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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

April 30, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the April 9, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, David Lightfoot, John Poole, Geoff Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, Gayle Kiger, David McGee, Ruth Hendrick, Irene Wheeler, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Thursday (5/10/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported the second Monitoring Report to SACS has been completed. Joey stated this report contained the College’s evaluation of its academic programs, and according to Dr. Mark Smith, (CVCC’s SACS/COC liaison) after reviewing the report, found it was very detailed. Dr. Smith has now forwarded the report on to the SACS’ trustees for review.
Joey stated on the down side, when the College closed the 22 Career Studies Certificate programs last summer, a substantive change was not submitted as required by SACS. He stated he is in the process of doing that now but this omission could trigger another Monitoring Report for the College.
John C. stated he spoke with Dr. Smith explaining that 16 of those 22 programs had no enrollment. He also explained to Dr. Smith that the closing of those programs did not involve dismissing or the reallocation of any faculty. John C. stated he told Dr. Smith that the curt truth is that the College should have been engaged in this deletion process routinely over the years. He stated Dr. Smith, after hearing the explanation, urged the College to submit the Substantive Change Report as quickly as possible. John C. stated he is hoping to avoid another Monitoring Report.
Joey stated he was pleased on the status of the program evaluations as there was an 80% participation on the exit exams. He stated the General Education was increased to include the academic profile with at least half of the graduates from each program taking the assessments. 
Joey discussed the QEP topic survey and stated employees have until the end of the week to complete the survey. He stated he will send out a reminder to encourage everyone to do so.
Irene questioned if there was an update on course evaluations. Joey stated the faculty are going to try it for one more semester using better communication. He stated plans include training sessions in the Fall Convocation. He also reported that it will be added to syllabi for all courses. Joey stated at this time there is about a 45% participation overall. John C. stated it will take time for the College to build up a culture of evaluations.
Agenda Items:
Geoff distributed and discussed his and Irene’s recent item-by-item review of CVCC’s present Faculty/Staff Manual. He stated lots of deficiencies (incorrect information, links that did not work, etc.) were discovered. Geoff stated certain sections were sent to the responsible individuals to review and update. He reported not only was the information incorrect in the Manual but the presentation of the Manual was not user friendly. David M. stated that whenever he tries to open a section of the manual, he gets a Microsoft warning concerning this being a trusted document. He stated this is very annoying. David L. stated he would look into this. Leticia stated in her review of the HR portion of the manual, she discovered many links do not work. John C. stated other colleges such as NOVA, BRCC, VWCC, and TCC should be reviewed to see how they their manuals are presented and identify what information is included. He tasked Irene, David M., Joey, John P., Leticia, Geoff, Judy, and Dianne to meet and go through the manual item-by-item. John C. requested that Dianne research what other colleges have done with their manuals to discover where CVCC has omissions. Irene asked where this document will be placed after completion. John C. stated on the College’s website but did not see any reason for it to be held hostage on the intranet or any other document to be there except for CVCC’s COOP.
John C. stated that once the manual is placed on the web, Dianne will be responsible for ensuring that all updating, revising, and amending of the manual is done. Dianne stated she was already responsible for the few items that have been revised in the past to be updated on the web. She stated she would send the changes to Wil Perez, and he made those changes. John C. stated a defined business process was needed for revisions of the manual.
Irene stated there had been talk about updating the College’s website but she hoped that would wait until after the SACS’ visit in October. John C. stated this will not happen before the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement is hired as that person will play a key role in the redesign which will take place after the SACS’ visit. However, he stated the planning process of the redesign could take place prior to the visit. John C. stated the updating of a new logo would be okay as it did not change the navigation.
Geoff distributed and discussed the procedure for grade appeal and stated this revision had been previously examined and approved by the Faculty Association. Geoff made a motion to the    President’s Staff for their approval of the revision as written with John P. seconding it. The motion carried unanimously.
Geoff distributed and discussed a revision for the policies and procedures for the academic and non-academic Student Conduct. Geoff stated that Tim Rhoads, Judy Graves, and he have all reviewed and revised the policies and procedures, Geoff also stated the forms for carrying out the procedures have been revised. David M. stated discussion on this policy by the Faculty Association revolved around what constitutes a knife as a weapon. (Is every knife considered a weapon or should the blade size be the determinant.) John P. stated the VCCS stated a knife was considered a weapon when it had a blade longer than 3 ½ inches. He also stated the policy presented at this meeting should be reviewed by the VCCS Council but would not stop the approval today of the President’s Staff. Geoff made the motion for the President’s Staff approval and David M. seconded with a few minor changes. The motion carried unanimously. John P. will send this document to the VCCS for review.
Ruth gave a Workforce update and began by stating the Career Center is moving along with decisions for a location to be made soon. Ruth reported a request has been made to the DOL to hire two additional staff people (to handle internships and administrative support) on top of the four that have already been approved. She stated interviews for the four positions (two adult career coaches for the Workforce Center and two for the experiential learning coordinators for the main Campus) are scheduled week after next. Ruth stated she hoped to have the first wave on board by June to get them in for some state training and have them ready for the fall semester.
Ruth stated Workforce is working on some new programming through the Division based on things given up by other areas such as Safety Institute (OCEA) and first aid training to business and industry on an ongoing basis and on established dates. Ruth stated Workforce is also looking at the Project Management Institute Certification training as well.
Ruth stated on May 8, the Secretary of Education will be visiting the College to discuss the Workforce Training Programs CVCC is involved with for business and industry. Ruth stated the R2MIP, Quality, AREVA (for their encumbered Workforce), and possibly the 2+2 programs will be highlighted.   
Ruth reported the College has received another $17,000 in non-credit funds for non-credit programming with one stipulation that it must be used before the end of the year.
Ruth stated both she and Judy received a request from the VCCS to update their information on certifications offered through CVCC. She stated the deans will be asked for their input as some of it is Workforce but some certifications are offered also in classroom training. She stated this needed to be accurate as it is posted on the VCCS website and is viewed by area businesses and industries.
Ruth stated in reviewing what is going on in Workforce, she noticed the College has not taken full advantage of using on-campus training that is not necessarily offered directly by its offices or divisions. She stated some of this training can be used toward the College’s credit at the state level in Workforce. Ruth stated lots of groups are using Merritt Hall for educational activities where CVCC is not the originator of this training but play some supportive role in its provision.  She stated she feels that is why CVCC’s numbers are low in the state’s non-credit programming than other colleges. She stated this resource is called Limited Data Enrollment, and CVCC needs to take advantage of this while it is available. Ruth stated people that use the Campus for their training (ex. Master Gardeners, Summer Academies) will be asked to provide a syllabus/agenda, a sign-in sheet, and a line or two of the qualifications of the trainer so the numbers can be tracked. Ruth states raising the College’s numbers relates to the money received from the VCCS for non-credit funding. Irene asked if that could be used as a step in allowing usage of the College’s classrooms. Ruth stated it should but with allowing leniencies at first. She stated at VWCC, free usage of their rooms were allowed only if they agreed to provide the agenda, sign-in sheet, etc. If not, there was a charge to use the rooms.
John C. stated at the last Planning Meeting, how to use the College’s computers more strategically with the possibility of establishing a centralized computer lab was discussed.  
Divisional Reports:
Gayle Kiger stated she had been asked to find out if any part-time staff policies existed at the College but so far she had not been able to find any. She stated even HR was not aware of any. She said she did find some information from the website. She read some of what she found but she did think anything applied to the part-time employees at CVCC. Gayle also questioned if there had been an evaluations of the wages of the part-timers as compared to the same positions at other colleges. John P. stated at some time in the future that will be done.

