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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

January 23, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the January 9, 2012, meeting was approved.
David Lightfoot, John Capps, John Poole, Geoff Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Don Sutton, Leticia Forster, Betty Hudson, David McGee, Dianne Sykes, and Virginia A&E Representatives
Presentation for the Proposed Renovations for the Student Center:
Ms. Christy Burger from Virginia A&E and Ms. Ann Hovus, from Inspired Design, presented drawings, floor plans, materials, furniture, and a probable cost summary for the proposed renovations to the Student Center. The drawing and material samples will be on display in the Student Center to be viewed by the Campus.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Tuesday (1/24/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported the Employee Satisfaction Survey is ready to be sent out to the entire Campus Community but first will be emailed to the President’s Staff to give a final review. The Staff decided on February 6 as the date to email the survey. John C. stated prior to sending out the survey, he will email everyone to create a context for the survey and to implore everyone to complete it. Joey will send completion reminders for the survey through the Daily Bulletin.
Joey distributed a timeline for the second Monitoring Report which is due April 16, 2012. He stated CVCC had been previously flagged for its Institutional Effectiveness Plan for Educational Programs which caused the College to create a series of Monitoring Reports. He stated the first report was completed last year, and the second one (and hopefully the last) is due this April. Joey stated this entails the use of Student Outcome Assessment Plans for each of the academic programs and reporting to SACS that CVCC has a plan in place and over time using that data to make improvements. Joey stated a lot of work has been done up to this point with the next date on the timeframe being February 3 when the analysis of results for all course embedded testing is due. He is working with the individual faculty in the program and the deans to make sure the data collected last semester has been analyzed. Joey stated he will keep the Staff informed as to
the progression of the timeline.
Due Date
Analysis of results for all course embedded testing due
February 3
Each Academic Dean select 4 programs to be included in monitoring report
February 17
Clear and convincing evidence of the use of results to inform program improvements
February 29
First draft of Monitoring Report complete
March 9
Student Outcome Assessment Plans place on network drive for all programs
March 16
Final draft of Monitoring Report complete
March 23
Copy of report emailed to Dr. Mark Smith for feedback
March 23
Feedback received from Dr. Smith
March 30
Edits made/feedback incorporated from Dr. Smith
April 6
Second Monitoring Report mailed to SACS
April 11
Confirm Second Monitoring Report received by SACS
April 13
Joey stated he has been working with Muriel and will be working with John C. and Geoff for incentives to leverage additional data from the students. He stated he would like to have 10-15 students from each of the associate degree programs to help supplement the assessment cycle.  He stated the core competencies were done only once-a-year on a four-five year cycle in the past which was not enough. Joey stated he discussed with Muriel concerning paying graduate students for their help and will discuss this at a later date with Geoff.  
John C. discussed the task line which states for each academic dean to select four programs to be included in the Monitoring Report and questioned if the College had plans and data for all programs and if these four programs mentioned were just being highlighted. Joey stated that was correct. He stated all programs will be included on a CD with four programs from each division being highlighted in the narrative. Joey stated he recommended each division showcase one associate degree and three certificate programs. He stated he had reviewed one of the associate degrees and thought it was in good shape. Joey again stated the weakness lies with the core competencies. He stated in the past, the VCCS has paid for 50 assessments per year, and the colleges were responsible for any additional ones. Joey stated in the recent past, CVCC hasn’t paid for the additional assessments because of budget problems, but in the future, more resources needs to be allocated for this.
John C. reported on an organizational change concerning the office of Institutional Effectiveness. He stated Joey will begin immediately reporting to the President as opposed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services. John C. stated Institutional Effectiveness is a concern of the entire College and not just an academic concern and necessitates reporting to the president. John C. stated he will send out an email to announce this publicly.
Agenda Items:
