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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

August 8, 2011
Committee Reports:
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data as Of Yesterday (8/10/2011)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
John C. stated that Joey Fronheiser has been invited to attend the Staff meetings to give an update on the progress of meeting the goals on completing all the assessments of CVCC’s programs as required by SACS.

Joey reported on the CS (Institutional Effectiveness: Education Programs) and stated at this time, this is CVCC’s number one priority now to complete the assessment reviews for all of its programs. Joey stated about 1½ years ago, a plan was given to the deans to complete assessment reviews of their programs. He stated as the deans were at different levels of completion, he met with them and created a timeline to complete the assessment by December 2011. Joey stated originally there were 70 programs to assess but with CVCC’s recent process of eliminating low enrollment programs and consolidating several, there are only about 48 programs now. Joey stated 23 Student Outcome Assessment Plans have been completed at this time out of the 48 required.

Joey distributed the Student Outcome Assessment Tracking Dashboard and stated it was sorted by academic divisions and color-coded as to the level of completion. Joey stated the faculty have been involved in this process also, and in the next week or so, another column will be added listing a faculty sponsor for each program.

Joey distributed the Timeline for the SACS Monitoring Report which will be due April 16, 2012. He stated the first two items on the Timeline for August 19, 2011, included updating the dashboard to reflect discontinued program and current progress on evaluation (which has been completed) and for the deans to appoint faculty sponsors for each program. Joey stated John C. will also discuss the Timeline at Convocation activities next week. Joey stated he will be working with the deans and faculty sponsors to boost the assessment process.
Joey stated on a once-a-month basis, a process has been developed in the Student Outcome Assessment Plan which mirrors SACS requirements such as identifying the curriculum, establishing if the goals are meeting the curriculum, measuring forms, and showing results. Joey stated this should be completed by December which will allow him several months to review the results and work with the deans to ensure clear, convincing evidence that the data was used to make improvements in the curriculum.
Joey reported he is meeting with the Student Outcome Assessment Committee on a weekly basis which will help hold everyone accountable for the Timeline’s success. 

Geoff stated he felt that everyone involved understood the importance of the Monitoring Report.
John C. stated the College needs to reach a point that the Assessment is part of the culture of the College and not just an external requirement of SACS. John C. stated that software needs to be in place and data loaded so SACS has access to the information.
Joey also distributed and discussed the timeline for the Reaffirmation of Accreditation 2014 by SACS. He commented on the importance of choosing a Leadership Team and stated at the next PS meeting, possible team members should be discussed.
The President’s Staff discussed the hiring of a coordinator and administrative assistant to support the Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Department.

Joey discussed the QEP portion of the SACS Reaffirmation and stated the College must submit a topic for the QEP. Some suggestions that had been previously discussed were Developmental Math, Developmental Studies, and Technology devices to support learning.
Fitness Center Update:
John P. reported on the Fitness Center’s progress and stated it is coming along very well. He stated the tile has now been completed in the bathrooms. He stated the equipment should arrive soon as it will be leased instead of purchased. John stated one advantage with leasing is that the equipment will be replaced every three years.
John P. reported he will be working with David on the wiring for the TVs and also for the sound system in the aerobics room.
Agenda Items:
John P. distributed and discussed the Budget/Expenditure Report for the month of July. John C. stated the budget is padded as the three faculty positions funded by the VCCS have not been hired for the fall semester. (A Biology instructor has been hired for the spring semester.) John C. stated it is imperative that these positions be filled in the spring as required by the Chancellor. Geoff stated these positions were not filled due to the lack of trying.
David discussed the possibility of students using eBooks on their laptops instead of using (rental, used, or new) paper books. He stated this could alter the College’s need for providing PCs in the future which would result in a cost savings.
Additional Agenda Items:
Divisional Reports:
Geoff stated most of his report concerning faculty searches has already been discussed.
John P. stated the Financial Statements have been completed and submitted. He stated he is waiting on the Foundation Audit so that section of the Financials can be completed. John P. stated he will be meeting with Virginia A&E this week for their design proposal for the Student Center. He also stated Facilities Maintenance is busy getting the Campus ready for the students with painting and cleaning. John P. stated he noticed the lecterns in the classrooms were in disrepair and is looking into purchasing some new ones. John C. suggested discussing which lecterns to purchase with the Faculty Senate. John P. stated he will also ask their opinions on the proposed updates by the VCE on the division offices. John P. also reported sometime in the next week, the lower parking lot will be repaired.
George reported on the following items:
·         Thanks to everyone who supported the Summer Career Academies (240 students attended)
·         Thanks also to those who supported the AREVA Summer Apprenticeship Program which ended Friday
·         Received portion of the state appropriation to support non-credit growth to increase the number of businesses served
·         Keith Harkins will be leaving CVCC on Friday to become the Executive Director of Virginia Technical Institute in Altavista
Don reported the Foundation Board meeting will be held tomorrow morning. He also reported the Alumni Magazine for fall 2011 is now available. Don stated to please let him know of any PR advertising that would help to increase enrollment. (John C. stated any ideas of letting students know that classes are still open for enrollment would be good.) David stated his department drive a CVCC van to the off-campus centers about once a week and would like to place a magnetic sign for advertising. (John P. will look into purchasing the signs.) John C. suggested digital signage to be placed close to Wards Road as possible. John P. stated when the Local Board was approached several years ago, they denied the funds but he will request it again at the next Board meeting.
David reported the new telephone system is in the installation process with the cutover date being next Thursday. David stated training has also begun on their usage.
The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on August 22, at 1 p.m.
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