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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

September 17, 2012
The President’s Staff meetings will now be referred to as the President’s Cabinet meetings.
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the August 27, 2012, meeting was approved with Will S. requesting to change the number of deleted programs from 19 to 22 as three additional ones were added to the list after the meeting. The minutes posted reflect the change.
John Capps, John Poole, Ruth Hendrick, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Gayle Kiger, and Dianne Sykes
Special guest Mike Fein
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Tuesday (9/18/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported (as Will just finished explaining) working with the Academic Programs Viability Study another 22 programs have been deleted in compliance with SCHEV and VCCS standards.
Joey also reported the 41 SACS’ program coordinators have been identified which allows his office to communicate directly with them. He stated he will be working with each during the next month regarding program goals, student learning outcomes, and target goals. Joey stated these goals have been submitted to him, and now he can provide feedback to strengthen them and make sure they are consistent College-wide.
Joey reported he has met with the faculty on three occasions to provide clarity on the educational program assessment process. He stated the next item due September 21 from the coordinators is the Curriculum Map. Joey stated he felt that things were going well.
Joey reported on the General Education Taskforce and stated he felt one issue of least clarity was the General Education outcomes. He stated a 15-member taskforce is being created (hopefully by the end of this week) with SACS’ coordinators that are in charge of CVCC’s associate degree transfer programs, and program heads of Social Science, math, and English. Joey stated the dialog will include how to improve instruction around General Education—what they are, what has been completed, what the measures are, and reviewing the SACS’ standards.  Joey stated this is necessary not only for improving instruction but is also a SACS requirement (Standard 3.5).
Will stated the program coordinators and the General Education Taskforce information will be placed on Communication Central.
Joey reported he has been meeting individually with SACS’ program coordinators for transfer degrees. John C. stated he felt the individual meetings are great because different programs are at different stages of the process.
Joey reported Compliance Assist training sessions will be held on October 2 and October 11 and stated an email with this information will be sent out soon. 
John C. stated, in essence, the College has halved its number of offered programs and degrees, and Will stated two more programs are in the process of being evaluated. John C. stated a program viability evaluation process needs to be ongoing for the future.
Joey reported all 2011-2012 data has been loaded into Compliance Assist.
John C. reported he sent all of the College’s available information to a colleague (who had served on numerous SACS’ reviews) for review and was told CVCC seemed to be moving in the right direction. John C. stated the search for a consultant is ongoing as he believes an external contact is important. He reported the search for an assessment coordinator did not pan out; therefore, that position will remain vacant for a while.  
John C. stated everyone has read his email concerning the delay in the College’s Reaffirmation to 2014 but the decision has been made to continue work on the QEP and Compliance Certification.
Irene reported on the Compliance Certification and stated it is moving forward with meetings held every week but maybe slowing down a little with the postponement of the Reaffirmation. She reported the Faculty/Staff Handbook is almost completed which is a major accomplishment.
Agenda Items:
Copyright Policy (WHEELER)
Irene stated she had requested Mike Fein to present the Copyright Policy to the President’s Cabinet for their approval. Mike stated he had contacted Northern Virginia Community College and Virginia Western Community College and requested to combined their copyright policies and edit them to serve CVCC. Irene stated both of the policies have prior state approval. David L. and John P. posed several questions on statements that the College was not doing as the policy stated.
The President’s Cabinet decided to table the request to approve the policy as more information and several rewrites were going to be necessary. The policy will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting.
David M. stated he recommended that Attachment 5 of the Copyright Policy that deals with photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials be posted at each copy machine on the Campus as it already was on the Library machines. John P. stated he would make sure this was done.
How do we safeguard and protect academic freedom of faculty?  (WHEELER)
Irene discussed a statement concerning a faculty’s academic freedom. She questioned what happens if a student complained about something a faculty member discusses in class.
David M. read a statement in the old Faculty/Staff manual which states “Faculty members are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subjects, but should be careful not to introduce teaching matters which have no relation to their fields. Faculty and students must be able to examine ideas in an atmosphere of freedom and confidence and to participate as responsible citizens in community affairs.” David M. also stated there was a section that stated “as professional educators, they must remember that the public may judge their profession and their institution by their utterances.” He stated that some of the language was vague.
Joey stated he believed the questioned was if an issue arose, what or is there a procedure for reporting it. John C. stated there should be a grievance or an ad hoc committee to address the complaint but felt the VCCS policy should be reviewed before making a decision. He requested for David M. to work with the Faculty Association to recommend a policy and bring to the Cabinet for approval. 
Faculty Overload Policy (WHEELER)
Irene discussed faculty overloads and asked for clarification on payment when employment separation occurred after only one semester and an overload was taught that semester, payment for the overload is due at the end of the semester. The President’s Cabinet agreed the statement was correct.
Faculty Development and Evaluation System Proposal (McGEE)
David M. referenced a document that had been previously emailed to all Cabinet members for review concerning Full-Time Teaching Faculty Development and Evaluation Process Proposal. He stated at this time, this was mainly for information. David M. stated that one item of concern from CFAC was transparency, and when CVCC created a policy, it needed to be published on its website making it available for other colleges to view. David M. stated another concern of CFAC if adequate funding is available for professional development recognition awards. He stated the Professional Development Committee here at CVCC has surveyed all 23 community colleges and discovered the amount of funding varied across the colleges. David M. stated there were two governance committees at CVCC (Evaluation and Assessment and Professional Development) that need to develop a taskforce to work together on this specific policy. John C. questioned if the two committees were on the same meeting cycles, and if not, an ad hoc committee should be formed. David M. stated the one overlap is that Peter Dorman is a member of both committees and also CVCC’s CFAC representative which makes him the perfect candidate for heading up an ad hoc committee. John C. stated he would like to know what policy the other colleges are developing.  David M. stated the Professional Development Committee has reviewed the policies from five or six other colleges. Will stated a plan needs to be in place prior to the Strategic Planning sessions in March to allow for adequate resources. John P. stated as of now, the amount of funding is $75,000. David M. stated the committee hopes to work with the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement to secure some of the extra funding needed.
David M. stated the College does not have a process for how the money will be spent for this year. He stated the committee has not decided what the funding will cover. Will stated a short-term-plan needs to be in place for now, and a long-term plan needs to be in place beginning fall semester to connect to the faculty evaluations. Will stated, in the future, the process needs to be decided during the spring semester for the upcoming fall semester. David M. stated this year’s plan will be probably differ from the previous year of allowing everyone with $350. Will stated a plan must be developed to include staff as well as faculty.
John P. reminded funding for mandatory training does not come out of the professional development budget.
John C. stated he would recommend for the future an application process that decides what gets funded and stated it should be a part of a broader professional development plan and the College’s goals than just allotting funds.

