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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

July 30, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 9, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, John Poole, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, Peter Dorman, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Gayle Kiger, and Dianne Sykes
John C. welcomed Will Sandidge as the Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services.
Enrollment Report:
Data as Of Monday (7/30/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported the Timeline for Focus 2014 Assessment Plan had been discussed with the deans and a few adjustments were made. He stated Dr. Mark Smith (SACS’ liaison) has been asked to opine the Timeline, and once it has his approval, it will be placed on CVCC’s website. Will S. questioned if the revised document (with the input from the deans and faculty) had been emailed. Joey stated he would send it out. John C. requested Joey to email the same version that was sent to Dr. Smith.
Joey reported he had been conferring with John C. and faculty representatives on Convocation training. He stated most of it will pertain to SACS, the timelines, and how to move forward in program assessments. Joey also reported he is working on Institutional Effectiveness information and the processes leading to Focus 2014 that will be placed on the College’s website.
Joey discussed the vacancy announcement for a Coordinator of Student Outcomes Assessment and stated the deadline for applying is today. He stated he has formed the Search Committee but still needs a faculty member to serve, and is working with David McGee on fulfilling that need.
John C. stated he emailed all full-time faculty last Friday alerting them that Fall Convocation 2012 will be different than in years past in the fact that they will be on-task for virtually two full days (August 16-17). He stated the first part of Convocation will be a general overview for all and an update for the reaffirmation effort. John C. stated after that Cynthia Lofaso and Rebecca Honeycutt will give an update on the QEP, and Irene Wheeler will give an update on the Compliance Certification. He stated the Division Meetings will be held next and then a break for lunch. After lunch, he hopes to possibly have Cat Finnegan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness, here to discuss the importance of assessment. He stated workshops (instead of lectures) will include the following:
·         Timeline for Focus 14
·         Program assessment in general, in practice, and in principal (faculty want to learn more and need direction)
·         Addressing needs that have been identified through the General Education assessments from last spring that can be used to strengthen the students’ learning in literacy and critical thinking (One issue from SACS is for the College to show how it closes the loop by using the assessment information to improve the programs and thus improving student learning.)
·         Faculty will break apart in predetermined groups based upon their programs and look at actual assessment plans for their curricula (look at the results of the assessments that were administered in spring 2012 to identity any gaps and develop strategies)
·         Overview for Compliance Assist
·         Emergency hire a temporary clerical assistant (reporting to Joey) to take all the assessments from 2012 and enter the information into Compliance Assist (ideally completed before Convocation)
John C. stated the final schedule of events will be emailed at the beginning of next week.
Irene reported on the Compliance Certification and stated there was nothing new to report. She stated after the Faculty/Staff Handbook is created, there must be a procedure to annually review the handbook to make sure it is kept current.
Agenda Items:
Faculty/Staff Handbook Policies (WHEELER)
Irene reported the Faculty/Staff Handbook Committee has been working very diligently but found some policy information non-existent or needed updates. She distributed some of the policies that had been revised by the Committee and requested the President’s Staff approval. Policy discussions included Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Multicultural Diversity, and a proposed ADA section that would be added to all course syllabi. The President’s Staff requested for Irene to discuss the ADA section with Nancy Mitchell to determine the correct wording before approval.
FT Faculty Deadline Date for Yearly Evaluations (FORSTER)
Leticia stated she recently discovered no time frame exists for submitting faculty evaluations. She stated she thought they were supposed to be done in the fall but found out that is only for classified. Will stated when he was the BAH Dean he evaluated a portion of his faculty in January and some in the fall. He stated he presumed it was done that way in order to divide the workload. Peter stated it was done that way in HSS also. He stated this issue will be addressed in the new VCCS policy which will require the deans to evaluate all faculty each year. Will stated the issue of evaluating faculty who do not apply for the multi-year contracts needs to be addressed also. John C. reported there definitely needed to be a time frame for when evaluations were due and sometime in the future, the creation of a master calendar that contains all due dates is a must. 
Divisional Reports:
Will reported during his first week, he has met with the deans, site directors (except Linda Rodriquez), Susan Beasley, Mike Fein, Irene Wheeler, and David McGee to learn their concerns and had received a lot of comments. He stated with everyone working together, the College will work its way through SACS.

Leticia reported on HR is busy with the process of hiring new employees.

Gayle had no report on the Part-Time Staff.

Linda had no report on the Classified Staff.

David L. reported the College’s webmaster is out on short-term disability, and he was trying to identify someone to fill in.

Leticia reported in John P.’s absence and a stated lot of construction is going on in preparation for the Bookstore’s relocation to the Amherst Wing. She also reported some of the offices are being rearranged in the Workforce area.

Ruth was absent.

John C. reported he is hoping to announce the new VP of Institutional Advancement in the next week. He reported on enrollment for the summer and stated it finished with a decrease in FTEs and headcount. John C. reported while obviously it would have been better to have seen an increase, CVCC fared better than most of the other community colleges. He stated he felt the reason for the decrease was the absence of the Pell Grants for summer classes. He stated the problem now was the low enrollment for the fall semester which he attributed to CVCC not being able to process its own financial aid applications. John C. stated he had spoken with the Chancellor concerning this on numerous occasions but the last conversation concluded with the Chancellor giving his okay for CVCC to begin processing the applications locally again. John C. reported he was pleased at the support offered by Local Board members at their last meeting concerning the SACS’ sanction.
The meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on August 13, 2012.
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