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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

July 9, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the June 28, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, John Poole, Ruth Hendrick, Geoffrey Hicks, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Gayle Kiger, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Tuesday (7/10/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported he is developing a plan of action as to the direction the College needs to go and will be discussing this with John C. to help organize his thoughts. He stated during Fall 2013 Convocation, he plans to hold a workshop on how to write SACSCOC goals and objectives using a template for guidance and making them specific, measureable, and completed in a timely manner. Joey stated the compliance software (Compliance Assist) which has a planning module can be used for both academic and non-academic courses.
Joey reported starting with existing data points for the report due in April 2013, the Spring 2012 data from the educational outcomes will be used. He stated this data will be improved and moved over to the Compliance Assist software. He stated this information will be communicated during Convocation. Joey stated the existing data sources include the College’s Mission Statement, Achieve 2015 Goals, Employee Satisfaction Survey, and Student Satisfaction Survey.
John C. questioned if Joey felt the data for the report submitted this past April will be polished and incorporated in the Compliance Assist software by Convocation. Joey answered it would not be ready until December but would include new and improved data. Joey stated he will be writing the coordination/communication/planning portion. John C. stated this should be ready sooner with some of the new assessments ready for Dr. Mark Smith’s (SACS Liaison) visit on August 22-23. Joey stated it was his goal to have at least five representative samples of the assessments (probably General Education) ready for Dr. Smith to review. John C. questioned as to when the next cycle for program assessments would be with Joey answering May 2013. Joey stated that some of the assessments could be ready in December 2012 but the numbers would be low. John C. stated they should confer with Dr. Smith concerning this because he is not sure if taking the original data and putting it into a new format will be enough. Joey agreed but stated the data would be different as it contains new Gen Ed data and program improvements based on that data.
Irene asked what the process was to show how that data can be integrated in course development. Joey stated some of the suggestions by the individual programs have already been integrated but needs to be documented more consistently over time. She feels a more planned approach is needed where each faculty member be asked in the fall to review their course evaluations and Gen Ed information and write goals on how they plan to implement them into each and every course they teach. John C. stated two things are needed with the completion dates by which they are needed. He stated the second item needed is an assessment plan with guidance dates listing every phase of the academic year showing a continuous assessment cycle so everyone knows when and what is expected. Joey replied a timeline exists but it was not shared. Joey stated he understood the charge and the dates will now be shared on the website before Convocation and also on the compliance software.
Joey discussed course evaluations and stated it really needs to be handled in every way possible.  He stated a top-down approach is now a part of CVCC’s culture such as Convocation training. He stated he feels that a bottom-up approach is also needed such as not having the same text books across courses, not having the same expected learning outcomes in the same courses, and not having relationships with adjunct faculty. John C. stated he agreed with his statement but for now the College does not have the luxury of time to emphasize the bottom-up approach. He stated time is very critical, and a plan must be developed quickly, that plan communicated, and hope for it to be ready in time.
John C. stated the Academic Affairs Department plays a pivotal role in all of this. He stated Joey can develop a plan but that means nothing if there is no follow-through or carry-through. He stated evidently the neither happened because reports were submitted late with inconsistences and inequalities. He stated a great and primary burden will be placed on Academic Affairs in this whole endeavor. John C. stated he will talk with Joey in more detail at a later date. Joey stated that he is committed to lead and work with Academic Affairs and the College Community for the accountability part.
John C. stated additional funds will be invested in this process, and a Coordinator of Student Outcomes Assessment will be hired to work directly with faculty to create the right kind of program assessments that are needed for submission to SACSCOC in spring 2013. John C. stated for the record, he is willing to invest whatever resources needed for this undertaking. He stated nothing means anything if CVCC does not have its accreditation.
John C. stated the College must do whatever it can to extend through a second cycle of program assessments even if they are not of the best quality or take place in the most opportune time of the year. He stated the end of the academic year is usually when the time assessments take place but to show commitment to SACS, having a mid-year or two/thirds year evaluation could prove invaluable. He stated the College needs to show more than it has in the past.
David M. and Irene both feel the faculty do understand the gravity of this situation. David M. stated for now the faculty are waiting on guidance. He stated they are waiting on results for the program heads and course evaluations but need the tools to work with and direction on how to correctly write an assessment.
Agenda Items:
Microsoft Work at Home Software (LIGHTFOOT)
David L. stated as part of CVCC’s Microsoft Campus Agreement, Microsoft allows some of its products to be installed on computers personally owned by CVCC faculty and staff.  These include:
·         Office Professional for Windows or Mac,
·         Visio for Windows
He stated the availability of these products for home use isn’t new but the process to obtain these products has changed. David L. stated up until now, CVCC paid for the products and made them available to faculty and staff. Recently Microsoft changed the process, and they now require the person requesting the product to pay for the product via a personal credit card at a cost of $9.99. David L. stated to him, it is not a question of whether or not to make the products available to faculty and staff, but whether or not the College reimburses the faculty or staff member for the products he/she purchased. The President Staff approved to continue making the products available to all employees but it will be their responsibility to pay with a personal credit card the purchase price of $9.99.
Faculty/Staff Handbook Policies (WHEELER)
Irene reported the Faculty/Staff Handbook Committee has been working very diligently but found some policy information non-existent or needed updates. She distributed some of the policies that had been revised by the Committee and requested the President’s Staff approval.
David M. discussed the exam schedule that was found in the original handbook and stated a lot of classes now do not follow the mold of Mon.-Wed. Fri. one-hour classes or Tues.-Thurs. one- hour and a half classes. He stated these odd classes are not accounted for in the exam schedule which is creating a lot of problems with exam times conflicting.
David M. also discussed several issues with requirements for syllabi. He stated a link would be good to provide the syllabus attachment that is given out to all students. Gayle stated all of this information is located on every BlackBoard site, updated each semester, and all students have access to this. Irene stated this still would be good to place that attachment on the website as well as BlackBoard. John C. questioned if there were guidelines for syllabi. David M. and Irene both agreed there were guidelines but not sure if they were being followed. John C. stated that in the future a taskforce should be created to develop a template for all faculty to use with required information.
David L. distributed a proposed policy on email that includes Google email ( The President’s Staff discussed the policy and requested a section be added on how to access email through other devices such as a phone or tablet. Several other suggestions were discussed such as adding tutorials on forwarding emails to another email account. Discussion also included the fact that many employees do not use their CVCC email account. Joey stated that when he emails faculty concerning course evaluations, many are returned to him because of their mail box being full. David M. stated he is having the same problem. Dianne stated she encountered the same problem when she sent out the Bulletin every day. (David L. requested that she sent the email that listed those names whose mail boxes were full to Brenda Bowling.) Linda D. questioned as to how a policy could force employees to access their emails. Geoff stated this subject was addressed in the Adjunct Orientation Handbook. John C. stated expectations needed to be set, and then everyone be held accountable. He stated this was obviously another business process that needed to be redefined.
David M. stated he will create a release form for study abroad for the handbook.
Irene discussed the policy on how office space is assigned and stated she left assigning adjunct office space blank because she was not sure how this was done. Geoff stated he will look into this and get back with her. John P. stated that space is limited for adjunct faculty and deans assign the rooms for those requiring an office. Joey suggested using the rooms in the library.
Irene also discussed a policy from the old manual on adjuncts concerning office hours for their students. Linda D. stated that usually adjuncts schedule time before and after the classes for their office hours. She stated, however; this was not a requirement written in their contracts. The President’s Staff approved to include this in the manual as a suggestion for now and later once office space is acquired, it will change to a requirement. John P. will look with Tom Bushley at which classrooms could be used as office space for adjuncts.
Irene stated once this Faculty/Staff Handbook is completed, the Committee will work with David L. to define the location of its residence and to what format will be used.
Goals (CAPPS)
John C. distributed a draft of Goals for 2012-2013 that he will present to the Chancellor on Thursday, Goals 2011-2012, and the Chancellor’s Goals Supporting Achieve 2015. The President’s Staff reviewed all documents.
Irene questioned if faculty salaries will be reviewed as the Classified and Part-Time Staff’s were. John C. stated they would be reviewed this year systematically and across the board. He stated the review began with the classified and part-time staff because that was where the major inequity was.
Divisional Reports:
Geoff reported currently interviews are being held for two English faculty positions. He reported the engineering faculty position and an instructional design/blackboard administrator position are in various stages of the hiring process.

