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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

February 6, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the January 23, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, Evan Abatecola, Cat Mobley, Geoff Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Don Sutton, Leticia Forster, Betty Hudson, David McGee, Ruth Hendrick, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Monday (2/6/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey stated in regard to the Monitoring Report due April 16, the next deadline is February 17, and by that date each academic dean must have selected four programs from each division to be included in the Monitoring Report. He stated Student Outcome Assessment Plans for each of these four programs must be completed and a plan in place for using that data to make improvements. Joey reported he has met with the faculty and the dean from each division to make sure everything is in place for at least four of their programs. Joey stated progress is going well.

Joey stated the overall plan including the writing, the draft, and completing all programs is underway. Joey stated he is trying to obtain an extension for this whether it be one or two months. He stated the report will be completed but with a weakness related to the General Education outcomes. Joey stated it is hard to compensate for lost time when in the past the College only reported on a four-five year cycle. He reported he continues to work with Muriel on a way to supplement additional data from the students.
Joey reported on items discussed at the recent trip to Atlanta for SACS/COC (attendees from CVCC were Geoff, John C., John P., Joey, and Irene Wheeler), and stated October 22-24, 2013, are the dates when the visiting committee will be here at the College. Joey stated the meeting in Atlanta highlighted the colleges’ responsibility as to where it should regarding Compliance Certification and the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Joey discussed the QEP for CVCC and stated co-chairs of the QEP Topic Development Committee have been chosen—Rebecca Honeycutt and Cynthia Lofaso. Joey stated he is meeting with them this afternoon at 3 p.m. to start the planning and enactment of choosing a QEP Topic which will be presented at fall 2012 Convocation. He stated he will share their timeline with the President’s Staff soon.
Joey stated the Compliance Certification Chair is Irene Wheeler. He reported Irene attended the SACS/COC Leadership Team meeting and is very motivated to begin. He stated he is meeting with Irene tomorrow to begin the process of choosing areas on the Certification that currently lack in areas of compliance. One example is a new policy stating there must be a faculty member for each academic program who is charge of coordinating that program. Another example is the non-academic units which need to be evaluated and feedback collected. He stated he will discuss the information from the meeting with Irene to the President’s Staff at their next meeting.

John C. stated he discovered at the SACS/COC meeting there were a number of different types of processes of which many involve Institutional Effectiveness that the College should have been carrying out for years. He stated Joey mentioned one concerning the evaluation of all administration duties of the College which really means a planning and evaluation cycle for Human Resources, Information Technology, Workforce Development, Institutional Enhancement, and Facilities Management, must be in place. He stated all operating units must have a Mission Statement and a plan that guides the planning and evaluation efforts which demonstrate evidence has been collected resulting in actual improvements of all programs and units. Don asked if there was a template available to use. John C. stated it was up to the College to create the template. John C. stated the first order of business was to get the plans in place and go through an evaluation cycle doing it correctly by not taking shortcuts or trying to pretend everything is better than it actually is. He stated the College needs to engage in a credible process that has integrity; therefore, the process needs to be a democratic one in the development of the plans. He also stated the development needs to be as efficient, as expedient, and as effective as possible, and with any luck, one cycle can be completed before the visiting committee arrives. John C. stated hopefully the committee will be impressed by the integrity of the College’s effort, and the results which can be demonstrated at that time.

John C. reported at the SACS/COC Leadership meeting, he discovered that evaluation plans for all part-time employees and credible assessment plans for faculty evaluations for both full-time and adjunct are required. He stated the College has quite a few gaps that need to be filled, and no one should have any allusions about the magnitude of this project which is going to be colossal. He stated he will be emailing the College community highlighting the information discussed at this meeting. John C. stated it was critical to set the stage to ensure that this has to be a true, collegiate effort.
David M. stated he was hearing a lot of the information discussed today for the first time and felt the majority of the faculty would say the same.

