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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

March 26, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the March 14, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, David Lightfoot, John Poole, Geoff Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, Betty Hudson, David McGee, Irene Wheeler, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (3/26/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey stated the second monitoring report is due April 16, and he feels the College is in better shape than once thought in terms of outcome assessments of the programs. He stated he discussed with John C. the possibility of requesting an extension of the April 16 due date. Joey stated he is certain the complete assessment plans will be available by June 2012 as was promised SACS two years ago. He stated the holdup was the General Education assessments but feels that CVCC will not be placed on monitoring again. John C. stated the College has made more progress in the last two weeks than first thought possible. Joey agreed, and John C. stated that was a tribute to Joey and also the faculty for all their hard work. Joey stated communication has improved, and a new culture has evolved.
Joey stated his office is moving forward with the annual strategic planning process. He stated this year will produce a more complete strategic planning process with the reaffirmation in mind. Joey also stated the employee survey will be completed soon. 
Irene stated Joey will be working this week with the Faculty Association on the progress that Geoff and the deans have made on a couple of policies that needed to be put in place.
Irene also discussed a session she attended at New Horizons concerning Class Climate which is a Scantron product similar to IOTA that the College is working with now. Irene stated even though IOTA had not been used through a complete cycle, Class Climate seemed to have distinct advantages such as being able to process both paper and online questionnaires/surveys. She suggested using IOTA for now but in the fall semester, pilot Class Climate. (She believes Class Climate will be willing to pilot with the College.) Irene stated after using both feed-back systems, then a decision could be made on which to purchase. She stated she realized Class Climate is more expensive for the initial purchase (approximately $20,000) but the yearly fee is nominal. Joey stated he felt Class Climate is a more complete product and would meet the College’s need. Irene stated she would like approval for the College to seek a pilot of this product for the fall semester.
Irene also reported the Compliance Certification Committee now has a tab with folders located on Communication Central page.
Agenda Items:
Leticia discussed email address book updates and asked what the process involved. David L. replied by new hires through Issue Trak and change or delete requests. She explained that some employees have reported not receiving the group emails (such as Classified, All Faculty) that are being sent. John C. asked if there was a business process in place such as a checklist of everything that needs to be completed when employees are hired or leave employment. (Leticia and David L. decided to discuss this in more detail after the meeting.)
Leticia discussed the usage of a Thin Client and asked was usage mandatory. David L. stated using the Thin Client resulted in a cost reduction, more energy efficient, and provided continuity of operations. He stated only recently have several performance issues been reported, and his department is working to get those resolved. Leticia questioned if refusal of the Thin Client was possible. David L. stated he would like to continue using it and allowing IT to solve any problems encountered. He stated the entire College will eventually be using this type of computer but had begun with the most secure offices as they are more vulnerable. He stated the IT Department has used Thin Client for a year and had no problems. David L. also stated it is being used for the Compass testing computers and other high traffic computers at the College. Leticia explained that the HR Department had experienced several problems and challenges, and she hoped it was not required that they continue to use them. David L. stated an upgrade was needed to resolve some of the issues but required an entire weekend of outage. John C. stated if there are concerns, inadequacies, or it does not meet the needs for individuals or certain areas, the Thin Client should not be obligatory.
Leticia stated HR recently completed a salary review for all of CVCC’s Classified positions. She stated the decision to conduct this review would not have been possible without the strong support of John C. and John P., and she thanked them for this support. Leticia reported to conduct the review, salary data was obtained from several salary survey sources: the College and University Professional Association (CUPA), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Commonwealth of Virginia, and VCCS Category III colleges. (She stated she found CVCC was listed as a Category II college and had it changed to Cat. III.) She stated, utilizing this data, a spreadsheet was created listing the staff’s current salary, and also Category III’s lowest, the median, and the highest salaries. Leticia stated this resulted in a salary adjustment for everyone between 1 – 5% to raise them to at least the lowest. She reported this will become effective March 25, 2012. John C. stated the average salaries here at CVCC ranked in the lower portion of all the community colleges in the state, and this adjustment is a leap in the right direction. He stated last year a pledge was made stating all positions would be reviewed for accuracy, classifications, and also in terms of salary equity. John C. stated the study was very enlightening to realize just how out-of-sync the salaries were here at CVCC. John P. stated that Leticia has also reviewed the job descriptions, and some were reclassified. John C. stated the process began with the Classified Staff because that was where the greatest inequities lay but this initiative will be extended to other sectors of the College—Part-Time staff, faculty, administrative and adjunct faculty. David M. stated that some of CVCC’s faculty had reported that they are making below the minimum for a Category III college according to the VCCS’ range. Leticia stated CVCC is using the DHRM’s range (Virginia Department of Human Resource Management) for the Classified but the Faculty use the VCCS’ range. John C. stated this entire process will take some time, and John P. stated it would also depend on the budget situation. Leticia stated she would like review the salary surveys every year.
Divisional Reports:
Ruth was absent.
Geoff reported the English Developmental pilot has begun. The classes have been selected, all the students motivated, and the College is expected to be in the lead of the VCCS.

