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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

July 11, 2011
Committee Reports:
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Monday (7/11/2011)
Fitness Center Update:
In John P.’s absence, it was noted that work on the Fitness Center is progressing as planned.
Agenda Items:
David discussed some of the challenges with managing tablet devices i.e. iPads and the software that runs on them. David will work with the E2IT Committee during the coming academic year to address these challenges. As recommended by the staff, David will also contact other VCCS community colleges and work with the VCCS Technology Council to determine how others are addressing these challenges.
Don distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the proposed agenda for the upcoming Culinary Arts’ Ribbon Cutting Ceremony which will be held on July 19.
John C. reported he received his formal evaluation from the Chancellor last Friday, and Dr. DuBois stated he was very pleased with the work that is going on at CVCC. John stated that this is a tribute to everyone here at the College. He asked the Staff to discuss their perception on how the College was doing or should be doing. Don began by stating he felt the fund raising goal for scholarships should be raised higher. He stated it seemed the Tobacco Commission is awarding more to area colleges, and CVCC needs to get into that game. George stated there is a lot in the works here at CVCC with major increases potentially in income as more students attend CVCC, exploring possibilities for cutting expenses, and reviewing personnel issues. He thinks these changes will impact the College in ways yet to be seen. John C. stated he discussed CVCC’s goals for next year with the Chancellor, and he was impressed especially with the plan to build upon the reengineering incentive bonus program by engaging in a more comprehensive analysis of how to operate more effectively and more efficiently. (CVCC established more goals than required.) John C. stated the Chancellor liked that the College was reviewing the organizational structure as a means of determining how to operate more effectively and efficiently. John C. stated he agreed with George and hopefully this upcoming year will be an exciting and busy one. George stated one item when looking for a new president was that the relationship with the community would continue, and he felt the College was on the right path. Geoff stated the basic concept at a meeting last week with his reports and John C., was how to become more efficient in the delivery of the College’s services with everyone participating in the decisions. David stated he is looking forward to the reengineering process and would like to do that in his area. He stated one challenge in his area is with technology now being involved in everything, how to allocate the workload. Harold, in John P.’s absence, stated it is encouraging to see resources freed up to allow hiring of new positions. He also stated improved communication and the internal focus with the reorganization initiatives are some positives even though they may prove to be challenging. Harold stated the College should try to have criteria for measuring effectiveness and efficiencies and the changes that are made. Don stated the Foundation Board is a good, strong Board representing the region but they have not been challenged much since the construction of the AREVA building. He stated they need to be challenged with an external vision. John C. stated one possibility could be a Career Center on Campus.  
John C. reported he spoke with Jonathan Whitt, Executive Director of Region 2000 Tech Council, and Greg Sullivan, Director of Information Technology at Lynchburg City Schools, about creating a Regional STEM Educational Center here at CVCC which would be similar to an Early College for STEM students. To make this a reality, funding would be requested from the Tobacco Commission. John stated their proposal to the Commission was rejected last year because it was considered more educational than Workforce. So a revised proposal is being developed with CVCC’s support to bill it more as a Workforce initiative. John stated this proposal is just in the “talking” stage at this point but wanted everyone to be aware of what was transpiring.
John C. stated the Chancellor was impressed with the goals the College had set for next year and suggested to take the goals for next year subscribed as part of Achieve 2015 and combine them with CVCC’s SLRP goals. John C. stated some of the goals overlapped one anther so he has asked Dianne to create a new document with the information combined. When completed, these goals will be placed on the College’s website.
John C. discussed campus safety and security. He stated Lucy Carter Smith is working diligently to try and update CVCC’s security policies and guidelines. John C. stated he would like to hold a campus security summit and invite members of the Campus’ new Safety and Security Team and the President’s Staff before fall semester devoting an entire meeting to this.
Divisional Report:
Geoff reported two active searches for a math and economics faculty positions are almost complete.
Harold in John’s absence reported the HR Department is moving forward on developing an Employee Recognition Program that enables supervisors to reward exceptional performance.
George reported on the following items:
1.      AREVA High School Summer Apprenticeship program is in session with 12 students
2.      Approximately 30 nuclear technician students are on Campus for the five-week summer classes each taking about 9 credits
3.      Summer Career  Academies have approximately 262 students registered
4.      A scholarship meeting for engineering students was held last week with four applicants and three engineering scholarships awarded
5.      Tomorrow 35 middle schools students from the Jubilee Center will be here on Campus touring various facilities
Don reported the Tobacco Commission grants are out for Respiratory Therapy lab equipment for $85,000 and EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) for $135,000. He reported an audit will be conducted on July 20 and 21. The Foundation Board will meet on August 9, and the alumni magazine will go to press on July 21.
David reported there was an outage last Friday while the internal communication on Campus was being updated.
The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on July 25, at 1 p.m.
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