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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

August 27, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the August 13, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, John Poole, Ruth Hendrick, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Gayle Kiger, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Wednesday (8/29/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported Dr. Mark Smith (SACS liaison) visited the College last week and overall the meeting went well with Dr. Smith stating the College was making good progress towards the assessments. He offered suggestions as to how the assessment process and the Monitoring Report could be strengthened. Joey stated the visit also clarified steps within the 2011-2012 assessment cycle. He stated step-by-step instructions and an example (Accounting Program) will go out today to the faculty. Joey also reported training has been scheduled for faculty on inputting the existing information into the Compliance Assist software.
John C. reported he felt overall Dr. Smith’s visit was a positive one but also a sobering one because of the sanction and the threat of the College losing its accreditation. John C. stated neither he nor Dr. Smith believes that will happen but the possibility must be acknowledged. He stated the College has made progress but no one is allowed the luxury of resting. John C. stated one of the conversations with Dr. Smith included his opinion if the College could get by with only one complete assessment cycle. He stated Dr. Smith believed this is possible but stated the College needed to define the process that will evolve for the upcoming year.  John C. reported the College will not have the data to close the loop but Dr. Smith stated CVCC needs to inspire confidence in the reviewers that the College was going to continue to make progress.  John C.  stated three prototypes of complete or nearly complete program assessments were shared with Dr. Smith. Upon reviewing those, Dr. Smith stated the College needed to do some additional work in defining program goals. (John C. stated he discussed this with Joey, and Joey explained what Dr. Smith saw was only a place holder since the definition of program goals was a task that the faculty had yet to complete.) John C. stated the second observation that Dr. Smith made was that the College was in most cases relying solely on an end-of-the-program exit exam but should use multiple assessments throughout the curriculum rather than a single exit exam. John C. stated this will be incorporated in the 2012-2013 assessment cycle. John C. stated he believed this may be possible even now in the fall semester which will provide documentation that can be shared with SACS.
Will questioned if the goals had been modified on the Accounting program. Joey answered they had and stated modifications included multiple goals and goals more specific to the program. Will also questioned if the multiple assessments were defined with Joey answering they were for General Education.
Will requested an extra day of reviewing the Accounting Program assessment before sending it out to all faculty. Will stated he did not want to slow down progress but wanted to make sure the example was correct. John C. agreed with Will. John C. stated the faculty are not supposed to do this alone but Joey and his staff will work with them to make sure this process is completed effectively.
David M. questioned if multiple assessments in programs other than technical have been defined. Joey stated they would have to be imbedded in the General Education courses over time. He stated a taskforce will be created to develop a plan. 
Irene questioned if the College had received the information as to the date of the reaffirmation. John C. stated it was not official but Dr. Smith believed it would be 2015 instead of 2014. John C. stated the College will proceed as if the date is still 2014 even though the additional year would be advantageous.   
John C. reported the College is going to eliminate additional curricula that are unproductive with a minimal numbers of students and even fewer graduates. He stated this will aid the assessment effort as the College will not be responsible for assessment of discontinued programs. He stated these studies are draining the College of resources with little return. John C. stated the College has been doing a disservice to students by offering courses that do not lead to a job or transfer to another college. Will reported there were 22 programs which were discontinued, and that list will be emailed out shortly. Will stated to eliminate programs there is a procedure that must be followed which can be lengthy. John C. reported the Tech Studies programs are also being reviewed. He stated the VCCS stated these programs can only be offered for four years, and then if viable, they must transition to a degree program. He stated in the past, CVCC has not been following this policy.
John C. stated on the positive side, Dr. Smith was very impressed with the College’s engagement during the Open Forum. Dr. Smith felt faculty were very student-oriented, motivated, and the morale high amongst the employees. John C. stated Dr. Smith asked him if he had thought about writing a paper on this process as a remarkable job had been accomplished on changing the culture of the College in a short time.
Irene reported on the Compliance Certification and stated good progress is being made. She stated 10 of the Requirements have been written and peer reviewed. She reported the committee is trying to complete the initial writing by December 15 which will allow time for editing. Irene also reported on the Faculty/Staff Manual and stated several items (ex. Professional Development and faculty evaluations) may delay the completion. She stated some policies did not exist and must be written which takes time. Irene stated David L. is configuring a good place for the completed document to reside, and the next step would be to create a process on keeping the document updated in the future.
Joey reported on QEP development and stated co-chairs, Rebecca H. and Lana V., are meeting again this week to start the planning process to collect data information supporting the broad topic of Student Success. He stated this should be completed during the next month. Joey stated a pilot must be implemented the same semester as the SACS on-site visit.
Will stated in his discussions with Dr. Smith, he discovered the College has programs in which students can get over 50% of the classes through Distance Education. He stated when that was the case, a Substantive Change must be submitted. Will stated a Substantive Change has been submitted on two programs but there are three more programs that require it also. He stated he is working with Joey and the deans on how to proceed.
Agenda Items:
IT Information Security Standards (LIGHTFOOT)
David L. distributed Security Standards (already approved by the VCCS and cannot be altered) and stated ARMICS requires that everyone be aware of the standards. The President’s Staff approved the Security Standards.
Windows 8 (LIGHTFOOT)
David L. stated the latest version of Windows (Windows 8) is now available (since August 16) on college campuses. He demonstrated the changes from his tablet. 
Divisional Reports:
Will reported a new faculty orientation was held on August 16 with 23 new faculty attending. Will stated he informed the new faculty that in 30 days they would be surveyed for their opinion on the orientation. Will reported on enrollment and stated the percentages have improved but are still low. He stated the Dual Enrollment figures will determine the final percentages. (John C. stated he will be talking about enrollment a lot this semester since the College began with a decrease. He stated this makes retention even more important. He also stated last week, he administered his final concern about the Financial Aid Pilot with Dr. Susan Wood from the VCCS because he was informed that TCC was not going to be able to process any applications submitted after Tuesday, August 28. He stated the reason for this was that the application process takes three days to complete and Friday, August 31, was the last day to add classes at CVCC. He reported Dr. Wood did inform him that CVCC was the least affected by the Financial Aid Pilot.) Will also reported the contract for Smarthinking (online tutoring service) has been signed and training should be scheduled soon for faculty. Will reported on Collaborate and stated there were 207 students in 13 courses. He stated the biggest problem faced was the late ordering of headsets by Barnes and Noble. Will wanted to commend Lucy Reynolds for all her help in purchasing the necessary headsets through another vendor. (Gayle stated that Connie Deacon did a fantastic job of helping all of the faculty and the students with Collaborate. She stated feedback from the students was mostly positive.) 

