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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 15, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the September 17, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, John Poole, Ruth Hendrick, Will Sandidge, David Lightfoot, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Mary Evans, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Wednesday (10/17/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey gave an update on the College’s third SACS’ Monitoring Report and stated he felt it was progressing well with this being confirmed by Dr. Mark Smith, (SACS’ liaison) and Ms. Cathy Almquist who has been retained as a consultant. Joey reported he is meeting with each of the SACS’ Coordinators to discuss program goals, student outcomes, and target goals making sure they are consistent. Joey stated next week there will be a status update of each of the College’s programs’ assessments. He reported he has begun to write the narrative for the Monitoring Report and will have the first draft completed by December 7. He stated the final draft is due March 14. Joey stated he will share the narrative as soon as it has more substance.
John C. stated as in his last email to “everyone” on Campus, he feels the college has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time. He stated it was gratifying to know that Dr. Mark Smith recognizes the significant progress also. He stated the College has finally found a consultant, Ms. Cathy Almquist, to shepherd it through this process. John C. stated that Ms. Almquist had said she had a limited amount of time to offer and could not afford to work with CVCC if it required too much of her time.  But Ms. Almquist has confirmed that the College is moving in the right direction and agreed to become the consultant considering the amount of progress that had been made. John C. stated the College does have all the right pieces but now they must be put in the right place.
John C. stated a score card has been developed for each program to eliminate any surprises. He stated this past spring some portions of the Monitoring Report were submitted at the last minute. He stated he and Will have asked Joey to develop a score card to show every component the College is responsible for on every program to indicate when it is received, when it is approved, and when no data has been submitted. He stated this will eliminate any surprises enabling appropriate and timely actions to be made prior to the SACS’ deadline.
Irene stated it might be helpful for the SACS’ Committee to review the Narrative when completed for their input. John C. stated that would be a good idea as the report should be circulated to as many as possible i.e. Ms. Cathy Almquist, and Dr. Kenneth Garren, President of Lynchburg College, who had volunteered his services.
John C. stated he has no doubt the College will be removed from Probation status and hopeful that it will take place in 2013 and not 2014. John C. quoted the Chancellor stating that “sometimes a crisis is a gift in disguise.” He stated he thought that was really a true statement as it has brought faculty and staff together.
Irene reported the group is moving along on the Compliance Certification, completing three or four a week. John C. stated he appreciated her leadership. She also reported on the Faculty/Staff Manual stating it was almost complete except for a couple of policies. She stated there were over 100 pages in the manual, and the committee is in the process of editing it line-by-line. Irene stated the IT Department has developed a place on CVCC’s website for the completed document to reside.
Agenda Items:
Copyright Policy (WHEELER)
Irene distributed and the President’s Cabinet reviewed several rewrites by David Lightfoot for the Copyright Policy. A motion was made by John P. and duly seconded by Ruth, to approve the rewrites as written. The motion carried unanimously.
Infectious Disease Policy (WHEELER)
Irene discussed a new policy for CVCC concerning Infectious Disease written by Lucy Carter Smith. (She stated only an AIDS policy exists now.) John P. stated some of this new policy information came from CVCC’s COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan) and also from various college policies. John C. stated he felt while this policy was good, additional research was necessary to produce one more specific in identifying who was responsible for what and the steps of action that are necessary. John C. stated he would like to review plans from other colleges, and then have it reviewed by the Attorney General’s office.
John P. stated he felt the COOP included the additional requested information and asked if a link to that particular section would suffice. John C. stated it would.
Mission Statement (WHEELER)
Irene discussed the current Mission Statement and stated it required posting of the statement in every classroom. Irene stated a large majority of the classrooms did not have this. John P. stated if it was necessary to have the statements in the classrooms, all would have to be replaced as the logos needed to be updated.
A motion by David M. and duly seconded by John Poole was made to remove the requirement from the policy for Mission Statements to be posted in every classroom. The motion carried unanimously.
Local Board Meeting Agenda (CAPPS)
The President’s Cabinet discussed having each of the President’s Staff to speak at the upcoming Local Board Meeting. Dianne reported she had spoken with the Mr. Skip Lamb (Chair of the Local Board), and he thought it was a good idea as long as a three-minute time limit was imposed on each speaker. Dianne will update the agenda for the next Board meeting.
Smarthinking (SANDIDGE)
Will stated the trainer for Smarthinking held two sessions here at CVCC—one during the afternoon and one during the evening. He reported he was pleased 51 faculty and staff attended the sessions and only wished more adjuncts could have attended. He stated this will be marketed to the students through email, monitors, and the College’s website. Will stated that Kimberly French will also present this information to the students during orientation.
General Education Task Force (SANDIDGE)
Will discussed the General Education Task Force and stated all the courses have been identified and faculty are writing all the student outcomes and how those outcomes will be met. Will stated Dr. Mark Smith had also reviewed this information.
Divisional Reports:
Ruth reported on the Produced in Virginia Open House and Career Exploration Fair that was held on October 9 and stated over 200 attended.
Ruth stated all potential students will be followed-up in a recruitment effort. She also reported there were over 30 classes scheduled through Workforce for the month of October and may possibly be adding several more. Ruth reported a proposal was made to the Chancellor’s Incentive Fund Grant Request last week for a new fast-track technical training program which would allow research on what area businesses feel is most needed.  Ruth stated the Grants Writer position is now reporting to Institutional Advancement in order to try and encourage the entire Campus community to utilize that resource. She stated on Thursday, October 18, aSmall Business Entrepreneurial Express and Resource Fair will be held in the Multi-Purpose room, and she is hoping for a good turnout. Ruth stated thanks to the IT Department, Workforce will be using Collaborate for their staff meetings which will enable everyone to participate without traveling to the main Campus. She also stated Workforce is working with the Humanities Division on a Pre-Developmental English course for students who are not able to pass the Virginia Placement Test. She stated this will be five-week classes beginning in the spring semester to help students pass the placement test. She also reported basic computer classes will be offered to people in the community and for students with classes being held on Campus and some at the Workforce Center. Ruth also stated interviews are scheduled next week for the Workforce Team Leader. She reported an off-campus strategic planning retreat is slated on November 2 for all of Workforce. Ruth stated the retreat will concentrate on values and goals for the department. She stated the Workforce Department is in process of redesigning its information on the College’s website with the help of the IT Department. Ruth also stated the employees’ EWPs, policies, and procedures are in the process of being written.     

