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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

November 5, 2012
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the October 15, 2012, meeting was approved.
John Capps, Mike Bradford, Jim Lemons, David Lightfoot, Joey Fronheiser, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Gayle Kiger, and Dianne Sykes
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (11/5/2012)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported he and Kris Ogden have met with all the SACS’ Program Coordinators and stated a scorecard has been developed with information on the spring 2012 Assessment Cycle. Joey stated SACS consultant, Cathy Almquist will review all the programs recommending any needed improvements. He stated, afterwards, the deans will conduct a review for a final check-off. He stated this is due to SACS by March 15, 2013. He reported he has begun to write the narrative for the Monitoring Report and will have the first draft completed by December 7. Joey stated attention is now being focused on the assessment cycle of 2012-2013.
John C. stated he feels the finish line has been crossed for almost all program assessments with that reflecting a lot of hard work on the faculty’s part. John C. stated kudos to Joey and Kris’ leadership in the Institutional Effectiveness Department (IE). He stated on Wednesday, this scorecard will be published on the Focus ‘14 section of the College’s website. 
Joey discussed the General Education Taskforce and stated data collection and action steps have also required lots of work on the part of all of the faculty in addition to the assessments. 
Irene reported on the Compliance Certification and stated the group is moving along with about 25% of the requirements written, posted, and reviewed. She stated May 2013 is sited as the completion or near completion date. John C. stated kudos to that team as well.
Agenda Items:
Electronic Newspaper (LIGHTFOOT)
David L. stated in an attempt to follow-up on the idea of an “electronic newspaper” that was presented at the town hall meeting, he did some preliminary research. He reported from his research, the idea of an “electronic newspaper” closely resembles a blog. David L. stated a blog can either be internal or external. He stated an internal blog, generally accessed through the corporation's intranet, is a weblog that any employee can view. He stated many blogs are also communal, allowing any employee to post to them. The informal nature of blogs may encourage:
•                     Employee participation
•                     Free discussion of issues
•                     Collective intelligence
•                     Direct communication between various layers of an organization
•                     A sense of community
David L. stated the blog could be located in Communication Central with employees posting to it. He stated if desired, a student blog could also be added.  He reported once faculty and staff are logged in, notifications would operate and users could select to be notified once a day or every time something was added.  David L. stated Microsoft Word has the ability to post to a blog which could reduces the formatting issues experienced in posting minutes with the Wiki. David L. stated this could possibly replace the daily and weekly bulletin. Irene questioned if this could be used for classified items, and David stated all types of categories or discussion threads would be available to use.
Irene stated she liked the option of having additional items to use; however, she preferred to leave the Daily Bulletin as is. John C. stated he did not want to supplant the Daily Bulletin as it had been too successful to change.
John C. suggested David L. speak in conceptual terms with all three of the Associations to get their opinions before going any further.
Telephone #’s for Employees who Change Offices and/or Departments (LIGHTFOOT)
David L. stated a situation has occurred (concerning telephone numbers) without a process to reference and has been compounded by the change in the new phone system last year.  David reported with the old phone system, moving extensions required moving phone lines, so numbers usually remained with the office.  He stated with the new IP phones, the extension is not tied to the cable, so it is easy for an employee to take his/her phone and extension to his/her new office.  Without a process, some employees are taking their phones to their new office/position and others leaving their phones in the office they are vacating.
David recommended a process be written and added as a policy once approved. He stated since faculty do not work in a department setting, it seems prudent that faculty members would maintain their same phone number regardless of the office they occupy.  David L. recommended they take their phone to their new office. He also recommended staff that are working in a departmental setting and take a new position, their phone number should remain in the original department.
Discussion included the HSS and EMS phone number issues, and John C. stated the original phone number for HSS (# 7658) which is now being used by EMS be returned to HSS immediately and also the original EMS number be returned to that department as well. Jim will oversee the returns.
David L. will write a policy to be approved by the President’s Cabinet.
Protective Eyewear in Labs (WHEELER)
Irene stated a current policy on eye protection (worn in labs) stated that the College will provide eye protection for basically anyone in the labs. She stated the Faculty/Staff Manual Committee did not feel that this is something the College is providing and suggested changing the policy to read that all faculty, students, and other participants in potentially hazardous laboratories and shops must provide their own approved eye protection.
A motion by David M. and duly seconded by Linda Daye was made to change the policy to read faculty, students, and other participants in potentially hazardous laboratories and shops must provide their own approved eye protection. The motion carried unanimously. 
This information will be conveyed to Will Sandidge and Jeff Laub.
CVCC Identification/Proximity Cards (WHEELER)
Irene discussed a new policy presented to the President’s Cabinet on CVCC identification/proximity cards for approval. Following a lot of discussion concerning the policy, the President’s Cabinet decided to table the approval at this time. Recommended changes to the policy will be bought back to the Cabinet for approval.
Allocation of Professional Development Funds (LEMONS)
Jim Lemons (in Will S. absence) discussed a recommendation from the Professional Development Policy Committee concerning allocations of the funds ($75,000) for this year. The Committee decided upon a percentage-based allocation model for professional development that divides the funds 50/50 between classified staff and faculty (faculty includes administrative faculty). Jim explained that faculty (71 in number) would receive $528.17 each, and Classified Staff (85 in number) would receive $441.18. He stated any “leftover” funds would be re-allocated. Jim also stated March 1, 2013, was the last date professional development requests could be made with all funds being spent by June 15, 2013. He stated after March 1, the Committee (or a sub-committee) will meet to determine how the “leftover” funds are to be re-allocated.
Irene questioned if this allocation of the funds’ procedure will be followed in the upcoming years. Jim stated each year, the Committee is charged with developing a distribution plan. He stated he felt the plan for allocation should require a benefit to the College and is hopeful that will be part of the criteria for future allocation. Jim stated with the construction of a new Governance Model for the College, it was not known who the members were for this Committee until fall semester leaving very little time to develop a more detailed allocation policy. John C. stated he hopes the Committee is working now to create a policy for the 2013-2014 year. John C. stated he feels the process should be an application one and merit-based showing benefits to the College. He stated each year the allocation timeframe should be the same as the budget year—from July to June.
Irene questioned if this money would be used for a Campus-wide speakers with John C. stating this money should be used on an individual basis not Campus-wide events.
Mike stated the Foundation had allocated $6,200 for faculty use but was unsure how the money was being used. Linda stated she remembered HSS used some of that money for conferences and extra expenses such as an overnight stay.
John C. stated in the future, the Professional Development Committee must be in firm charge of re-allocating the “leftover” funds and that process must be open and democratic. He reported he feels that was not the case during the previous year (2011-2012) as some received while others did not. Jim stated this year it will be handled by the Committee or a sub-committee on a case-by-case basis with some type of criteria in place. He stated this criterion will be listed on an additional form which must also be submitted. John C. stated this is how it should happen and that is the way he wants it to happen.
David M. stated one problem lies within the new faculty evaluations policy which include professional development as a requirement. He also stated that faculty are hesitant to register for a conference when they are unsure how much the reimbursement amount will be. David M. stated most conferences cost more than the allocated $528.
John C. stated this funding plan does not require anyone to be strategic or purposeful in selecting a conference to attend. He stated beginning this year, there will be additional time for the Professional Development Policy Committee to create that type of process. 
On a motion by the Professional Development Policy Committee, the approval of the Funding Allocation for Professional Development for 2012-2013 was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Divisional Reports:
Ruth was absent.

