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Minutes of the

President’s Staff Meeting

August 13, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 30, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, John Poole, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (8/20/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported topics for the upcoming Fall Convocation included lots of information and workshops on SACS. He stated the reaffirmation is like telling a story with the data solidifying that story. He stated it is going to take everyone working together to make this happen and hoped that Convocation would reiterate this.
Joey stated he and Will participated in a conference call with Dr. Mark Smith in which Dr. Smith discussed the College not needing to complete two assessment cycles. Joey stated at one time it was believed the College would have to expedite the Academic Year 2013 and include it in the report due in March 2013 (not April as previously thought) but discovered this was unrealistic. He stated the plan was to use the completed assessment cycle from Academic Year 2012 including the shared General Education data with action steps and report this to SACS in the spring 2013 visit. John C. questioned if in the conversation with Dr. Smith, did he explicitly state that one year of assessment was acceptable. Joey stated Dr. Smith said it was acceptable when he communicated to him that the College only had one year of good General Education data. Joey stated that Dr. Smith was surprised at this but advised not to include 2013 data and to let the changing of the College’s assessment of program policies and culture be part of the narrative. Joey stated the College in the past was data deficient but all of that is changing as the College now has college-wide data for every program. Joey stated CVCC’s plan is as good as any other college in the VCCS.
John C. questioned if Dr. Smith explicitly stated that only one year of data was acceptable and enough to push the College over the finish line. Joey stated Dr. Smith made no promises that it would be enough, only that it was acceptable. Will S. stated that question needs to be discussed in more detail when Dr. Smith visits CVCC on August 22nd. Will stated Dr. Smith is aware that the College cannot provide assessments for the spring of 2013 data and have it ready in March when they visit. Will also stated this report needed to be ready a month prior to March so it can be reviewed thoroughly.
John C. stated he is not as worried about having General Education data as about having program assessments. He stated if one year is not even going to be enough to end the probation sanction, then the College must develop an alternate plan. He stated Dr. Smith may be aware of CVCC not having enough data but not approve of the deficiency. John C. stated that if two years of assessments is a prerequisite for even a consideration of compliance, then some of the programs should be reviewed to see if those assessments can be provided for analysis for spring 2013. He stated maybe some of the programs that were assessed in 2011 can also be used to demonstrate continuity of assessments for three years.
Will stated, he along with Joey, will meet with the deans to see what programs assessments have been completed prior to Dr. Smith’s visit. Will stated he knows the Allied Health program assessments are available as they are mandatory by external accreditations. John C. stated SACS understands this and look beyond the Allied Health programs as they know the external accreditations are more stringent than theirs.
Irene questioned if there is anything to do for assessments in fall 2012. Joey stated the College will assess fall 2012 but the sample size will be small because the number of graduates is small.
John C. stated if the College falls short on this, let it be because it has done everything possible.
Will questioned as to when data will be entered in the Compliance Assist software. Joey said an emergency hire will begin entering the data today starting with General Education and will have three programs completed prior to Dr. Smith’s visit.
Joey gave an update on the QEP and stated a meeting is scheduled on Friday with co-chairs, Lana Valez and Rebecca Honeycutt. Joey stated the topic selection will also be discussed with Dr. Smith.  
Joey stated he hopes to schedule interviews around August 30 for the Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator. He reported several qualified applicants have been received.
Irene reported on the Compliance Certification and stated the group will also be meeting with Dr. Smith during his visit.
Agenda Items:
Faculty Evaluations (SANDIDGE)
Will S. discussed the new Faculty Evaluation Policy and stated Peter Dorman is serving on the VCCS taskforce involving policy changes. He also stated the VCCS will be posting information on their website with pertinent information in the very near future. Will stated Peter will be speaking at the Faculty Association meeting next week to gain their input on the policy and respond back to the VCCS by September 7. Will stated until the new policy is approved, evaluations will continue as in the past. David M. stated that Peter has done a good job of providing CVCC faculty with information.
Will stated he has received lots of good input from the faculty and deans concerning this fall’s Convocation agenda. Will reported one change on the setup is that table and chairs will be provided in the Multi-Purpose room which will signify working sessions.
Will requested it be noted in the minutes that he really appreciated the faculty taking responsibility with short notice to create presentations for Convocation. He stated with this type of attitude, the College will go a long way. John C. stated he also wanted it noted that he appreciated their volunteering and hard work. 
Faculty/Staff Handbook Policies (WHEELER)
Irene reported the Faculty/Staff Handbook Committee has been working very diligently but found some policy information non-existent or needed updates. She distributed some of the policies that had been revised/written by the Committee and requested the President’s Staff’s approval. Policy discussions included a proposed ADA section that would be added to all syllabi attachments. The President’s Staff gave their approval on this. Irene stated she will forward this statement to Judy Graves. Will stated the deans should email this to all of their faculty stating this should go in the syllabi attachment  Irene stated she did not know who was responsible for creating the syllabus attachment but would try and find out. Will stated he would also send an electronic copy to the deans. David M. stated most faculty have already printed out their course syllabi; therefore, he felt it would save time and paper to just have it printed in the attachment. Linda stated that the information for the attachment usually came from Admissions and Records. Irene stated she would speak with Judy Graves about getting this new section added for this semester. The Staff approved for this section to be placed also on the website. John C. stated this could be coordinated with Judy Graves, Kimberly French, and Michelle Fletcher. Will stated he will work with them on this.
Irene presented another policy concerning employees’ children on Campus for approval. The President’s Staff approved the policy as written. John C. questioned if the policy for students’ children on Campus was similar to this policy. John P. read the students’ policy that is stated in the Student Handbook. The President’s Staff approved for this statement to be revised prior to the next printing to be more in line with the employees’ statement.
Irene questioned if the telephone number 832-CVCC could be obtained. She stated several years ago, the number was in use but discovered recently that it was no longer in service. David L. stated he would look into this. Irene stated it could be used in certain promotions to track the number of calls received.
Divisional Reports:
Ruth was absent.

