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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

May 16, 2013
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the April 22, 2013, meeting was approved.
John Capps, Will Sandidge, Mike Bradford, John Poole, David Lightfoot, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Linda Daye, Irene Wheeler, Cathy Beale, and Dianne Sykes
Tuition Increase:
John C. reported he had received notification that tuition rate per credit hour will increase by 4.4% effective fall term of 2013. He stated this increase was more than had been anticipated.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (5/13/2013)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey was absent.
Irene reported 65 % of the Compliance Certification is now complete. She stated this summer she will edit the work that has been done, and Peter Dorman will begin to edit it grammatically. Irene stated the remainder 35% is waiting on certain information such as audits or policies.
Irene stated she hopes in the future, CVCC will conduct internal SACS audits to ensure that the policies are being followed once they are created.  
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
House Bill 1767 (HENDRICK)
(Ruth was absent.) Will discussed House Bill 1767 (Bill Title: Machinery and Equipment Donation Grant Program) which establishes a fund for a grant program for business donations of new machinery and equipment, purchased within the last 12 months by the business, to Virginia's community colleges and vocational schools. He stated the grant would equal 20% of the purchase price paid by the business for the machinery and equipment; however, a business would not be allowed more than an aggregate of $5,000 of grants in any year for such donations.
Appeals Policy for Debt Off Set (POOLE)
John P. distributed and discussed a proposed Appeals Policy for Debt Off Set. He stated a debt off set involves any individual having a delinquent debt or account with CVCC which obligation has not been satisfied or set aside by a court order or discharge in bankruptcy. During this time, if a check from the Virginia Income Tax refund is written to that person, the amount of the check is given to CVCC to pay on that debt. John P. stated the policy gives information about informal hearing and the procedures for an appeal process. He stated this policy was previously approved by the VCCS for another community college but needs to be adopted by CVCC.
John C. asked that everyone review the policy and be prepared to discuss it at the next Cabinet meeting. John P. stated if an appeal is filed prior to the next meeting, he will notify everyone to email him their approval or change requests.
Divisional Reports:
Will distributed the Educational Assistance and Continuous Learning Program policy. He stated Accounting will be using this policy when reimbursing faculty and staff for undergraduate/graduate tuition costs. He stated the current policy uses James Madison University’s tuition as its benchmark for the amount reimbursed. John C. stated, for this year, the policy needs to be honored as written, but next year the policy needs to be reviewed. Irene stated maybe the tuition amount be set by averaging the rate of several area colleges. David M. stated a policy needs to be in place by July 1, 2013. Will stated he will ask the Professional Development Committee to review the policies from various colleges and present a recommendation to the President’s Cabinet.

Will stated he, along with Jeff Laub, Marc Zoccola, and Jane Eckes, visited Harris Corporation to discuss the new Computer and Electronics Technology/Computer Networking program that is being implemented. Will stated Harris Corp. will be providing scholarships to help provide graduates to replace several of their retirees.

Will stated he felt graduation went well. Linda stated she would like to see graduation held here at CVCC. After lots of discussion, John C. requested the Graduation Committee investigate the costs and space necessary to hold the graduation outside here at CVCC.
David M. reported on the Faculty Association and discussed the Faculty Evaluation Policy. (John C. stated he was still estigating this.) He also questioned if CVCC had reviewed its ratio of full-time faculty compared to adjunct. John C. stated it is a source of concern with the SACS Reaffirmation coming up but everything is on hold until the new budget is completed. John C. stated SACS did not provide a certain ratio percentage which made it difficult to know what was satisfactory. 

John P. reported he has been working on the zero-based budget and has almost completed the non-personal services portion and part-time staff requests. John P. stated he will be talking with the managers to justify those requests. John C. stated once the budget is in place, it will be reviewed by ad hoc committee comprised of a representative group of employees, similar to the SLRP. John P. also stated he is working on year-end bills and may have a little to carry over.

