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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

March 14, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the February 6, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, David Lightfoot, John Poole, Geoff Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, Marie Harris, David McGee, Ruth Hendrick, Irene Wheeler, Rebecca Honeycutt, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Tuesday (3/20/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey stated it is one month before the second monitoring report is due. He stated the narrative has been drafted but still waiting for complete assessment plans. He reported the BAH Division has completed all four of their exemplary programs with SME and HSS having completed one-two programs. Joey stated the College is weak in many areas of data; however, a new General Education component is being implemented as a new assessment. Joey stated most of the data will be ready by April or May and by fall, most of that data will be used to write the plans. 
John C. questioned if data for the four exemplary programs from each divisions will be ready for the April Monitoring Report. Joey stated not with a high level of quality because of the lack of data to show they are quality programs. Joey stated the reason is that it was not part of the College’s culture in the past. John C. stated he would like to discuss this in more detail with Joey at a later date.
Joey feels the College will be completed with all programs in August 2012 as was stated in the report to SACS/COS.  John C. recommended a call to the College’s liaison, Mark Smith, to see if it would be possible to postpone this April-due Monitoring Report until August. John C. stated if he remembered correctly, this Monitoring Report is the last opportunity before being placed on ‘warning.’ Joey stated that is correct with a next step (before a ‘warning’ placement) being the College could go to the SACS/COCS Board to explain the reason for delay. Joey stated he will call Mark Smith to discuss the situation with him. Joey stated he did not want anyone to think that faculty have not been working hard on this, but that the short time frame since starting and lack of infrastructure and resources over the past years are to blame. Joey stated the remedy to keep this from happening in the future is to use the ETS (Educational Testing Service) Academic Profile every single semester of every year which will supplement the core competency.
David M. asked for clarity on a Core Standard that requires a full-time faculty administration for each program. Joey read the requirement (CR 3.4.11) which states that “for each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination as well as the curriculum development and review to persons academically qualified in the field.” Irene stated that Geoff is now working on this. John C. stated that too often it means a full-time faculty member working in that area who is anointed as the person responsible. John C. stated he believed Geoff is taking this one step further by providing a stipend or release time for that person. Geoff stated that is correct. John C. stated the College is trying to bring management closer to the departmental level so there are formal program heads that have release time. He stated this was discussed at the recent Bedford Center Town Hall meeting. David M. stated in his Division, there were technical programs that only had adjunct faculty, and Geoff agreed those areas would have to be addressed. Geoff stated this was discussed at his last Academic Affairs’ meeting at which time he asked the Deans to propose how this should be handled. He stated their proposal will be reviewed at their next meeting.
John C. stated CVCC cannot go back and undo the past but must change the culture of the College to become stronger and more effective.
Irene stated she has met with the deans and stated they are all on board with getting the data needed. She stated a meeting with the committee will be held on Friday to divide the responsibilities.
Rebecca Honeycutt distributed and discussed a list of QEP initial priorities collected from the survey and also from some of the committee meetings which included:
·         Learning Labs and Tutoring
·         Science and Math Recitation
·         Advising and Counseling
·         Student Success Skills
·         Self-Reliant Learners
·         Discipline Specific Topics
·         Other Topics—Reading prerequisites for courses and tying CVCC mission statement to student learning outcomes
She asked if anyone had any ideas to contribute to the list. John C. asked if Rebecca felt that everything had been done to collect a broad-based input. She stated to be certain, another survey would be sent out for anyone who hadn’t contributed and also for those who may have additional suggestions. Joey stated to get even more input and hopefully some excitement, meetings will be held in smaller groups such as each division, classified and part-time staff, and town hall meetings with students. Rebecca stated a topic should have been decided upon around the last of April. She stated hopefully in summer to formulate the topic and go through the process. John P. stated he needed to know earlier because of planning out the budget for funding the training, release time, etc. necessary for the QEP. John C. stated that perhaps some funds should be kept in reserve until an amount can be determined.
Joey stated he hoped to test a pilot around January 2013. John P. stated he is serving on a SACS’ visiting team and while he was on the campus of a college that had recently began their QEP, he saw excitement from everyone. He stated that is what needs to happen at CVCC.
Agenda Items:
Leticia discussed the Outstanding Faculty Award and stated the Faculty Association decided the award should continue to be presented at the Graduation Ceremony. She stated the nomination forms have been made available on the college’s web site. David M. asked if this award is advertised to the students. Dianne stated Linda Adams usually advertises this on the monitors and possibly can send an email to all students. (It was suggested Dianne discuss with Linda to send out a weekly Bulletin similar to the Daily Bulletin to the students.)
Divisional Reports:
Ruth reported the biggest activity in Workforce is developing the Career Center with the MOU with Tidewater Community College from the TAA grant. She stated they would be hiring four full-time professional staff members to operate the Career Center for job placement and as adult career coaches. Ruth stated these staff members should be on board by May 22. She stated this will be open to all students but at this time she is not sure where on Campus the Center will be located. Ruth also reported she has been busy visiting a lot of businesses and answering lots of calls about customized training requests.  
Geoff reported the search in ongoing for the administrative assistant position for Judy Graves. Geoff also reported his department is in the process of working on an annual schedule and on proposed policies for SACS requirements. He stated he will be attending the ASAC meetings in Richmond for the remainder of the week.

