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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

June 5, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the May 14, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, David Lightfoot, John Poole, Geoff Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, Sandra Viar, Dianne Sykes, Loretta Marshall, and David McGee
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (6/4/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported on the QEP Topic Selection and stated it was narrowed down to the top three possibilities—Learning Resource Center, College Readiness Program, and Reading, Writing, and Math Across the Curriculum. He stated a survey was then conducted of all employees (117 respondents) with the top selection being Learning Resource Center. Joey reported several focus groups were conducted with the same results for the topic selection.
David M. stated from the faculty perspective, the Learning Resource Center is the overwhelming choice because it is one of the biggest issues they face with some students needing a little extra support with reading writing, and math. John C. stated the College’s retention rate needs to improve (CVCC rates are near the VCCS lowest from fall to spring) and this may be exactly what is needed to support the success of the students. John C. stated with a Learning Resource Center, he envisioned not only a place that houses tutors where students can go but a Center that reaches out to students in a variety of different ways through courses and also Student Services.
On a motion by John P. and duly seconded by David M., the motion to adopt the Learning Resource Center as the QEP topic was approved. The motion carried unanimously.
Joey reported the Planning Phase of the QEP can begin now that the topic has been chosen. He stated this summer is the perfect time to decide who the members will be on the Planning Committee and what type of leadership it will require be it a faculty or a new hire. He stated if it is a faculty, release time for their work will be necessary.
Joey also reported the program viability studies are completed from the past three years. He reminded everyone of the need to keep current on this from now on.
John C. requested that Joey provide internet links of other community colleges that have recently chosen a similar QEP topic to review what they did or discovered. He also asked Joey if he anticipated any problems for CVCC to demonstrate increase student learning outcomes. Joey felt it would be no problem documenting whether there was success or not.
Joey reported on the Compliance Certification and stated it is in good shape and moving along with Irene Wheeler in charge and the group meeting every other week.
John C. requested an update on the Faculty/Staff Manual. John P. stated things were progressing well with the sections selected for the manual after reviewing other community colleges’ manuals. Leticia stated information was also pulled from CVCC’s Adjunct Orientation as it contained current information.
Agenda Items:
The President’s Staff discussed a procedure for future policy changes. Dianne questioned whether all changes to any policy would necessitate the President’s Staff approval. It was decided that all college-wide policies should be approved by the Staff. David L. also recommended using wiki software for the manual when completed which would enable changes and updates to take place more efficiently. 
Joey stated when trying to follow a paper trail here at CVCC and searching all the different minutes, he is finding no set template is being followed by the different groups. John C. stated with the new Governance Committees, all minutes of their meetings will also be located on Communication Central. He stated he liked Joey’s suggestion of a template for all to follow to make sure information was assessable, consistent, and relevant and asked that Dianne lead a committee to design such a template. John C. asked that Kimberly French, Joey, Loretta and an IT tech also serve on the committee. 
Dianne distributed and the President’s Staff discussed the current Flower Policy. On a motion by John P. and duly seconded by Ruth, the Flower Policy will read as follows with the changes or additions in red. The motion carried unanimously.
CVCC will send flowers for the following reasons:
·         Death of a college retiree (must have worked at least five years and retired)
·          Current employee’s overnight stay in the hospital
·         Birth or adoption of the current employee’s baby
·         Current employee’s death or death of their spouse, their child (including step-child), their mother/father (including step-mother/father) their mother/father-in-law and their brother and sister
·         Currently enrolled, active-semester student’s death
Note: CVCC cannot make donations of any kind in lieu of flowers.
John P. will also look into making donations to the Foundation instead of flowers.
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported his division is currently engaged in searches for biology and engineering faculty. John C. stated he knew that Geoff has been working with a group trying to define program heads and asked for a status report. Geoff stated he thought the Program Head initiative was almost complete. He stated the deans have been asked to consult with possible program heads in terms of recommendations in clock hours for compensation. John C. asked if a consensus has been met for defined duties of the program heads. Geoff stated some defined duties will be common to all and some will be variable depending on the program or discipline which will also affect compensation.

Loretta had nothing to report on the Classified Staff.

