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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

June 7, 2011
Committee Reports:
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (6/6/2011)
Fitness Center Update:
John P. reported on the Fitness Center and stated the demolition process is completed. He reported the contractors are in the process of cutting the concrete floor for the new bathrooms. A wall will be built in the aerobics room for storage of equipment.
John C. asked for the Staff to be thinking of a record-breaking achievement for CVCC to accomplish for the Guinness World Records in honor of opening the Fitness Center. 
Agenda Items:
The President’s Staff discussed the VCCS Reengineering Incentive and Recognition Plan which will provide a one-time incentive and reward for employees at colleges meeting established goals. John C. stated after reviewing the plan, he feels CVCC has already covered the required goals. He stated CVCC has participated in the Back-office Financial Aid pilot and is pursuing aggressive strategy to increase the proportion of students receiving Financial Aid by introducing Federal Student Loans. John C. stated he would like to take advantage of the Chancellor’s plan and create an internal staff/faculty review of operations (how the College can operate more efficiently and more effectively) in the form of suggestions here at CVCC. The President’s Staff approved this idea and agreed to Fall Convocation as the official “kick-off” date.
The President’s Staff approved to advertise on WSET’s television station as well as their web site. The advertisements for TV will appear during the morning, afternoon, and evening news broadcast for 30 seconds (for a total of 79 advertisements beginning during the week of June 20) and will consist of CVCC images for now.
The President’s Staff discussed and decided upon preliminary goals for the President and College that support the Chancellor’s Achieve 2015. The following goals were selected for CVCC to achieve:
Increase Enrollment from Underserved Populations
Increase enrollment from underserved populations by 3% over 2010-11.
Educational Programs
Annually develop 10 new academic programs (degree, certificate, or career studies certificate) that respond to emerging, critical workforce needs, particularly in STEM-related areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).
Increase Use of Virginia Education Wizard:
Increase the total number of profiles created in the Virginia Education Wizard by 50,000, to include 35,000 profiles created by Virginia students in grades 7 through 12 and 10,000 profiles by Virginia community college students.
Increase Financial Aid Applicants and Recipients
Increase the number of students who apply for and who receive financial aid and scholarships by 10% over 2010-11.
Redesign Developmental Education
Implement the redesign of developmental mathematics and develop curriculum and placement instrument for new developmental English structure.
Encourage College Readiness
Analyze and report on outcomes of college readiness initiatives between colleges and K-12 partners.
Increase the Number of Students Completing Career Readiness Certificates
Meet targets established for number of individuals receiving a Career Readiness Certificate.
Serve Employers through College Courses and Programs
Increase the number of employers served through college credit and noncredit courses, customized training, and other outreach efforts by 5%.
Increase Customized and Open Enrollment Training
Increase the number of businesses returning for customized and open enrollment training.
Develop Capital Outlay Six Year Plan
Develop capital outlay six year plan that supports implementation of Achieve 2015 goals and ensures that facilities needs are communicated effectively so the Commonwealth’s capital plan adequately reflects community colleges’ needs.
Leverage VCCS Purchasing Volume
Achieve full compliance with purchasing regulations and leverage economies of scale when system-wide contracts can result in better pricing and administrative efficiencies.
Meet Management Standards
Meet specified academic, administrative, and financial Institutional Performance Standards (IPS) required to receive incentives provided for in the Higher Education Restructuring Act.
Conduct Credit Audit
Conduct a credit audit of academic programs in an attempt to reduce time-to-degree for students.
Continue Emergency Preparedness
Continue to improve and test Continuity of Operations Plans and procedures.
Project Management
By March 1, 2012, colleges will submit reports on their plans and current status for implementation of the technology project management standards and guidelines relative to Level 2.
Expand Diversity Recruitment
Increase diversity of teaching faculty by implementing college diversity recruitment plans.
Geoff stated a request by the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) to use CVCC’s Off-Campus Centers to house 5-10 of their 45 employees in case of a major catastrophe. Before making a final decision on their request, the Staff requested the VEC to speak with Lucy Carter-Smith and Brenda Bowling as CVCC’s plan is to use these facilities as well in a catastrophic event.
John P. distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the draft budget for 2012. Discussions will continue at the next Staff meeting.
John P. distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the budget as of June 1, 2011.
The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on June 13, at 1 p.m.
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