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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

September 26, 2011
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Wednesday (9/28/2011)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported on the CS (Institutional Effectiveness: Education Programs) and stated the first milestone due on September 15 (Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Map) was met with all 40+ programs completed on the Curriculum Map. He stated the deans and faculty have been hard at work to get this goal completed and also on the second goal. He stated the second goal consists of the actual target goals for the student learning programs. Joey stated as for now, all deans and faculty are on-track and motivated. He stated the real issue is how much data the College will have in relatively short period of time.

Joey discussed the Core Competency Tests given to students who are completing their two-year degree. He stated Mountain Empire Community College has internally developed (by faculty) an assessment test (multiple choice) for each of the core competencies and has used it for their students about 10 years. Joey stated he had discussed with the deans about CVCC using this test as a supplement for what CVCC already has been doing. He stated he will discuss this at Dr. Hicks’ Staff meeting on Wednesday.
Joey also discussed CVCC conducting mandatory outcome assessments for the students. He stated other community colleges such as Piedmont and Southside Community Colleges are already requiring this, and if students fail to comply, their diplomas and transcripts are held for 90 days. He stated that now CVCC sends a request to the students to participate but only have about 50 out of 250 students respond.

Currently CVCC’s Catalog and Student Handbook states the following:
During the last semester before graduation, all students receiving an associate degree are expected to take a degree exit exam.
The President’s Staff approved to change the word “expected” to “required” in the next edition of the catalog and to also state the penalty of not complying. They also approved for the first year (2012) to send warning letters to students reminding them to take the exit exam but will not be evoking the full penalty if they do not.
Joey discussed the General Education Core Competencies test in connection with SACS and stated CVCC’s explanation passed the SACS five-year review. John C. asked that Joey look into this for the upcoming Monitoring Report.
Joey discussed purchasing WEAVEonline (accreditation management software) and stated that David Lightfoot has given his okay from the standpoint of IT. He stated as WEAVEonline is rather expensive, he will check with other comparable software to see if the cost is lower.
Fitness Center Update:
John P. reported the soft openings for the Fitness Center went well with a good turnout for both events. John P. stated there are still a few items to complete such as the final cleanup, installing the sound system and proximity locks on doors, and connecting the TVs. He also stated he does not have the Certificate of Occupancy at this time but expects to shortly. John P. stated he will work with Jeff Laub to create a schedule of open time around scheduled classes. 
Agenda Items:
John C. discussed no-show students (students who pay for their classes but then do not attend) and stated he had asked Geoff to engage in a study of where CVCC is losing students both in terms of courses and also in terms of instructors. John C. stated for fall semester CVCC did not meet its goal of enrollment increase. He stated enrollment is always important but even more critical now. John C. stated that CVCC ranks near the bottom of the VCCS ranking of fall and spring retention. Joey stated two years ago when students that withdrew were surveyed, the reason was mainly financial. John C. stated usually the reasons included finances issues, personal problems, and instructor conflicts. John C. stated the study may not disclose anything but feels certain trends will be revealed.  Joey stated he would have the information for the Staff at the next PS meeting.
The President’s Staff discussed whether to continue refunding tuition to no-show students (this does not include Financial Aid students) because as per VCCS policy, colleges are only required to delete enrollment but have the option to refund or keep the tuition. John C. stated he thinks more colleges opt to keep than refund but he will do some research to find out for sure. The President’s Staff decided to table this discussion for now to allow for David and John P. to discuss this with their staff before making a decision.
John P. discussed Entrepreneurial Workforce Operations Workgroup and stated he had been asked to serve on a re-engineering taskforce for expanding and promoting Entrepreneurial Operations. John P. stated one problem that was stated was that community colleges faced certain barriers and deficits that inhibit their ability to operate Workforce Development Services in an entrepreneurial and cost-effective manner and want to position Workforces Services and Continuing Education as a cost-effective function through further efficiencies and improved effectiveness. He stated he had discussed this with George. John P. requested if anyone had any suggestions or ideas to please let him know.
George discussed the Grants Administration position stating Jack Freeman will be leaving CVCC on October 7. He stated he is concerned about the future funding of that position in case it becomes no longer grant supported. The President’s Staff discussed various options of funding but are hopeful of obtaining several grants.
The President’s Staff approved for Dominick Launi to give a presentation on the Culinary Arts’ Program to the Local Board at the October meeting.
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported the BlackBoard Administrator’s position will be advertised again as the top candidate for the job declined. He also reported he is moving forward with creating the online adjunct faculty’s orientation.
John P. reported he will be attending a SACS accreditation visit in south Louisiana on October 18-20. The regional VPs will be meeting on October 19, and Cat Mobley will be attending in his place. He stated the Student Center Study should be completed by the end of October and will share the information with the President’s Staff. John P. stated he had a response from Guinness Book of World Records and stated his suggestion (of how many miles can actually be ridden in a given amount of time by a group of people) was similar to a past record. He stated he will continue to explore this idea for CVCC. John P. stated last week two people on Campus were given banned letters from Campus following some complaints of their activities. He requested anyone noticing odd behavior of individuals on Campus to please contact the CARE Team (mental, stability, or emotional issues) or the Campus Police (breaking the law). (John C. stated an “everyone” email would be appropriate as reminders of the resources available here at CVCC.)
George reported he will be attending the Tech Council meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and on Friday, attending a Chamber event.
Don reported he will be attending the Tobacco Commission meetings in Abington on September 22 and 29 to defend the money for Respiratory Therapy program and the purchase of the electric discharge machine for Machine Tool labs.
David reported he and George will be attending a Tech Council meeting for two days this week. He reported he will also attend a special interest meeting concerning SharePoint. David also reported he had been contacted by Joy Hatch concerning CVCC’s faculty having administrative rights. She stated she is interested in possibly leveraging that across the state. David reported the Website Committee met last week and discussed integrating Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter differently. David stated he will discuss this with the deans at Dr. Hicks’ staff meeting in two weeks.
John C. reported he met and has scheduled another meeting with Dr. Larry Massie, Interim Superintendent with Lynchburg City Schools, to discuss the Early College program, STEM program, and extending dual enrollment in more detail.
John C. reported he met with Dale Moore this week to discuss CVCC possibly partnering with VTI in the future.
The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on October 3, at 11 a.m.
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