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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

September 12, 2011
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (9/12/2011)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported on the CS (Institutional Effectiveness: Education Programs) and distributed an updated Student Outcome Assessment Tracking Dashboard. He stated he had added the timeline dates for each of the steps in the process and the person or academic leader responsible. Joey stated that progress is being made by everyone which is certainly good news.  
Joey stated the first deadline is September 15 (Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Map) of which he feels will be met.
Joey discussed another topic concerning WEAVEonline (accreditation management software). He stated he would like to purchase the software and after looking over the licensing agreement he found it looked standard to him. Joey stated one of the benefits of WEAVEonline is that SACS is familiar with this software, and he had worked with this software before and found it to be a great management tool. Joey stated he hopes to purchase the software, participate in training, and bring others into the process by January 2012. David and Joey will discuss the licensing agreement in more detail at a later date.  
Joey stated he is still in the process of hiring a coordinator and administrative assistant to support the Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Department.
Fitness Center Update:
John P. was absent.
Agenda Items:
John C. reported he met with the Faculty Association on September 1 and stated they had a very productive meeting. John C. stated he made a plea that the College adopt a more shared model for institutional governance. He stated he felt that plea was met with a warm reception because at the next faculty meeting, the Faculty Association will discuss establishing a “holy” or “activity” hour (an hour with no classes) to allow participation time on the college committees.
John C. stated one pitch for this model of institutional governance was to reconfigure committees to make them more meaningful and substantial and for faculty to be allotted consisted times to participate. John stated he has asked Muriel Mickles to chair a committee for restructuring the Standing Committees of the College. He requested for the President’s Staff to suggest members to serve on that committee as well. John reminded everyone that change as a result of a collaborative effort takes longer than change from a dictatorship.
John C. discussed another issue concerning professional leave. He stated it was his understanding that in the past for anyone serving or participating in professional activities (such as the SACS’ visiting team or professional panels) they were required to take personal leave instead of professional leave. John C. stated this may be a misunderstanding, and he will discuss the details with Harold.
John C. stated he, along with Jonathan Witt and Greg Sullivan, met with Dr. Larry Massie, Interim Superintendent of Lynchburg City Schools to discuss the possibility of establishing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Center. This would be for area high school juniors and seniors taking clusters of programs (similar to dual enrollment) for CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses. Dr. Massie was excited about the proposed idea and will be visiting CVCC on September 22. John stated this program would only be possible if the superintendents of area counties want to participate but at this time, only conceptual.
John C. stated he also discussed the possibility of establishing the Early College program at Lynchburg City Schools with Dr. Massie who seemed receptive of this idea as well, but no decisions were made.
The President’s Staff approved to administer an employee survey to evaluate a variety of the college’s functions and activities. John C. stated it would be advantageous to the College for a variety of reasons such as to give employees a way to communicate, and it is also a SACS’ requirement. He will further discuss this with Joey Fronheiser.
The President’s Staff discussed different options for future labeling of the College for Living Plus’ courses. Geoff will discuss this at his next Staff meeting.
John C. stated he, along with Geoff and Judy Graves, met with Dr. John Klein, President of Randolph College, concerning a dual admission agreement between Randolph College and CVCC. The Randolph representatives presented a draft agreement and stated they would provide up to $180,000 of scholarships to CVCC students who transfer to Randolph College. John C. stated he is has also spoken with Jerry Falwell, Jr. about a dual admission between Liberty University and CVCC and with Dr. Ken Garren about a dual admission with Lynchburg College.
John C. stated he spoke with Nat Marshall last week about resurrecting CVCC’s athletic teams. He stated he is hoping to get something in place for this winter which would probably be a basketball team for a club sport. John C. stated that Dr. Garren has offered Lynchburg College’s gym for practice and games.  
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported on several positions:
·         In the process of finalizing the BlackBoard Administrator’s position
·         Faculty positions will be closing soon
·         Reviewing applications for library position
·         Weatherization Training Director’s position will be closing soon
John P. was absent.
George reported on the following items:
·         Jack Freeman will be leaving CVCC in October
·         Weatherization classes are being held on Campus this week with employees from Wooldridge Heating and Air (Lester Wooldridge is also attending the class) and also Mills Heating and Air
·         Partnering efforts are almost complete with VWCC on a non-credit effort for Department of Criminal Justice service approved classes
George expressed his appreciation to the Workforce and Continuing Education team for having stepped up their efforts to help compensate for Keith Harkin’s departure. By way of example, George mentioned that Twila had managed final coordination for a training series designed to serve a major local bank and had single-handedly coordinated a personal enrichment class which served 46 students.
Don reported the College has received an unrestricted gift of $62,000 from the estate of Patricia Davis. He stated $72,000 was also received from her estate a couple of years ago. (Ms. Davis’ daughter attended CVCC.) Don also stated he will be attending the Tobacco Commission meetings in Abington on September 22 and 29 to defend the money for Respiratory Therapy program and the purchase of the electric discharge machine for Machine Tool labs. He stated CVCC has 3-5 years left for the Tobacco grants, and encouraged everyone to be thinking of requests.
David had no report.
The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on September 26, at 1 p.m.
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