Gayle asked if there will be policy information for part-timers included in the Faculty/Staff manual when it is revised. John C. stated there would be. Gayle also stated she could not find anywhere else that part-time employees were referred to as P-14s. John P. stated that on the DHRM website they were called wage employees. Gayle also stated that a lot of part-timers would like to know how many extra job duties they have to do before having their position reclassified. She stated for herself, she had taken on a lot of extra duties during the past year than she was hired to do and others felt the same way. John P. stated that is why it is important to have EWPs for part-time employees as well as the full-time which correctly describes their job duties. He stated in having this done, it would be easier to determine which classification was correct. Leticia stated the classification will be compared to the DHRM guidelines.

Leticia reported on HR and stated it is critical if any employees that are non-exempt whether salaried or part-time work more than 40 hours per week be compensated 1 ½ times for those extra hours worked. She stated it had been reported to her that some employees are working through their lunch time. She stated if this is happening, prior approval from their supervisor is a must. John P. stated as a general rule this should not be happening. John C. stated that if any supervisors are allowing this without compensation, they will be subject to disciplinary actions. Leticia will send an email to “everyone” concerning this.

Leticia reported on the CSA and stated the Jewelry Show that was held last week was very successful. She also stated new officers will be elected on May 15.

David L. reported on June 1, the Bedford Center’s telephone system will be changed over to Voice-Over IP; therefore, the numbers will change. He reported on July1, the Altavista Center’s will be changed also. He stated cost savings is the reason for the change.
John P. reported the Buildings & Grounds position closes today, and the VP for Institutional Advancement has been posted. He also reported at the April Board meeting, the Board approved for part-time fitness monitors to be hired. John P. stated as soon as the EWP was created, the positions would be advertised. He also stated it was approved to seek the financing for the renovation for the Student Center. John P. reported the Financial Aid Audit which is required by SACS will begin on may 15.
John P. reported on Institutional Advancement and stated the survey for the new CVCC logo has been emailed to “everyone.” He stated several Foundation meetings are scheduled for this week. John P. stated a decision has been made to cancel future production of Alumni Magazines as there was little return on the money spent, He also stated the bus advertisements will be discontinued, but the billboards will continue for the time being without containing any information causing them to be outdated. He stated a new url will be included on the billboard for tracking purposes. John P. also thanked the Social Committee for the spring luncheon held last week.
David M. reported on the Faculty Association and stated they are waiting on reports from the Governance Committee (new committees) and the Taskforce dealing with department heads and course evaluations. He stated it was his understanding both have to be in place prior to August 15. Leticia stated she hopes to have information from the VCCS on the Faculty promotions this week.
Geoff reported David L. and he are making the rounds at the off-site centers to see what computers are being used and if new ones are required.
John C. reported that the Annual Planning meeting was held last Thursday, and stated he was impressed with the outcome and the quality dialogue and suggestions compared to last year’s meeting.
John C. also reported the Student Appreciation Day was a great success with special thanks going to Linda Adams and all those that volunteered.
John C. stated last week was very busy with the Polis reading being held on Friday afternoon along with the PTK induction and the Academic Awards Ceremony.
John C. stated there are still lots of issues that need addressing at CVCC but everyone needs to keep the focus on what has been accomplished and not get discouraged. He stated over the past year, truly remarkable progress has been made on a variety of issues especially on the themes that were discussed at Convocation—communication, transparency, and community,
The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on May 14, 2012.
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