Divisional Reports:
Ruth reported George Sherman will be leaving CVCC to work for the VCCS. She will be advertising for that position soon. She reported the Career Center is moving forward and hopefully the furniture and computers will arrive soon. She stated all of the Workforce teams are revising their job duties and job descriptions for their strategic plan. John C. questioned if the Career Center is getting much interest from students given its location. Ruth stated not yet but felt marketing the Center would help. She stated she hopes when faculty need to cancel a class, a career coach could fill in and take the opportunity to inform students about the Center. Ruth reported the students that know about the Center seemed pleased. She stated the coaches attended training last week in Richmond.

Ruth reported three events have been planned on Campus. She stated the first one will include about 50 area organizational heads which form a service team to help area employers and businesses. She stated this organized marketing effort will establish a leader to coordinate what resources are being offered and market that to area businesses. She stated this effort is in conjunction with the VEC and the WIB.
Ruth reported on October 9, a Produced in Virginia Open House and Career Exploration Fair will be held, and on October 18 a Small Business Day will be held. For the morning an Entrepreneurial Express will be held, and for the afternoon, a focus group with the Region 2000 Economic Development Group will be held to learn the educational needs for the small business owners and a Resources Fair with 30-40 tables setup for small businesses concerning banking, insurance, and state procurement offices, etc.

