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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

December 12, 2011
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the November 21, 2011, meeting was approved.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Tuesday (12/13/2011)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
John C. stated he, Joey, and Geoff attended a SACS/COC Annual Meeting last week. John C.  stated it caused him to think seriously in regards to what CVCC had to complete prior to the reaffirmation in 2014. Joey stated while there he attended a session on “How to successfully write a core requirement (such as a 3.1.1). He stated in the past the College has followed a template with a narrative of the assessment and document compliance with student outcomes. Joey reported that is good news but the problem lies within the number of assessments the College has. All of the programs must be assessed and ready for SACS to review. Joey stated 12 programs need to be highlighted—four academic programs from each of the three divisions. Joey stated he will create a timeline of all the steps in the process in which the responsibility will be shared with the deans and the faculty. He stated he will keep the Staff informed of where the College is on the completion of the monitoring report. Joey stated he will send Dr. Mark Smith, CVCC’s SACS liaison, a copy of the report for his input about a month before it is due to SACS.
Joey stated a core competency assessment for spring graduates is planned for February/March 2012 because there is limited or no amount of student level data for each of the programs.  
John C. asked if CVCC would be noted for actually closing the loop in using assessment data for improving the programs. Joey stated he felt it would affect the College positively. Joey stated he had spoken with the deans concerning what documentation would be needed for this. He stated an example of documentation would include the Advisory Committees minutes which contain discussions on the results of the changes made in their particular program. Joey stated that on January 28, 2012, all results have to been in and compiled, and on February 29, 2012, the step in clear and convincing evidence by the faculty making the changes is due. Joey stated the faculty have been supportive in this process and understand the urgency.
Joey stated he would be creating a timeline for the April deadline and will present it to the Staff at the next meeting. He also stated the College is exactly where it should be as reported in the last monitoring report to SACS.  
The President’s Staff discussed the questions on the employee survey that will be sent to all employees during the spring semester. Joey stated he had implemented two changes that were recommended by George (a subject/verb agreement) and David (IT/Distance Education change). The Institutional Effectiveness Office will use this information in various ways.
Agenda Items:
David discussed the possibility of using a wiki (A wiki-Hawaiian for fast or quick-is a website whose users can add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser) as the adjunct Faculty orientation media instead of a PowerPoint. He demonstrated how it would appear on the computer for the Staff and stated that each page could have a different owner. David stated the information would be divided into sections or categories and would even include a survey. John C. requested that the steps be made sequential and more eye appealing. David stated he could add a “next” button at the bottom of each page, and pictures and color could be added to make it more attractive. Geoff stated this was presented at the last Dean’s meeting, and they were very receptive of its accessibility. The President’s Staff approved using the wiki for the orientation.
David discussed an item that had also been previously discussed in the Dean’s meeting concerning a stipend for iPads to be used by faculty in the classroom. David stated the idea was to have the iPad connected to the projector and to a PC which would reflect the image on the iPad to the screen for the students to see. One suggestion included using Professional Development money as the fund for the stipend but the President’s Staff did not approve this idea. The President’s Staff suggested offering this to a limited number of faculty (possibility 6 as there is not enough funding for more at this time) to see if use of the iPad would prove effective and how purposeful in the classroom it would be. David discussed the uses of Collaborate in the classroom and was asked to continue investigating how best to use this new technology.
The President's Staff discussed several options of presentations for the upcoming Board meeting on January 18, 2012. They approved presenting a snapshot of a variety of administrative processes such as accounting and purchasing.  John P. will choose several from his department for the presentation. 
Divisional Reports:
George reported on the following:
·         The AREVA nuclear technicians are again on campus for five weeks of class.
·         Barbara Bragg is to retire in February with her last day at CVCC to be this month.
·         The HIRE Education Conference was held last week at the Homestead. CVCC’s presentation focused on Weatherization. Monica Burns, the Youth Works Coordinator working from the Region 2000 Career Center, received a Chancellor’s Workforce Award.
·         Ranken Technical College held another BSAM (Bachelor of Science in Applied Management) 2+2 Open House here on Friday.
·         VCCS approved using the DoL TAA grant for CVCC Student Career Center/Services
·         Lynchburg Life is planning an article on CVCC and Workforce. The rough sketch outline includes R2MIP, Produced in VA 2+2 Engineering, and Ranken 2+2 BSAM.
Geoff reported two counselors have been hired—Kimberly French who will begin on January 9 and Michele Fletcher who will be moving from part-time status to full-time. He also reported the Blackboard Administration search was unsuccessful again. (Geoff will review the job description to decide whether the position needs to be technical or instructional.)
David had no report.
John P. reported he is pleased to announce a significant number of employees has completed their required NIMS (National Incident Management System) training. He reported last week, a meeting was held to discuss the proximity cards and ways to improve the system and expand it to include it as a library card. John P. stated he met with Judy for office needs for the newly hired counselors. He reported plans have been finalized for a new radio system for B&G to use called “Push-to-Talk.” The current radios will be used only for security issues. John P. reported the 2500 block of the Amherst wing is being completed with Records Retention requirements of the installation of a fire retention wall. He also stated new vending machines will be added in that area. John P. distributed and discussed the Budget Expenditure Report as of December 1, 2011. He stated the Appomattox Building will have a “day of munchies” on Wednesday of this week. John P. reported for those part-time employees who work on a need-only basis and did not qualify for a bonus, a coupon for a ham or turkey was given.
Don reported CVCC’s rebranding effort is moving forward. He reported the Annual Fund is also moving forward. John C. stated he would like to know where the College stands in relation to last year’s.
John C. distributed the FTE and Headcount compared from spring of 2011 and 2012 for all 23 colleges. He stated he was pleased to say that CVCC is leading the pack with the FTEs increase. John also stated the online schedule did not hurt the College at all as far as enrollment. He stated this is probably due to its smooth transition with everyone’s help from paper to computer.  
John C. reported, he along with Jonathan Whitt and Greg Sullivan, met with Delegate Scott Garrett last Friday to see if funding could be provided for the planning of a position that would help coordinate the regional STEM and CTE Academy. He stated Delegate Garrett was very supportive of the idea. John C. stated they will also have the same discussion with Delegate Byron and Senator Newman in the near future.
John C. discussed the “Great Expectations” program and stated that Jennifer Gentry will follow up on a possible lead for the program’s funding here in Lynchburg and will bring CVCC in at the appropriate time.
John C. stated he had emailed the newly named superintendent for Lynchburg City Schools, Scott Brabrand, stating he would like to meet with him. This meeting will take place sometime in January 2012. John C. stated he also discussed the STEM Academy and Early College in his email.  
John C. discussed a concurrent admission agreement with Sweet Briar and stated he had sent a copy of the agreement with Randolph College for them to look over.
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on January 9, 2012.
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