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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

April 9, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the March 26, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, William Osborne, John Poole, Geoff Hicks, Leticia Forster, Gayle Kiger, David McGee, Irene Wheeler, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (4/9/2012)
Special Guest:
The President’s Staff congratulated Ben Coates, a CVCC student, as a recipient of the AHEAD in VA Scholarship (The Association on Higher Education and Disability). Nancy Mitchell introduced Ben and stated only four scholarships were given in Virginia, and only one of those was given to a community college student. Nancy discussed some of Ben’s credentials and stated the following:
·         Native of Concord, VA
·         Currently holds 4.0 GPA, working toward Associates of Life Sciences with CVCC
·         Transfer to: Virginia Tech
·         Wants to study Animal Science, with a minor in Wildlife Biology and Conservation
·         Long Range Goal: Degree from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
·         Returning to area to practice concentrating on domestic and agricultural animals
·         Plans to complete an internship this summer with an area veterinarian
Nancy stated his community service included being an Eagle Scout, member of the Order of the Arrow, National Honor Society of Boy Scouts, active member and youth leader at Rustburg United Methodist Church, an outdoorsman, active with Hunters for Hungry, and a history buff serving as both a Confederate and Union soldier in area reenactments of Civil War.
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey was absent.
Irene reported she met with the deans last Friday to divide the responsibilities. She stated the group will be meeting bi-weekly and beginning on Wednesday, April 18, the group will be reviewing Compliance Assist. (Compliance Assist is a fully integrated and comprehensive online solution for managing institutional research, planning, and accreditation needs.) Irene stated she feels very optimistic concerning this Committee as she feels the right people are serving as members.
John C. stated he feels the College is running a sprint to get where it needs to be. He stated the way work was done for the past reaffirmation misled employees into thinking it was not as important because not everyone was involved in the preparation. However, John C. stated all need to be involved, and he will be visiting with individuals to underscore just how important it is to be involved. Irene stated she feels the process now being put in place will change future perceptions. David M. stated he feels the majority are not taking it seriously because they do not know what they need to do and are waiting to be told.  
John C. stated Rebecca Honeycutt and Cynthia Lofaso have met with various groups to discuss a possible topic for the QEP with a reoccurring theme calling for an increase in Student Success.
Agenda Items:
Divisional Reports:
Ruth was absent.
In David L. absence, William had no report.
Geoff reported the Developmental English Pilot was completed with 228 students taking the multiple choice portion of the redesigned test and approximately 50 students taking the written test. He also reported a task force has been formed to create a faculty evaluation policy for SACS with the first meeting scheduled this Friday. John C. stated the College needs a policy that is viable with faculty approving their evaluation plan and also for that plan to meet the needs of SACS. He stated there needs to be a formative plan for faculty to help teach more effectively. John C. also stated each degree requires a program head because the deans cannot do all that is required.
Leticia reported HR is in the process of finalizing the HR Administrative Assistant with the position closing on Monday. She stated interviews for this position will be scheduled for this week and a decision be made next week. She reported additional positions are being advertised which include Facilities Manager, Engineering Teaching Faculty, Emergency Medical Services Instructor, Biology Teaching Faculty, HR Analyst I-Adjunct Processing, Job Placement Coordinator-Workforce Development, Educational Coach-Part-time, and Adult Career Coach-Workforce Development. Leticia stated a Benefits Fair will be held on Wednesday, April 11, in the Multi-Purpose Room from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. She stated vendors included Delta Dental, Anthem, Sam’s Club, VALIC, etc.
Leticia reported on the CSA and stated Rebecca Honeycutt and Joey Fronheiser attended the meeting last to discuss ideas for the QEP and received some good feedback from the group.