Joey stated CVCC has had a Strategic Long Range Plan (SLRP) in place but did not really set goals, objectives, and outcomes in place. John C. stated CVCC’s Strategic Plan in the past has been more of a budget planning rather than a true strategic plan. He stated this means that CVCC has a lot of work to do, but in the end, meeting all of SACS\COCs’ mandates will help to just make CVCC better than it already is. Joey discussed the compliance software he has obtained and stated he will be trained on it next week. 
Agenda Items:
The President’s Staff discussed attendees for the Legislative Reception which will be held on February 15 in Richmond. David M. and Joey will attend from the College and also Marty Giudice (past president of the Local Board), along with Bob Bashore, and Lloyd Tannenbaum (present Board members).
Leticia stated a part-time employee evaluation form and a part-time job description form has been created and is available to be used immediately. She stated for all new part-time hires, the job description form must be completed and attached to the part-time request form. She stated she hopes to have these newly required evaluations on a fiscal year cycle. She stated the forms will be uploaded under forms on the Human Resources tab. 
Leticia discussed the Employee Recognition Program Survey results and stated the Committee is reviewing the program from beginning to end. She stated one of the main goals is that each venue of the College community has an opportunity to be recognized and not only just once a year. She stated the main program will remain but little programs for immediate recognition will be implemented throughout the year. She stated the survey resulted in 66.7% of responses were in favor of the new awards which included Outstanding Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty, Full-Time and Part-Time Staff, and Outstanding Administrative Faculty. Leticia stated this allows everyone a chance to be recognized once a year. The majority of the survey’s comments were positive; however, some stated they feel this has become a popularity contest. Leticia stated the current awards are limited to certain employees such as the Online Service Award and what does it mean for someone to go “Above and Beyond.” She stated for this award the nominated employee’s job description must be known to know they are going “Above and Beyond.” She stated the Employee Recognition Committee will meet again to discuss the results of the survey and create a process which will be disseminated to the entire college.
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported Collaborate (Blackboard software system for synchronous, distance learning) was reviewed last week with the possibly of it replacing Compressed Video. He stated Cindy Wallin made a presentation to his direct reports this past week, and she will make a presentation to faculty this week. He stated next week, Cindy will simulate a class with off-site center students to get their opinion. Geoff stated that out of this process, hopefully a plan can be developed for teaching these classes next semester whether it be Compressed Video or Collaborate. John C. asked what the advantages of using Collaborate are. Geoff stated there are no fuzzy pictures on the screen as with Compressed Video, the technology is 21st Century, other colleges are using this, allows student to have all the information as well as viewing the person on the computer screen, and the VCCS has bought into this. Evan stated that Collaborate interfaces with Blackboard, and the student can view the screen in front of them as opposed to viewing a projector screen in front of the room. Evan stated another advantage is that students can view the lectures at home providing they have high-speed internet which would allow for asynchronous viewing. Geoff stated Cindy Wallin has taught on both and is in favor with Collaborate. David M. suggested talking to Sharon Martin as ODU has been using this or something similar for a while now.

Leticia reported there was a good turnout for the Benefits Presentation that was held last week during the Classified Staff Association meeting. She also reported two employee opportunities have been posted which is the Human Resources Analyst I and a counseling position.
John C. stated for the record, he is thrilled Leticia has accepted the position of Human Resource Director.

Evan (in David L.’s absence) stated he has also been reviewing Collaborate. He reported Version 9 upgrade of PeopleSoft will be rolled out on March 25, and he, along with 5-6 others, will attend training on March 6-9 at VWCC. He stated in April new functionality (communications, student planner) will be reviewed. Evan stated the new student planner will serve as an excellent resource for CVCC’s students and advisors by dynamically displaying courses taken and courses that need to be taken in order to meet program and graduation requirements.  He stated hopefully this functionality will be implemented over the summer at all VCCS colleges.

Ruth reported she is busy settling in her office, and stated she is very happy to be here at CVCC.

Betty reported on the Part-Time Association and stated they will meet on February 22, to begin working on a fundraiser to raise money for books for part-timers. She reported the members of the Alumni Association also remember how difficult it was at times to purchase books for classes, and the past motorcycle students have decided on a fundraiser called “Miles for the Minds” possibly scheduled towards the end of April or May. She stated she is busy trying to get sponsors such as Harley Davidson for the event. Betty stated all money generated will go towards a fund to purchase books. She reported all the particulars are still being discussed, but will keep everyone involved. (John C. stated last week he met with Mike Thomas and Sherri Sackett of Select Bank who are interested in establishing a CVCC scholarship.)
Cat (in John P.’s absence) reported the Auditors of Public Account (APA) have made several email requests and stated she may be emailing the College for needed information. Cat stated she is not sure when or even if the APA will visit the College because most of the time, they work from the VCCS level. She stated she has been busy working on ARMICS and also refunding students.

Don reported a Foundation Board meeting will be held on February 14 beginning at 8 a.m. He stated the Faculty/Staff Annual Fund Campaign will begin February 16, and he will begin recruiting captains for that event. Don also reported there was a good News and Advance article last week on remedial math program.

Betty reported the Outstanding Alumnus for this year is Raymond Pages who is the Director of Head Office Grounds System of NASA.
John C. updated everyone on enrollment and stated CVCC has a tentative .6% increase in FTEs (as dual enrollment has not been loaded in the system) but the headcount is down. He stated he takes it as a positive sign because only seven colleges are showing any increase in FTEs. John C. stated he feels this is due to Financial Aid and student loans allowing students to take more classes. He reported he, Geoff and Muriel, will be meeting with Dr. Larry Massie on Monday, February 13, to discuss Early College for Lynchburg City Schools. John C. also stated he along with Jonathan Whitt and Greg Sullivan will be meeting with two of the area superintendents this Thursday concerning the regional STEM-H academy and with the remaining three, on Monday, February 13.

John C. stated the Activity Hour has been identified as 1 p.m. on Tuesday to allow for committee meetings. He stated the issues have also been resolved concerning the upcoming academic calendar for the fall semesters. Both of these decisions were arrived at democratically and collaboratively which he sees as great progress. John C. stated the new Professional Development Program experienced a few snags but a meeting was held to iron those out also which represents further progress. He stated he is also confident the College will get through SACS/COC the same way.
The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 20, 2012.
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