Will reported a contract for Smarthinking (online tutoring service) has been signed as the funding ($3,000 for set-up and $10,000 for the hours purchased) was approved in the Strategic Planning meeting. He stated at first only 500 hours would be purchased but more could be purchased if needed. He stated customer support will provide training to all faculty. Will stated this will play a role in the QEP. He stated it covers most subjects (especially English and math) except for Allied Health programs. Will stated this was one of the two online tutoring services that the VCCS approved for purchase. Will also reported the Off-Site Centers have been equipped for Collaborate thanks to the IT Department. He stated one problem that he hopes will be resolved soon is there are no headsets which are necessary to use this software. Will stated after speaking with Deborah Marshall he discovered the students cannot use Financial Aid money to purchase the headsets which means they must use their own. Will also reported the new Adjunct Faculty Orientation is scheduled for Thursday evening beginning at 5:30.
Leticia reported on HR and stated Loretta has created the mandatory training lists-worker’s comp, sexual harassment, supervisory training and new employee orientation-and the goal is to have all groups setup prior to December. Leticia stated she has created EWP (Employee Work Profile) templates for all full-time faculty and administration positions and she will communicate this to the deans. She also reported she is still in the process of screening job applicants.

Gayle was absent.

David M. reported the Faculty Association is trying to fill committee assignments. He stated about 40 faculty have responded for their preferences but any unfilled slots will be assigned after Wednesday when the Executive Committee meets. He also stated several faculty have been working on Convocation presentations. David M. questioned if there could be an online calendar of events which would make it easier when scheduling meetings. David L. stated the platform has been the issue in the past, but at this time there are two calendars that exist. He stated some classrooms are managed in SchoolDude and some in SIS. David M. stated he doubts if any faculty know how to use SchoolDude. David L. stated he will speak with Tom Bushley to make sure one calendar would be primary and the other secondary.  David M. stated this would be great if the two were merged to look as one.

Linda reported about 45% of Classified Staff have responded to the committee assignments but any unfilled slots will be assigned.
David L. distributed Security Standards (already approved by the VCCS) and stated ARMICS requires that everyone be aware of the standards. The President’s Staff approved the Security Standards. David reported the College’s on-line service provider for Security Awareness Training has been MOAT, Managed On-Line Awareness Tools.  However, the VCCS has now acquired the services of the SANS Institute to be the on-line Security Awareness Training provider. He stated MOAT is no longer active even though some are still receiving training notifications. David M. questioned if faculty that have recently completed MOAT have to also take the SANS training. David L. stated that Brenda Bowling had the dates for when the MOAT training was completed and will transfer those dates to the SANS training.

John P.’s reported the Bookstore has been completed and is now open to students. He stated the old Bookstore renovations should be completed by Friday with the Career Center and Veteran’s Center moving in that location. He stated the B&G, Purchasing, and IT Departments are to be commended for their hard work in completing these projects. John P. reported  the proximity system should go-live on Thursday. He stated, beginning next Monday, the contractor from the VCCS will begin upgrading the sidewalks for ADA compliance. He also reported BCOM has completed its review of the counters for Admissions and Records and hopefully the College can go to bid in September for completion of that project. John P. stated his staff has a planning retreat scheduled for September to create goals and objectives that are measureable.
John C. reported the position for the VP for Institutional Advancement has been filled, and a public announcement will be made soon.
John C. distributed a list of all VCCS’ community colleges’ enrollment for the summer. He stated CVCC experienced a decrease in FTEs and headcount like almost every community college except for Piedmont. John C. stated the low enrollment for fall has been primarily contributed to the shortfall in financial aid. He stated the Chancellor had allowed CVCC to process its applications for a short while but now the process must return to Tidewater Community College for the pilot program. He stated, however; it was discovered during a conference call with TCC that students applying for Financial Aid who had missing information on their applications were only contacted once by TCC. (CVCC was never contacted with a list of names with missing information.) John C. stated it was also discovered TCC had been contacting their own students who had missing information since March and contacting them more than once.  

John C. reported he feels dramatic progress is being made here at CVCC resulting in tangible achievement and this needs to continue.

John C. gave everyone a homework assignment to email him and Dianne a list of significant accomplishments (positive changes) that have been completed at the College by the end of the week.
The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on August 27, 2012.
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