Will reported Patrick Gatti has been hired as the new Director of the Bedford Center. He also reported a new A.S.S. degree is in the process of being created for Harris Corporation to meet their employment needs.
Leticia reported the part-time employment form has been updated again, and she will be emailing those out to the supervisors. She stated that form needs to be completed and attached to the job description when a position needs to be filled. Leticia stated the name of the person who currently has the position and the account number for the wages will be required on this revised form. She stated she will be emailing a reminder to the deans to have all faculty EWPs completed before the end of this semester. She reported the College’s organizational chart is in the process of being finalized.

Mary Evans reported on the Part-Time Staff Association and stated at their last meeting a discussion was held on community outreach focusing on warm-weather wear for children in the area. She stated Leticia has been invited to their next meeting to discuss the possibility of the part-timers receiving a bonus this year.

David M. reported at the last meeting he had been asked to discuss the Academic Freedom policy with the Faculty Association. He stated the policy is a state policy and therefore cannot be changed. He reported the Association discussed whether a procedure needs to be written regarding grievances. David M. stated that since no one could remember any grievance happening here, it was decided not to do anything at this time. David M. stated another item he was asked to discuss with the Association was whether they liked the idea of hiring associate instructors. He reported he talked privately with faculty and the deans and they did not like the idea.

David M. reported a Faculty Evaluation Task Force has been created with representatives from Professional Development, Evaluation and Assessment, Employee Recognition Committees, and also Will Sandidge and the deans.

David M. distributed a course outlines/syllabi policy and questioned the validity of it stating this was the first time he had seen this. (During the meeting, David L. found the policy in the old Faculty/Staff Manual.) John C. stated he would like for the faculty to create what is needed on course syllabi standardized form instead of administration dictating the content.  

Linda reported on the Classified Staff Association and stated a jewelry fund raiser was held last week but not sure of the profit at this time. Linda stated this money will be used to help students that need help with food. (John C. stated that Mike Bradford is also working to get the Foundation involved in this project.) Linda stated she will work with Nancy Mitchell for names of students that need help. Linda also reported the CSA will be meeting on Thursdays in the future to allow the Part-Time Association to continue meeting on Tuesdays in order to provide coverage in offices during both meetings.

David L. reported the VCCS is looking at a system-wide contract with BlackBoard which will have a mobile application that will integrate with the SIS allowing college-branding. He stated with this, a student would be able to add or drop a class from an iPhone or android. David L. stated he and Evan are meeting with a BlackBoard representative to learn more about this. He also stated the Tech Council will be voting in November on whether to recommend this to the presidents for their approval. David L. reported he will bring more information as he receives it to the Cabinet members. David L. reported the monitor outside The Spot has been lowered and will feature the menu for the day. He also reported the AIS 9.1 upgrade will take place on March 15-17, 2013, and the VCCS BlackBoard will be down for a service production upgrade on November 16-18, 2012. (David M. expressed concern that this is scheduled towards the end of the semester.) John C. stated this is probably going to be discussed at the ACOP meeting he will be attending this week. David L. also reported it was discussed (but not approved) at Tech Council for an HRMS upgrade to begin on April 1, 2013, and completed on September 30, 2013, and another scheduled on September 2, 2013, and completed June 30, 2014.   

John P. reported he held an off-campus retreat for his direct reports with a task of outlining goals and objectives. He distributed the mission statement, goals, and objectives the group defined. John P. also distributed the Financial Statements and Budget Expenditure Report for review. John P. stated he met with CVCC’s Bookstore manager, Cassondra, and the regional manager, concerning what Will noted earlier about problems with the bookstore. He stated his response from them seemed to list reasons and not solutions. John P. discussed the employee survey results and stated one issue noted was the lack of cleanliness in the facilities. He stated he hopes this has improved but if anyone still feels this is a problem to contact him or Tom Bushley. He also reported that next week a regional administrative meeting will be held at Patrick Henry Community College. John P. reported on the renovations to the Accounting Department wand stated they will begin soon. (David L. asked for a copy of the drawings.) John P. discussed the six-year Capital Outlay Plan (that is prioritized by SCHEV and then goes to the General Assembly for funding) and stated the College updates its plan every year. He stated one project that the College has on its plan is to renovate Amherst Hall and first floor of Campbell and a STEM-H/Health building. John P. asked if anyone else had any suggestions. Irene suggested office space for adjuncts. John P. stated as this is very much needed, he cannot justify an office-space building.  

Mike Bradford was absent.

John C. reported he will be attending the ACOP meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. He also reported he will be attending a Board of Education meeting on Thursday of next week to discuss STEM.
The meeting adjourned at 2:22 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on October 29, 2012.
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