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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

August 22, 2011
Committee Reports:
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (8/22/2011)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported on the CS (Institutional Effectiveness: Education Programs) and stated since the last meeting he has updated the dashboard to reflect the programs that have been discontinued. He stated he had met individually with each of the divisions and gave a general introduction to the Student Outcome Assessment process and updated them on where they are in the process.
Joey stated he discussed the Timeline for the SACS Monitoring Report with them stating the first line due on Wednesday, August 24, was for the individual deans to appoint the faculty leaders for each of their programs. Joey reported he would be meeting with the leaders one-on-one to help with the first step in the process which is the curriculum outcome map that is due September 15.
Joey stated each step in the process of identifying the objectives, the measures, data and collecting the data is due one each month from August through December.

Joey stated the underscore of Geoff during his presentation at Convocation helped with the understanding of how important this Monitoring Report is. Joey reported he is meeting with the Student Outcome Assessment Committee on a weekly basis which will help hold everyone accountable for the Timeline’s success. 

Joey stated as BAH was ahead in this process, he would be leaning on them heavily for guidance and possibly as mentors or advisors.
Joey stated he is in the process of creating the position announcement for the hiring of a coordinator and administrative assistant to support the Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Department.
Fitness Center Update:
John P. reported on the Fitness Center’s progress and stated it is coming along very well. He stated the Substantial Completion Inspection will be held on Wednesday. John stated he, David Lightfoot, and Thomas Turner, met with Lee Hartman & Sons to determine the sound system for the aerobics’ instructors as well as music for the Workout Center. He stated he is now waiting for a cost from them.
John P. stated most of the equipment has arrived. He stated he is anticipating a “soft” opening for the Faculty and Staff on September 15 demonstrating all the machines while serving healthy drinks and snacks to help stimulate interest, and on September 16, holding one for the students.
John P. stated he has heard a lot of positive comments about the opening of the Center and felt it would be a great asset to the College.
John C. stated he hoped an aggressive slate of PE classes had been scheduled for the second 8 weeks this fall and also for the spring. Geoff assured him they had.
Agenda Items:
David discussed the online class schedule and the desire for shopping cart and checkout functionalities. He also discussed the possibility of using Google or PayPal in the future to pay for the classes. He stated it may be an easier option for students to pay for non-credit or dynamic classes through one of the social networks. John P. stated the VCCS will be contracting to use Nelnet as a system-wide payment processing agency. He stated CVCC will no longer need to accept charge cards because of possible credit card fraud. The President’s Staff approved to keep David’s idea on the table as possible usage in the future.
The President’s Staff discussed a need to devise a calendar of deadlines for faculty to select their books for an upcoming semester in a timely manner. John C. suggested that John P., Geoff, and David meet with Barnes and Noble representatives and any other relevant stakeholders to discuss a better business process for textbook ordering. The President’s Staff also discussed that the textbook should be listed with the course information on the College’s online schedule. John C. stated the more information that can be provided students on a one-stop portal the better. David stated he will attend Geoff’s Wednesday morning Staff meeting to discuss with them how to best provide book ISBNs for each course on the online schedule. John C. stated it will probably be impossible to resolve this situation before the spring schedule needs to be posted but will probably be a process that extends through several semesters. He suggested working with the SGA officers to find out what students really want and need to navigate through the schedule more effectively. David stated he had created a discussion board just for that purpose. John C. stated since the printed schedule has been abandoned for the online schedule, the online needs to be refined and enhanced.
The President’s Staff discussed a need to create a new website as it is now skeletal at best containing only the facts and information that must be hunted down. Some of the suggestions included the following: more user friendly, more aggressive as a marketing tool, more sophisticated, more comprehensive, etc. They also discussed a need for a more contemporary CVCC logo and a need for a more unified brand for the College that would move from the logo to signage, to website, to publications which would establish the identity for marketing. John C. stated this needed to be on CVCC’s long-term calendar.
David discussed the death of the PC and stated HP announced last week it will stop making its TouchPad tablet computer. He explained IBM exited the computer business in 2004, Dell is struggling, Compaq went bankrupt and was purchased by HP, and Gateway is no longer in the computer business. David stated some say the PC is now on “life support” and while he doesn’t go quite that far, he stated he does believe it is in its twilight years. He stated with this in mind, he feels the College should begin succession planning to figure out where to go next. David stated since instruction and all business practices relied on computers, decisions are paramount to the future success of the College. He stated he felt the PC successor should be thought of as a consumer-owned device with features that can be used for personal, school, and business needs. David stated this will affect the phone system, compressed video, and introduces questions as whether to use texting or instant messaging as an optional or standard employee or student form of communication. With more efficient communications, can it be used to work from home, or will there be a need for offices? David stated with transition from college-owned to personally owned devises, the support model and funding model must change. David stated the College must make it services operational on multiple devices and he sees Google, Microsoft, and Apple as the leaders in this. He also sees this going vertical where each company will supply all components of their devices. David stated he recently looked for a tablet that would connect to a virtual PC but could not find one. He stated no one makes a tablet that supports a “mouse.” David stated he changed his way of thinking to that of the tablet getting the application and/or information. He stated he feels the market will require a larger keyboard even if the “mouse” becomes extinct. David stated while it is not eminent for the College do act on this now, he believes the PC will be dead within the next 10 years and possibly in the next 2-3 years. John C. stated a lot of these issues will be addressed at the VCCS’ Innovation Task Force which will hold its “kickoff” this Thursday. Don asked how these changes will affect K-12. He stated this will be CVCC’s student body and questioned if they will need to be oriented to the new methods of communication once they arrive at the College. David stated he was not sure of how this would work out as the School Board makes all the decisions for the schools concerning technology usage.  