David L. reported a server outage occurred on Memorial Day. He stated it has been discovered someone had adjusted the pressure switch on the roof which caused the air conditioner to cut off. David L. stated some controls will be put in place to prevent this from happening in the future. David L. also reported he attended Tech Council last week and received the budget numbers.

 Leticia reminded everyone that Part-Time employee evaluations are due July 1. She also reported Lori Counts has begun working in HR, and
Linda Daye will begin working there on Monday, June 11. Leticia reported the progress on following positions:
·         Interviews have been held for engineering and biology faculty
·         Muriel will be reviewing English faculty applications as soon as the screening is complete
·         Great Expectations’ position has been offered
·         HR Analyst has been offered
·         Facilities Management offer will be made soon
·         Law Enforcement Management has been advertised
·         Susan Beasley has received referrals for the BlackBoard position
·         Linda Rodriguez has received referrals for the janitor position
·         Admin. for Weatherization has been advertised
·         Vice President of Institutional Advancement applications have been screened

John P. reported interviews were held for the Buildings & Grounds position and an offer will be made soon to the top candidate. John P. reported Weatherization is being moved out of Amherst Hall so the renovations can begin for the Bookstore. He reported lots of preparation is taking place for the governor’s visit on Thursday. John P. stated new and improved Emergency Exit maps are being put in the classrooms. He also reported the paving of the parking lots is in progress. John P. reported the VCCS will be funding construction drawings as well as the study of the bathroom renovations. He stated a contract with Virginia A&E has been signed but does not have a timeline for now. John P. also stated the preliminary budget has been received, and it looks better than he anticipated.

John P. also reported the VP for Institutional Advancement position received 39 applications and those have been screened down to 13. He stated he will discuss the search committee with John C. today.

Ruth reported all four Career Center positions have been interviewed and in the process of making some offers with two positions being finalized this week. She reported Friday, a week ago, a TAA grant on weatherization with all of the community colleges was submitted. Ruth stated a Safety, Leadership, and Criminal Justice Certification Training grant is also being worked on. She stated area businesses have shown an interest in this training, which the College has not been adequately serving in the past. Ruth also reported Workforce is now responsible for the credit-side of SHRM classes. Ruth reported the Spanish Class for Health Professionals’ registration had to be capped with 30 students. She stated she hopes Spanish classes will be expanded into other areas. She also stated 50 people are at CVCC (yesterday and today) for leadership training from Griffin Pipe. Ruth reported she is meeting with Southern Air tomorrow for leadership training for all of their 700+ employees. She stated tomorrow a group along with Jeff Laub will be visiting NASA to discuss machinist training with them, thanks to Ray Pages, CVCC’s Alumni Speaker.

David M. reported the Faculty Association is beginning to work on Convocation program. He stated they are waiting on a report from the Taskforce for Program Heads and course evaluations. David M. stated that Peter Dorman learned at a CFAC meeting, the VCCS is accelerating its faculty evaluation plan from fall 2014 to fall 2013.

Sandra had no report for the Part-Time Staff Association.

John C. stated headcount enrollment is up a small percentage for summer semester. He reported there are only two other VCCS colleges (JSRCC and PVCC) that are showing an increase at this time. John C. feels the decrease for all the other colleges is the result of the summer Pell Grant omission. He stated evidently, CVCC students were not relying on Pell Grants for summer classes. He stated CVCC is down about 20% for fall semester and feels this is a result of the new Financial Aid system. He stated the Chancellor is aware of the issue and will be traveling to TCC tomorrow to find out what is going on. John C. stated Deborah Marshall will be representing CVCC at this same meeting. John C. has asked that additional classes for the second five weeks of summer be added to the schedule to see if the -2% for FTEs can be regained.
David M. asked if there were budget increases, would that be used for more full-time faculty positions. John C. answered that it would. He also discussed the fact that the VCCS will be doling out incentive money for those colleges with criteria relating to STEM programs and other relating to the College’s ability to increase the number of full-time faculty. John C. stated the College can accomplish this by operating more efficiently and limiting the number of classes taught by adjuncts.
The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on June 25, 2012.
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