John C. discussed faculty evaluations and stated as of now all evaluations are done from the top-down but he is interested in establishing a more comprehensive system from a 360 degrees so that everyone is accountable and no one is immune. He stated a less formal step towards this goal is the Employee Survey that was sent out recently. John C. stated there were 185 surveys completed. He stated that some of the survey questions revolved around the effectiveness of various administrative officers. He stated that since this will be a part of the minutes, he wanted it noted that he wants to expand the scope of evaluations to include more than top-down faculty or top-down staff. John C. stated the goal of the College and everyone here at the College should be to get better and better.

Irene stated to follow up on what John C. said, Comprehensive Standard 3.21 dealt with the effectiveness of the administrators and she and Joey were hoping this group could create a plan or policy for dealing with this standard by August. John C. stated at present, he was evaluated by the Chancellor and the Local Board, and he evaluated the vice presidents, as so forth. He stated those evaluations were in place but incomplete by being one dimensional and one sided.

Leticia reported HR is in the process of finalizing the HR assistant role with the position closing on Monday. She stated possibly she will have someone from the outside to screen the applications. Leticia stated for CSA, she is in the process of finalizing an agenda for the next meeting on April 5.

Marie Harris reported on the Part-Time Association and stated Leticia was able to attend their February 22 meeting and reviewed their job description performance plan answering any questions the group had.

John P. stated along with Leticia, they are reviewing every Classified position for proper classification and job description and also reviewing salaries for internal and external inequities. He also stated they are in the process of receiving and reviewing new position requests for next year. He reported he is in the process of reviewing PAS data (Productivity Analysis System) looking to determine faculty load, and finally also looking at all part-time job descriptions. He stated this is being done not only as a SACS requirement but also because it is the right thing to do. He reminded everyone that all DRPs are due because he will be ‘sweeping’ up accounts next week. He stated if budget needs or instructional needs exceed beyond the fiscal year, please let him know. John reported the Counseling area was painted over the spring break.
John C. praised John P. and HR for their work on the salary equity study and on the classification study. He stated he had not been at CVCC long before he realized there were a lot of inequities in salaries.

David M. reported on the Faculty Association and stated they were working on the full-time faculty hiring process and close to having the policy formalized. David also stated in the near future, the same would have to be done with the adjunct hiring process. David stated they are working on the Student Code of Conduct.

David L. reported the cut-over date is March 26 for PeopleSoft upgrade to 9.0. He also reported William Osborne successfully tested the ALERTUS desktop notification to appear on CVCC computers if there was an emergency on Campus. David did note that the computers must be on to receive the notification and stated he was aware not all rooms have computers. He reported the digital signage will also show the alert.

John P. reported a Marketing meeting was held this week discussing the budget for next year. He stated he encouraged looking toward advertising on television and not the billboards or the bus signage. He stated the next edition of the Alumni magazine has a deadline of July 1. One article will emphasize the Machine Tool and Quality Assurance Program featuring Lynn Dillard.

John C. thanked all who participated in the Town Hall meeting this morning with the Chancellor as he thought it was highly successful. He stated comments from the Chancellor and his group were made for the positive atmosphere here at CVCC.

John C. stated that great strides have been made in communication here at CVCC. He cited several examples with the Daily Bulletin, town hall meetings, emails, and the latest--Communication Central which has been added to the web site containing minutes from all meetings.  

John C. stated Joey is in the process of analyzing the 185 employee surveys. He stated hopefully good representative feedback will be obtained.

John C. stated he has a meeting scheduled with a representative from the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) to start a baseball team here at the College.

John C. stated he has seen a lot of prospective students on Campus recently. Two counselors, Kimberly French (retention) and Michelle Fletcher (recruitment) have for the first time invited groups of area high schools to visit CVCC and learn more of what it has to offer them.

John C. reported a Career Center and Veterans Center will be a reality here in the fall 2012 and also the Great Expectations program for foster students.

John C. stated another reality for fall 2013 will be the STEM-H program. He stated he met with area superintendents and have their blessings for qualified juniors and seniors to come to CVCC for science, technology, engineering, math, and health. These students could graduate with a certificate.

John C. reported at this time, the Commonwealth has no ratified budget by the General Assembly. He stated the governor has said he would do whatever he could to retain as much funding for Higher Education as possible. John C. stated the budget was kind to Higher Ed. from the House, Senate, and governor, but stated in return, tuition could not be increased.

John C. reported this should be a good year for CVCC with Pell Grants being awarded to 2,061 students this year which represents a 22% increase, Federal Loans programs, recruitment and retention efforts, and the upcoming STEM-H academy. He stated this is a tribute and testimonial to all at CVCC.
The meeting adjourned at 3:38 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on March 26, 2012.
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