John P. reported the Veterans Office and Career Center is complete with the exception of some the new furniture ordered. He stated the veterans are extremely pleased with their new space. (John C. stated Dr. Smith was surprised CVCC did not already have a Career Center.) John P. stated there still was work to do on office space prior to Mike Bradford (new VP for Institutional Advancement) arriving on September 24. He also reported he will be on annual leave beginning August 31-September 7.

Linda reported on the Classified Staff and stated a meeting was held last week. She stated several speakers have been scheduled beginning with Will S., Loretta, and Leticia. Linda reported only about eight attended the meeting but felt it was the result of the Classified and Part-Time Staff meetings being scheduled at the same time.  

Ruth stated she would like to work with Will to see if any of the programs being discontinued could be transferred to Workforce as non-credit. Ruth reported Francie Dye has been hired as the Workforce Training Coordinator and will begin on September 24. She stated several additional positions are being advertised. Ruth also reported that her department has been working on their strategic plan, and the name of the department had been changed to Workforce Solutions & Community Education. She stated a Mission and Vision Statement are being written. She reported some of the Workforce programs are being re-evaluated to determine if they can be self-sufficient instead of grant-funded. Ruth reported the SHRM Academy will begin week-after-next with classes and the Safety Institute, Entrepreneur Express, will begin later this fall. She stated an Open House for Produced in VA 2+2 program has been planned.

David L. reported his department has been busy trying to keep the classrooms up and running. He also reported Sam Bowers from the Helpdesk will be leaving CVCC.

Leticia reported Linda D. has done a great job in mailing out letters-of-intent to all adjunct faculty. She stated the contracts are scheduled for mailing by September 10. Leticia also reported the Self-Assessment Performance Evaluations for Classified employees are due to their supervisors on Friday, August 31. She stated if the employee did not choose to complete the self-assessment, they must email their supervisor stating the opportunity was declined. Leticia stated an email has been sent to all supervisors that evaluations are due by the end of September.

Gayle reported on the Part-Time Staff and stated they met on Tuesday but did not have a good turnout. Gayle asked if the bonus granted by the governor for all state employees included the part-timers. John C. stated it did not but in the past, CVCC tried to do something locally.
David M. reported on the Faculty Association and stated they met last Tuesday and the meeting was well-attended. He stated they are waiting to see how the new Governance Model will work during this semester.

John C. reported Mike Bradford has been hired for the position of the VP for Institutional Advancement. He stated Mr. Bradford is well-connected with Lynchburg which will be an asset for the College.

John C. reported he had spoken with several faculty who felt Convocation was a success.

John C. reminded those who had not completed their homework assignment from the previous Staff meeting to email him and Dianne a list of significant accomplishments (positive changes) that have been completed at the College by the end of the week.
The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on September 17, 2012.
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