitchers of water instead of bottled water.
·         The following statement be approved and implemented “it is the policy of CVCC to award catering contracts, where possible, to vendors who have adopted green policies such as compostable utensils or use other environmentally friendly serving practices.”
·         Include a ‘Best Practices” link on CVCC’s website for sustainability tips for students at home.
Susan distributed a list of tips for water and energy conservation to be included on the website.
Susan Rush also reported on the Ergonomics Committee and stated a survey was sent to everyone on Campus last semester. She stated 30 surveys were returned reporting chair, monitor, mouse, and keyboard issues. She stated physical symptoms were also reported. Susan stated she contacted Purchasing to price the purchasing of the items needed and the total came to $1,656. John P. stated he could provide the necessary funding. The Committee will work with Purchasing to order the items.
Susan stated several surveys indicated instruction was needed on how to set up an ergonomic workstation. She distributed the links for several sites for the President’s Staff to decide which was the most appropriate one to forward to the employees. 
John C. stated furniture at the College needs to be on a replacement cycle just like the computers but that requires funding. He stated more discretionary funding was needed to provide the necessary upgrades for ergonomically workstations.
John C. thanked them for their reports.
Student Financials and Financial Aid Report:
Judy reported fall registration begins on April 8 with the class schedule online as of now. She stated the hard copies will be available beginning tomorrow.
Judy stated the Accounting Office has mailed 983 postcards to students with an account balance reminding them they need to pay for their summer classes by April 21. She stated an “all student” email is sent to remind them as well, and a week prior to the deadline, mass phone calls are also made by various CVCC offices. Judy stated letters are also sent to students who do not register for classes but have applied to the College.
Judy stated tuition for fall has been set in the Student Information System for $0 until the increase amount is known. She anticipates the increase will be known by mid-May.
Judy reported there is one issue which involves dual enrolled students who are graduating this year. Usually during this time, they are rolled into curricula status under the General Education Program; however, a VCCS rule stated they cannot be enrolled in a college program until they graduated from high school. By June 15, since all area high schools have held their graduations, a tuition calculation will be run but Judy stated it will not charge a student fee. Judy stated these students who sign up for the payment plan or pay for their classes will still owe the student fees.
Judy stated the year-round Pell Grant is probably being discontinued, and the SAP changes have also been amended. Judy stated she will inform the Staff once these changes are official.
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Tuesday (4/5/2011)
Culinary Arts Update:
John reported the Substantial Completion is due today. John stated he just now discovered the installation of the cork floor in the vestibule will be an eight-day process. He also stated the fly-fan for the door was shipped without an automatic “on” button but one should be shipped soon. John stated except for these minor items, the building is complete. 
Agenda Items:
The President’s Staff approved the proposed 2011-2012 Local Funds and College Revenue Budget. The document will be submitted to the Local Board for their approval at the April 27th meeting. (The President’s Staff discussed updating the bathrooms in Amherst and Campbell Halls and hopefully the VCCS will provide some funding.)
The President’s Staff discussed attendees for the VCIC (Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities) dinner which will be held on May 25.
The President’s Staff discussed speakers for the upcoming Retirement Luncheon which will be held on May 19. The speakers’ names will be forwarded on the Dianne.  
Geoff distributed and the President’s Staff discussed Procedures for Determining General Admissions Denials. The document was approved as written and will be placed in the Student Handbook and also on CVCC’s website.
The President’s Staff approved for Charlie Carter to give a Weatherization presentation to the April 27th Local Board meeting.
Agenda Adjustment Items:
Geoff distributed and the Staff discussed a Tape-Recording Agreement concerning students with disabilities who are unable to take or read notes having a right to tape record class lectures for their personal study only. Geoff stated these recordings may not be shared with others without the consent of the instructor. He stated those students need to sign the agreement stating the lecture may not be published or quoted without the express consent of the instructor and without giving proper identity and credit to the lecturer. The President’s Staff approved the agreement as written.
John P. distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the Budget Expenditure Report as of March 31, 2011.
George stated he spoke with one of CVCC’s graduating students recently who questioned what the College had in place to help students find jobs. He stated he also periodically receives calls from local employers seeking graduates to fill their open positions. John C. stated a Career Center was on his “to do” list which would provide a viable service to students, alumni, and employers for job placement. (George stated the CVCC’s One Stop Career Center is primarily for dislocated workers, not recent graduates.) John C. stated with CVCC’s relationships with area businesses, the College should be a clearinghouse where those employers come to advertise for positions specifically for CVCC’s students. John C. stated this would be valuable as a marketing tool for attracting and retaining students. George stated he did not include this in his SLRP goals for this year; however, John C. encouraged him to do so even though the funding was not available at this time.
Divisional Report:
Geoff reported the search has begun for replacing the three faculty members who will be retiring in May of this year. He also reported the VCCS has asked for 230 students between April 18 and May 2 to pilot the replacement of the Compass math test.
John reported bids for the Wellness Center have been opened with the lowest bid being $299,000 from a very reputable company. (John stated the A&E Firm originally estimated a bid of $405,000, so he was very pleased with this low bid.) He stated he is in the process of preparing a contract to begin work. He also reported he is meeting Wednesday with Virginia A&E to discuss a cost of the redesign of the Student Center. He stated next week he is meeting with Life Fitness to discuss what equipment is needed for the Workout Facility. He also reported the Emergency Planner, Lucy Carter-Smith, begins work today.
George had no report.
Don reported the Fall Schedule is at the printer. Don also reported a Freedom Rider event will be held at CVCC on Thursday in the multi-purpose room at 7 p.m. He stated there will be a former Freedom Rider and local civil rights experts for a panel discussion. A portion of the Freedom Rider film will be shown also. Don stated one of the buses actually came through Lynchburg. Don also reported a new design for CVCC’s website is in progress. He stated a Foundation meeting and several committee meetings have been scheduled.
David had no report as he had to leave the meeting early.
The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on April 18, at 1 p.m.
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