John C. discussed enrollment and stated for the summer CVCC is down about 9% but stated the average in the VCCS is down about 11%, with one college down almost 30%. He stated he feels the College will begin to reap the benefits of its new recruitment efforts and the Beacon of Hope’s efforts. John C. stated summer enrollment has, in the past, foreshadowed fall enrollment but hope that trend is changing. Will stated hopefully the new programs and STEM will also help increase enrollment. 

Linda stated she had been approached by several employees questioning whether CVCC has a dress code policy and if departments can establish and enforce their own without it being college-wide. Irene stated (after creating the Employee Manual) currently, there is no dress code policy. John C. stated this should be addressed college-wide; however, it may be discovered there are departments on Campus that require different codes. (Discussions included who would decide on a dress code policy—administration or a Governance Committee.) John C. stated perhaps an ad hoc committee consisting of a representative group could be formed to discuss a policy.

Linda distributed a VCCS document titled “Employment Certification and Notice of Part-Time Hours” which needs to be completed and signed by all part-time employees to ensure compliance with VA’s mandate that limits the amount of hours part-time employees and instructors may work or teach. Linda stated she met with the deans this morning and told them the document needs to be completed by Friday, May 24. David M. questioned if a part-time employee teaches a 3-credit class, how many hours per week can they work as part-time. John C. stated further (written) clarification was needed on this because he was hearing conflicting interpretations. Will stated this information is needed immediately as classes begin on Monday, and there are a lot of adjuncts that also work part-time. Leticia stated she will seek answers at the upcoming conference she will be attending next week.  

Cathy reported on the Part-Time Staff Association, and stated she has now assumed the role as president as Gayle Kiger has taken a full-time position. She discussed she has not been successful in getting volunteers or nominations for new officers that need to be in place by June 1. Cathy stated there is also low attendance at the meetings. John C. stated he was under the opinion that the Classified and Part-Time Associations be combined because the priorities of each group should complement each other. Cathy stated a Part-Time Staff meeting was scheduled for Monday and hopefully, she would know more after that. John P. suggested for Cathy to send emails to all part-time employees encouraging them to attend the meetings. David L. stated supervisors also need to encourage attendance. John C. stated to not only encourage attending the meeting but to encourage participation in the governance of the College.

David L. had to leave the meeting early.
Irene reported she is teaching a course this summer on how to teach an online class. She stated she was pleased with its enrollment of 20+ people with 8 being full-time faculty.

Leticia discussed the cell phone stipend policy and stated some are not abiding by the policy. John C. recommended discussing this policy offline as no decision is needed.

Mike reported CVCC’s scholarship application have been updated, located on the web, and distributed around Campus. He stated Catherine had also created bulletin boards with scholarship information. Mike stated this effort had resulted in receiving 65 applications compared to last year’s eleven. He discussed Phase 2 of the corporate campaign and stated during March and April he had been making calls on his own.
Mike reported two lunches were held here at CVCC with about eight business leaders attending each one. He stated at these lunches, talks involved new programs at CVCC and also Workforce Solution offerings. Mike also discussed the changes in Tobacco Grants and stated in the past, it was 90% grant and 10% CVCC match. But now he stated it must be a one-for-one matching. He stated CVCC has applied for a Radiology and Machine Tool grant and if awarded, CVCC will have to match the amount received. Mike stated this will provide him with more to talk about in seeking donations.

John C. stated Mike is really making a difference in Workforce Solutions and Academics Affairs. John C stated he attended several luncheons recently which included a Great Expectations’ luncheon in Charlottesville and also a reception last week. (He stated the College now has 27 students in that program.) He also stated he attended a luncheon with the new Student Ambassadors this week and a Blueprint VA meeting held here at CVCC with about 50 businesses attending. John C. also stated he and Jonathan Whitt met with Delegates Kathy Byron and Scott

Garrett to discuss STEM in hopes of acquiring Tobacco funds to purchase equipment and to get a sponsor in support of having the STEM academies receive the same financial support from the state as the Governor’s School.

Ruth was absent.

Joey was absent.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on June 3, 2013.
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