Leticia reported on CSA and stated Rebecca Honeycutt and Cynthia Lofaso will be discussing the QEP for the next meeting on April 5.
Betty Hudson reported on the Part-Time Association and stated Rebecca Honeycutt and Cynthia Lofaso will also be discussing the QEP for their next meeting. She reported the Part-Time Staff were excited for Tammy Johnson’s new full-time position.

David L. reported PeopleSoft was upgraded from version 8.9 to version 9.0 for SIS and HR this past weekend. He stated there were some performance issues this morning but those have seemed to resolve. David L. stated he will be attending Tech Council meetings for the next two days.

John P. distributed and discussed the Budget Report prior to sweeping the accounts. John P. reported that VDOT will be paving Harvard Street, the road in front of the Appomattox Building, and part of the student parking lot. However, he stated CVCC must pay (cost of $48,000) for paving of the parking spaces in the student lot. John P. stated he will be requesting the funding for this at the Local Board meeting in April. He also gave an update on the bathroom renovations project. John P. stated before Christmas he rushed to get a quote but hopes he will finally (after six months) get the approval to begin the design on the project in the next two weeks. John P. also stated he received a call to return the Intrepid state vehicle because of its high mileage for a new car. He stated he is going to try and replace the Cavalier also.

David M. had to leave the meeting early.

John P. reported on Institutional Advancement and stated tomorrow a Marketing Committee will be held to view eight proposed logos for the College. John C. reported the process has begun to create the advertisement for the position of Vice President for Institutional Advancement. 
John C. stated he was pleased that CVCC had 34 attendees at the New Horizons conference as compared to 24 at last year’s. He stated he sees this as an increased interest in Professional Development at the College. John C. stated he was also pleased that eight people from CVCC gave presentations at the event. He stated David M. has agreed to be the new representative for the VCCS Professional Development Committee.   
John C. stated another Town Hall meeting will be held this week to compliment the increase emphasis on communication. He stated he held a meeting at the Amherst Center last week with Joey accompanying him. John C. stated this meeting can be used as some semblance of a community component in Strategic Planning in the SACS’ Reaffirmation process. He stated the meeting was really great with testimonials from students who told how CVCC had changed their lives.

John C. stated faculty positions will soon be advertised. He reported the deans and supervisors have been reviewing the PAS data concerning productivity and have been asked to submit their requests for next year based on that data.

John C. asked if he was correct in thinking that faculty were responsible for identifying themselves as to whether they were eligible for promotions. Geoff stated that was correct. John C. stated that should be the deans’ function.  He stated the deans should have a roster on each faculty which balances their qualifications against the criteria for a promotion. Leticia stated she was also told by the VCCS that it was the deans’ responsibility. John C. stated this is another process that needs to be formalized. Geoff will discuss this and create a process/policy with the deans’ input at their next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 1:57 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on April 9, 2012.
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