Leticia reported Loretta is diligently working on the Knowledge Center and making great progress. She stated Part-Time Staff evaluations were due last week but the majority have not been submitted.

Dianne reported she has been busy preparing for the upcoming Local Board meeting.  

Gayle had no report on the Part-Time Staff.

David L. reported the IT Department is working on reorganizing to better meet the needs of the College.

Irene had no report.  

Linda had no report on the Classified Staff.

John P. reported the preparations for the Bookstore relocation have begun and hope to be completed by July 23 so that Barnes and Noble can complete the interior. He reported the interviews for the VP for Institutional Advancement position will be held on Tuesday and Thursday of this upcoming week. John P. also stated he is working with an A&E firm on developing a new Master Plan for the College which is a SACSCOC requirement. He also reported the new door access system is moving along nicely. He stated the 2012-2013 budget had been completed and was happy to say there will be funding for a lot of the items requested during the Planning Session. He also stated a significant amount of money has been budgeted for the SACS’ assessments. He reported he is waiting on a quote from Virginia A&E to create the Working Drawings for the Student Center. John P. stated the Working Drawings on the transaction windows for A&R and Accounting are at the VCCS for review and approval, and the ADA sidewalk project is about to undergo construction with a preconstruction meeting scheduled for this week. John P. also reported the striping for the Student Parking lot will be scheduled soon. He reported the TIC Scholarship application has been completed with hopes of obtaining some money for scholarships. He stated the first table-top exercise for emergency has being planned for late July.
Ruth reported Workforce is in the midst of office reorganizing which includes dividing into six teams that will work together in areas from workforce training to personal enrichment. She stated a possible name change for the department is also being discussed which will reflect the current work, mission, and goals. She reported a nine-month plan is now in place of what is needed to do to achieve where they need to be. She stated three-out-of-four positions have been filled for the new Career Center. Ruth reported on some of the new programs for the fall which will include SHRM Certification, Project Management Certification, and various safety certifications all working towards the goal of increasing the number of certifications that are achieved by the College. Ruth also reported Workforce is working on an entrepreneurial program with Region 2000 and Jim Lemons’ help. She stated her department is probably the least affected by SACSCOC than other areas but would like to offer their help and support. John C. stated it looks like Workforce is already contributing by engaging in strategic planning.
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on July 23, 2012.
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