Leticia reported on Human Resources and stated she sent out an email outlining the HR structure with all of their assigned duties in order to help everyone to make the right contacts. Leticia also reported she will be sending out emails to the individuals who have excess leave hours that need to be used prior to January 9, 2013. She stated the leave must be used or approved for rollover by John C. Leticia also reported Loretta has been sending out notices on timesheet approvals and asked if those reminders were useful. (Several stated they were.) Leticia stated the HR forms listed on the Intranet under Resources are obsolete. She stated the correct forms are located on the HR page on the College’s website at the following link: David L. stated he will work to get the obsolete forms deleted.

Jim Lemons (in Will’s absence) reported on Friday, November 16, he will be traveling to the shipyards in Newport News. He reported they want to develop a partnership with the College’s Business Administration and Engineering students furnishing full tuition, fees, books, and paid internships.

Gayle reported on the Part-Time Staff Association and stated they are sponsoring a can food drive to help the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. She stated collection barrels have been placed at all of CVCC’s campuses. Gayle reported donations of money are welcome and will be used to purchase the can goods. She also reported another community outreach will be focusing on warm-weather wear for children in the area.

Gayle stated Leticia has been invited to the Part-Time Staff Association’s next meeting for questions and answers.
Linda reported on the Classified Staff Association and stated the next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at 1 p.m. in Room 5206.
David L. reported an email was sent out concerning problems with student PCs and discovered the filtering had to be removed but has been reordered. He also reported another problem involved too many PCs connected to the College’s wireless internet but that had been resolved as well.

John P. was absent.

Mike Bradford thanked everyone for their help and time in his transition from the corporate world to higher education. He stated he wanted to know as much as possible and be as comfortable as can be before going out to the community. Mike also reported he is reviewing all of the available foundation funds to make sure the money is being used for the correct purpose and following only the necessary restrictions. He stated he has discovered that other community colleges funds mainly come from individuals and not from businesses which is just the opposite of what CVCC does. He reminded everyone that there are more individuals than there are businesses. John C. stated the last Foundation Board meeting was a great meeting with Mike setting a goal for each Foundation member to call one person and let them know he will be contacting them soon to discuss the College’s needs. Mike reported after the first of the new year, he will be making additional requests. John C. stated it was no doubt that the College’s giving will increase under Mike’s leadership.  

David M. reported the Faculty Association is scheduled to have its third meeting tomorrow, and the two key topics for discussion are the syllabus and Early College students.

Joey had no report.

John C. reported the Board of Education approved the STEM program to be housed here at CVCC. He stated on the Lynchburg City Schools website the director for this program is being advertised. John C. stated this has no connection with CVCC.

John C also reported he met with Will and Judy Graves to discuss House Bill 1184 that requires local school boards and community colleges to develop agreements allowing high school students to complete an associate's degree or a one-year certificate (31-32 credit hours) of General Studies from a community college concurrent with a high school diploma. He stated meetings are being scheduled with the area school superintendents to discuss a regional plan.

John C. discussed the Early College program for Lynchburg City Schools and stating the implementation of that program will be fall 2014 with classes held here on the Main Campus. He stated stating Muriel Mickles has done a great job of promoting this program. He reported the Lynchburg City Schools have agreed to abide by the College’s academic calendar for the Early College students.  

John C. reported he spoke to a group of 10th grade Heritage High School students today that were here at CVCC participating in “Project Launchburg” which is helping to promote higher education.

John C. stated he will be attending the State Board Annual Meeting next week and will be presenting information on the STEM program.
The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on 26, 2012.
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