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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

November 21, 2011
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the October 31, 2011 meetings were approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Sunday (11/20/2011)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey was absent. Geoff distributed copies of the Full and Part-time Faculty New Employee Orientation for the Staff to review and report any problems or changes to him by next Tuesday.
Geoff stated he, along with John C. and Joey, will be attending the 2011 SACSCOC Annual Meeting held on December 5-6.
John C. stated he had been nominated to serve on the Board of Trustees for SACS/COC.
Agenda Items:
David stated the SIS/HR portion of PeopleSoft will be upgraded to Version 9.0 with a go-live dates of March 22-25, 2012. He distributed a proposed members’ list for a workgroup to test the business processes for their respective areas which should occur from February to March of 2012. He stated the group will meet every other week to discuss implementation and business process testing results. John C. discussed some options that are provided by PeopleSoft but stated the functionality has not been turned on. He requested for David to investigate the capability of the modules and report his findings to the Staff. John C. also requested that David check to see if any other colleges are using these modules.
David discussed a continuing issue of the traffic light at Harvard allowing only about 4-5 cars to proceed through before turning red again. John P. stated he had spoken with Lynchburg City concerning this problem and was told by the traffic engineer the timing of the lights could not be change as it affected the traffic patterns.  
Divisional Reports:
George reported on the following:
·         CVCC is part of a consortium which submitted a proposal for DoL H-1B grant
o   Tied to IT training supporting replacing H-1B Visa holders with U.S. citizens
o   Part of VCCS-coordinated effort with several sister colleges
·         CVCC is part of another consortium planning to submit a proposal for DoL TAA
o   Partnering with VA Tech and several sister colleges
o   Opportunity is similar to recently-awarded grant from which we stand to benefit by about $1M
·         November 8 Career Fair was successful with 8 employers, 3 schools, ~80 students
·         November 8 Open House had modest attendance of about 20
·         November 28 review additional merit-based scholarship applications
Grow Your Own:
·         Lego tournament served over 260 youth on 35 teams (VA’s largest single tournament)
·         Coordinating with a Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Lynchburg team to coordinate springtime Soap Box Derby
Job Corps predicts growth in the College’s partnership programs:
·         Anticipate 10 additional welding students and 2 additional machine/quality students in Spring 2012
·         Anticipate 70 total full-time Job Corps students by summer 2012 (after the first R2MIP students graduate)
Geoff reported three faculty had been hired for spring semester which included:
·         Allison Moore for math
·         Matt Latimer for English
·         John McCullough for history
Geoff also reported the College is in the latter stages of hiring the two counseling positions.
David discussed the possible future use of the iPad by the faculty in the classrooms but will discuss this at the upcoming Convocation.  John C. discussed the possibility of using Lecture Capture in the classroom and asked David to contact Dave Harrison, Information and Educational Tech Services Director, from VWCC to see if CVCC could “piggy back” on their resources.
John P. reported a room has been identified to use for the Veterans’ Office. (Geoff will discuss this with the deans as this room is currently being used as a classroom.) The President’s Staff discussed several other room options. John P. also discussed the necessity of The National Incident Management System’s (NIMS) training for certain employees. He stated most training will be online (a link will be provided) but Lucy Carter Smith will also conduct a classroom training on November 29 and December 1. John stated additional training which will include information on safety will be required for new employees and for all current employees. He stated this will be conducted through the Knowledge Center. John P. reported he will be meeting with Wiley and Wilson to discuss the renovation of the bathrooms in Amherst and Campbell buildings. He also stated construction will begin shortly in the 2500 wing (Electricity Room) of Amherst Hall to make room for the Fitness Center’s vending machines. John stated he needed to discuss the proximity cards to be used by the Fitness Centers with David, Mike Fein, Delta Aultice, and Terri Brothers in order to achieve the maximum usage.
Don reported Catherine Rice is completing the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign today. He also reported the rebranding of the College request will be sent to the Office of Graphic Communications in the Department of General Services after the Thanksgiving Holidays.  
John C. reported, he along with Jonathan Whitt and Greg Sullivan, had met with all of the area school superintendents concerning a regional STEM and CTE for their juniors and seniors located here at CVCC. He stated the superintendents are very enthusiastic about this idea. John C. stated he would like to see this program begin in fall 2013.
John C. stated he serves on the Beacon of Hope Board of Directors which is a new group in Lynchburg that is working to break down the barriers that often prevent students from going to college by providing the resources they need.
John C. discussed the “Great Expectations” program that will begin at CVCC by fall 2012. He stated the College will receive about $10,000 in funding from the VCCS to provide for a part-time coordinator of the program.
John C. requested the Staff to review the Employee Survey sent by Joey and be prepared to discuss it at the next meeting.  
John C. also reported the SGA and Student Town Hall meeting this morning was very productive. He stated about 50-60 students attended and discussed topics such as accessibility, financial aid, and counseling. He stated the students saw a need for a Career Center and/or a Transfer Center, student ambassadors as advisors and mentors, and faculty advisors, and also the importance of advertising, marketing, and rebranding of CVCC. The students stated they liked the online schedule and especially the link to the required books.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on December 12, 2011.
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