Will reported he along with Muriel Mickles and John C. attended a Lynchburg City School Board meeting concerning their establishing CVCC’s Early College program. Will stated Muriel did an excellent job of presenting the program to the Board members. Will stated he felt the prospects of Early College students from Heritage and E. C. Glass High Schools looks promising.

Will stated he emailed John P. today concerning problems from each division with the bookstore. 

Will discussed Smarthinking (online tutoring) and stated several sessions of training with an implementation specialist will be available on Thursday, September 27, in Room 5145.  He stated Joy Adams will be CVCC’s point of contact. (The Cabinet approved for David L. to secure filming of the sessions for later viewing and approval for faculty to add the Smarthinking link on their BlackBoard sites.)

Will stated he attended the ASAC meeting in Bristol last week.

Will discussed House Bill 1184 (Requires local school boards and community colleges to develop agreements allowing high school students to complete an associate's degree or a one-year Uniform Certificate of General Studies from a community college concurrent with a high school diploma.) which the governor signed recently. Will stated this includes dual enrollment, AP classes, and online classes. He stated additional information will be sent out this week to the superintendents of schools. He stated he will be scheduling a meeting with all the superintendents soon concerning this.

Will stated there was some confusion about high school students attending dual enrollment classes without being dual enrolled. Will stated he will develop a policy that allows any student to attend a dual enroll class as long as they follow the same expectations. These students would not get college credit but could attend the class for high school credit.

Leticia reminded everyone that the Classified Staff evaluations are due October 1. She reported Connie Sublett, Wil Perez, and Linda Daye are traveling to Southside Community College for adjunct contract training on Thursday. Leticia stated adjunct contracts are being returned, and the new process seems to be working. She reported HR continues to recruit a lot of new employees. She stated a request to the VCCS for salary survey information has been made for every position. John C. reminded everyone that the salary issues for all Classified Staff were addressed last year, and this year the faculty salaries will be addressed.

Gayle had no report for the Part-Time Staff Association.

David M. reported the Faculty Association has become heavily involved in the Governance Model. David M. stated several questions were discussed at their meeting. The first one was how many hours can adjunct faculty teach during the academic year. Linda stated the VCCS policy and CVCC policy is they can work a maximum of 23 credit hours. 

David M. stated another question discussed was concerning program heads which was if the VCCS ever create a temporary instructor’s position. John C. stated the position called an associate instructor that can teach 18 credits each semester does exist and is available for hiring.  David M. stated the faculty have their concerns about this type of position. John C. requested he discuss this in further detail with the faculty. He stated the best solution was to increase enrollment which would allow the College to hire more full-time faculty.   

Linda had no report for the Classified Staff Association.

David L. reported the IT Department had been reorganized with some of the offices relocated. He stated all of the information was published in the Daily Bulletin.

John P. reported the access project is almost complete. He stated the ID cards and doors have been tested and seem to be working correctly. He thanked everyone who was on that team especially Lucy Carter and the IT Department for an awesome job and stated this project will improve security and safety on Campus.

John P. reported he held an off-campus retreat for his direct reports with a mission of defining goals and objectives. He stated it went well with lots of good ideas surfacing and great interaction amongst co-workers.

John P. stated he will meet with CVCC’s Bookstore manager, Cassondra, and the regional manager, concerning what Will noted earlier about problems with the bookstore.

John P. stated directions from VCCS Capital Outlay had been received to prioritize the projects for a six-year plan. He stated he will work with Will and John C. to list the college’s priorities.

John P. stated bids are in for the renovation of the Accounting and Admissions and Records’ office to bring them up to ADA compliance code. He stated the pre-bid conference was held last week with one requirement that most of the work be done at night to eliminate excessive dust and noise.

John P. stated Mike Bradford will begin as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement on Monday, September 24. He stated CVCC was very lucky to have him in that position.

John P. reported Catherine Rice went to Roanoke last week to meet with Tobacco Commission to request $400,000 for scholarships for the College. He stated she did a great in presenting CVCC’s request.
The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on October 15, 2012.
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