John C. discussed changing the format of the President’s Staff Agenda to make it less formal. He feels the discussions at the meeting now are far from the formality of the first meeting and are moving in the right direction.  
John C. requested the President’s Staff give their perspectives on this fall’s Convocation. Their descriptions included long, unexciting, parade of speakers too large, president more engaging since he stood in front of the podium, sort of like a predictable church service, and nothing new.
John C. stated he did receive some positive feedback which included a more relaxed atmosphere, appreciated the definition of the goals for the forthcoming year, and valued the priorities and the direction the College needed to go. However, he stated he attended several workshops and was disappointed that the attendance was sparse. John C. stated the workshops should be like a miniature New Horizons with the faculty given the opportunity to host events they are interested in and ask for. He stated the agenda needed to be more uniform with an organized pallet of activities with the faculty more involved. Don stated one possibly would be to have a keynote speaker. John C. stated he will further discuss this at the September 1 Faculty Association meeting that he will be attending.
John C. stated he has observed that the divisions are doing a good job of managing low-enrollment classes for this semester which should result in additional funds for the College. He asked that Geoff extend his congratulations to the deans.
John C. stated the College needs to provide a more comprehensive orientation to CVCC for the adjunct faculty. They should be introduced to policies, procedures, etc. He stated VWCC had an online orientation for their faculty created by a collaborative effort between HR and Academic Affairs and Student Services. He stated he believed it was done through the Knowledge Center so the deans could oversee their completion by the adjunct faculty. John C. stated he will send the VWCC’s link to the Staff for review. He stated the information contained general facts and also division specific facts. Geoff stated an orientation for adjunct has always been held in the past faculty on the Wednesday evening of Convocation Week. John C. stated he would like to attend in the future.
John C. stated he spoke with Judy Graves last week concerning taking one of the counselor positions and assigning them with the responsibility of recruitment officer. Geoff stated they were already working on this.
John C. discussed that the College needed a more concentrative approach to dual enrollment. He stated that Academic Affairs and Student Services will now be responsible for dual enrollment. Geoff stated he discussed this decision last week with the deans, and stated he will meet with the school superintendents periodically like Workforce as done in the past. Geoff also stated he will be reaching out to the schools. John C. stated the College needed to be more aggressive with the marketing of dual enrollment.
John C. stated there is $50,000 in the Professional Development Budget this year but must decide how to distribute it. He stated that ideally the College should solicit applications for activities in the spring to a broad-based committee who determines how the money will be allotted (with approval by Geoff). Since it is already fall semester, a decision needs to be made soon as to how to determine that money will be spent. Geoff stated, in the past, the Professional Development Committee made the decisions and suggested that this be one of their charges. John C. stated he will discuss this at his meeting with the Faculty Association in September. Geoff stated this Professional Development money is also for the Staff as well as the Faculty. John C. requested for Dianne to send him a list of the current Professional Development Committee members to determine if it is a diverse membership. If not, members will be added to make it more broad-based.
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported on several positions:
·         Math and engineering faculty positions will be advertised in The Chronicle on September 2
·         English and History faculty job descriptions have been revised and will be in The Chronicle on September 9
·         Biology and Economic faculty positions have been filled
·         BlackBoard Administrator’s position will be re-advertised
·         Joey is in the process of writing the job description for the coordinator and moving ahead for the administrative assistant to support the Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Department.
John P. reported he met with the A&E Firm concerning the Student Center renovations study and stated they had some nice ideas for that area. He discussed the drawing plans and stated they were early ideas and slated to be vetted many times before a decision was made. John P. also reported the lower parking lot has been patched and added to the VDOT projects for next year to completely redo the entire road. John P. stated he will fund the $60,000 for the parking area that VDOT is not responsible for. He stated the VP for Workforce’s position has been advertised, and the Purchasing one will be soon.
George reported on the following items:
·         CVCC and Ranken 2+2 are launching a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management
·         Lynchburg City paid for 18 students to attend College for Living Plus but only have 16 students attending. George stated he would like to use the remainder for scholarships (John C. stated to get Lynchburg City’s approval first.)
·         Chancellor supported the idea of CVCC working with VA Technical Institute
·         Free radio publicity with WLNI for CVCC’s noncredit classes was reported to be very good
Don reported B&W executive staff visited CVCC to view the new lab for the Machine Tool and Quality Program in the AREVA Building and was very impressed. He stated this ties into CVCC’s new diploma program. He also reported CVCC had two new Local Board members—Dr. Bashore and Dr. Tannenbaum.
David had no report.
The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on September 12, at 1 p.m.
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