John C. stated he made a commitment upon arriving at the College to bolster the full-time faculty positions and he is happy to say that is being fulfilled. He also stated he wanted to make it clear the two positions--Job Placement Coordinator and Educational Coach and Adult Career Coach are being funded by a DOLTAA Grant (CVCC’s share is $1 million.) John C. stated Ruth feels there will be about $40,000 additional money and asked everyone to think creatively of another position that could be funded with this money. He reported the Educational Coach for the Great Expectations program will also be grant funded.
Gayle Kiger had no report on the Part-Time Association.
David M. reported on the Faculty Association and stated the Student Code of Conduct has been completed and Geoff will present it to the President’s Staff for their approval. (Geoff stated he will be meeting with Judy Graves and Delta Aultice on Friday to discuss this before bringing to the President’s Staff.) Irene stated after this and other policies were approved, they needed to be place on the College’s website. She also stated the policies and information that currently were listed on the website under the Faculty/Staff Manual needed review. Irene reported the information was outdated and most of the hyperlinks did not work. There was much discussion on this topic with John C. requesting that within a two-week time frame, everyone locate policies that were pertinent to their area and try to find the latest and most-up-to-date revisions on those policies and procedures. He stated afterwards, a process needs to be in place for future updates. The following will be responsible for:
·         John P. for Finance
·         Irene and Geoff for Academic Affairs and Student Services 
·         Gayle for Part-Time Association
·         Leticia for Classified Staff Association and Human Resources
David M. also reported the faculty had selected the Faculty Emeriti for this year and they are Janet Dunford, James Valentine, and Peter Hamner.
David M. reported on the nominations for new officers for the Faculty Association for 2012-2013. He stated Peter Dorman will be the vice president (which will be the president-elect for the following year), and nominations for Secretary included Matt Latimer and Jessie Hogan.
He stated for Division Representatives the following were included:
BAH—Ernie Wade and Bob Moden
HSS—Charles Poff and Matt Poteat
SME—Michelle Penner
John P. reported on Institutional Advancement and stated another meeting will be held to review more samples for the College’s new logo as the first samples did not “wow” anyone. John P. stated he feels a Campus-wide search for a new design would be advantageous.  
John P. stated, at the Retirement Luncheon on May 17, a table will be placed in the back of the room asking for donations to the College from the retirees. He also stated a meeting was held with WSET TV to renew CVCC’s advertisement (both on TV and website) contract. John P. stated that maybe CVCC needs to think about advertising on some of the other TV stations as well. 
John P. reported on Finance and Administration and stated he served on the Board (with Centra Health and Lynchburg College for the new Simulation Center. He reported he is glad to say the construction of the lab is underway (with completion in one year) in the old Roses’ building which will also serve Centra’s School of Nursing. John C. stated the Simulation Lab will include patient’s rooms, an ambulance, helicopter, and assisted living apartments. He stated CVCC has to be a silent partner because it is a state agency but thinks this will be a great opportunity for some of CVCC’s medical programs.
John P. also reported the bathroom project is finally close to getting started. He stated he had obtained a price quote from architects Wiley and Wilson to only realize they were not on the approved contract list; therefore, a quote will be necessary from one that is on the list. He stated this should be completed by the end of the week
John P. reported the College’s Local Funds are being reviewed this week by auditors to make sure the College is following policy. He also stated advertising has begun for a Facilities Manager and requested from David M. a faculty member to serve on the Search Committee. He stated he is in the process of reviewing Access Key vendors and has looked at what is being used at Randolph College and also Wytheville Community College.

John C. stated the Governance Model for Committees is convening focus groups this week for discussion. He stated “kudos” for this effort.

John C. stated two more Town Hall meetings will be held this week with one at the Amherst Center on Wednesday and Main Campus on Thursday. He stated there were lots of representatives from the community at the Altavista Town Hall meeting and felt the meeting was very profitable.

John C. stated he will be attend ACOP meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and  on Wednesday afternoon, he will be meeting with the Secretary of Education along with Delegate Scott Garrett, Jonathan Whitt, and Greg Sullivan to discuss the STEM program.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on April 23, 2012.
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