The President’s Staff discussed the Off-Site Centers with Geoff distributing the Centers’ Income/Expense Report for FY ‘11. David L. discussed the added expense of using compressed video instead of online classes at the Centers, and he stated another alternative could be Lecture Capture. David L. stated if a change is to be made, time is of the essence with the development of the fall semester schedule. The Staff reviewed the Income/Expense Report (which the directors of the Centers subscribed to) and much discussion followed. The income for all Centers totaled $2,304,497.00, and the expenses totaled $2,151,837.29 resulting in a net profit of $152,659.71. John C. stated it was clear a more in-depth examination was needed as there were some inequities that are difficult to explain. David M. stated some faculty were concerned about the cost-benefit analysis for the Centers. He stated another concern was how much the counties are contributing to their Centers. John P. stated that Campbell County totally paid for its Early College Center as it is housed in their Vo-Tech Center, and Appomattox County paid for the renovation with Tobacco Grant money. John C. stated he previously has stated he is concerned about the amount of money the College is spending on its Off-Site Centers especially when there are needs that cannot be funding. He also stated that all Centers are within 30 minutes of driving to the main Campus so it is not like they are serving remote or inaccessible areas of the service area. However, John C. stated the Centers are not only a monetary issue but also a political one. John C. stated he was interested in a more comprehensive in-depth examination of the inequities reflected on the Income/Expense Report and also to look at the number of classes being offered, the average class size, and the duplication of those offerings. He stated how to resurrect the Centers to enroll more students besides the Early College students needs to be addressed. David M. questioned as to how many Workforce or Continuing Education classes are taught at the Centers and stated this may be a way to increase enrollment. John C. stated he was told the Workforce or Continuing Education classes did not work well in the Appomattox Center. He also stated the College needs to devote considerable thought for a more strategic and coherent approach to these Centers.
John C. requested volunteers to go with him and students to the General Assembly for the Community College Days on January 25 and February 2. Geoff agreed to go on the 25th and David Lightfoot on the 2nd.
John P. stated he and John C. attended a VDOT meeting concerning two vehicular tunnels (each one being a one lane tunnel going in opposite directions from each other) that are being constructed during this summer at the end of Harvard Street (on the opposite side of Wards Road) by Liberty University. John C. stated it will affect the entire dynamics of CVCC’s traffic at the end of Harvard. He also stated there have been several meetings with LU and VDOT concerning solutions to slow down traffic on Harvard. He stated several suggestions were discussed which included a traffic signal at the end of Harvard and Wards Ferry Crossing or a roundabout to slow down traffic. John C. stated on a previous meeting with Mr. Falwell, Jr. a proposal was discussed for LU to build a new parking lot for CVCC and allow them to use the current Parking Lot #3 for their students. John C. stated that idea has resurfaced, and he will again meet with Mr. Falwell, Jr. The Staff discussed various possible locations of a new parking lot with perhaps another exit in which John P. stated could possibly cost as much as $12 million. John C. stated this would probably be too expensive for LU to fund. He stated that changes are unavoidable, and the College needs to try and use them to its advantage.
John C. announced another organizational change. George Sherman has been assigned to several new projects that need to be completed at CVCC which include a Career Center and a more aggressive recruitment and curriculum program for Dual Enrollment (this will allow Tina Murphy to totally focus on the Veteran’s Program). John C. stated George will still be in Workforce Development and Continuing Education Department and report to Ruth Hendrick.
Leticia stated she audited the Employee Work Profiles (EWP) and recorded the last time they were updated and even positions that do not have an EWP. Leticia reported the EWPs should be reviewed and signed once a year. She stated she will be emailing the supervisors with the information and also stated part of the email will explain that this is the time to update the EWPs to make sure they are current and correct. She stated some employees are reporting they have never seen their EWP which should not be.
David M. stated some issues have arisen concerning the Academic Calendar for the upcoming fall 2012 and fall 2013 semesters in regards to the date of the beginning of the faculty contracts. He stated August 16 is on a Thursday for 2012 and on a Friday for 2013 which leaves no time for Convocation. If the first day of class is delayed for a week, then the last day of class will be too close to Christmas. John C. stated he and Judy Graves had already discussed this. He also stated that Geoff will be discussing this with the deans at their next meeting to make a decision.
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported the search for a position in Institutional Effectiveness is in process but not finalized at this time. He also reported a position in Financial Aid is going to be filled. (Carrie Nash’s previous position)

David had no report.  

John P. reported three interviews have been scheduled for the Human Resource Manager this week. He stated Jerry Armstrong from the VCCS will be here to assist with the interviews. He also distributed and discussed the Budget /Expenditure Report as of January 9, 2012. John P. stated the College is exactly where it should be.

Don reported Harris Corporation has accepted a possible CVCC recipient for the Chancellor’s Awards for Leadership in Philanthropy.
Leticia stated the Classified Staff Association will be holding an Employee Benefits Summary on Wednesday, February 1 beginning at noon.
The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 6, 2012.
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