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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

July 1, 2013
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the June 17, 2013, meeting was approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Joey Fronheiser
Irene Wheeler
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
Mary Evans
John Poole
Mike Bradford
David McGee
Cathy Beale
Tom Bushley
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (7/1/2013)
Master Plan Presentation:
Tom Bushley stated at the beginning of the year he was tasked with having a 10-year master plan created that would be a good working document which could be modified if and when necessary. He stated Dewberry Consultants were hired to create this plan which began with two Campus-wide charettes and an online survey (resulting in 199 responses) as to what employees would like to see at CVCC in the future. Tom stated a lot of responses were positive but some issues that were identified included parking, financial services during registration, etc.
A representative from Dewberry Consultants demonstrated artist renderings of all the possibilities on Campus to the Cabinet. The President’s Cabinet opined several ideas in discussion of the renderings. John P. stated acquiring the funding was the key issue to any future projects here at CVCC.
Tom stated, during this summer, the smoking gazebo in front of Bedford Hall will be dismantled and relocated behind Merritt Building. He stated perhaps it will be replaced with a butterfly garden or something more pleasing to the eye.
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported interviews were held for the Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness’ position, and Kris Ogden was selected and has accepted the position.
Joey stated the evaluation process for the non-academic units will begin late July or early August (with training) and will end in January 2014. He stated this process will be similar to that of the academic units’ evaluation and is another important step for the College.  
Joey stated he and Kris Ogden will be attending a SACS conference that will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida, in July.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
Bus Ticket Program (POOLE)
John P. stated he had distributed a proposal for the GLTC Bus Ticket Program (discount tickets purchased by CVCC for students who need help with transportation to and from class) during the last Cabinet meeting for review. He stated he had received no comments and would like for the Cabinet to approve the document as written. John C. called for any further discussion and being there was none, David L. made the motion to approve the policy.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the document as written.
Presentation for the July Board Meeting (SYKES)
The President’s Cabinet approved for the Master Plan to be presented to the Local Board at the July meeting.
Divisional Reports:
Ruth reported on the Fast-Track Welding program and stated all 10 students graduated and have interviews for job prospects.
Ruth reported a grant proposal had been submitted for three projects. She stated the largest project is Workplace Computer Skills Training which has been requested by local employers.
Ruth stated the Summer Academies’ enrollment has dropped because of the increased amount of registration fee. ($50 increased to $130 and next year will increase even more without grant funding). She stated she is looking at ways to move forward next year with partnerships with area businesses to help with funding.

Ruth also reported she has shared Workforce’s proposed dress code policy with John C. and also with Human Resources and is about ready to move forward with getting the policy approved.
Mary Evans (in Cathy’s absence) reported on the Part-Time Staff Association, and stated a meeting was held on Wednesday. She stated attendance increased from previous meetings but would like to see even more members attend. Mary stated several options were discussed for ways to spend their funds which included book money for a part-time employee that is taking a class at the College, Student Emergency funds, and purchasing extra graduation regalia for students who could not afford to purchase theirs.
David M. had no report on the Faculty Association.

Will reported interviews for the Instructional/Technologist positions ended with two viable candidates. He stated background checks are being made on the top candidate and hopefully completed in the next few days. 
Will stated a meeting was held with the deans this morning and discussions included the Off-Site Centers’ operating hours for spring 2014 with the decision they will be the same as in fall 2013. He stated this will allow changes to be made to the spring schedule.
Will stated he is investigating customer service training for his area of Academic Affairs and Student Services. He stated he is undecided whether to use internal or external sources for the training. John P. and David L. stated they would like for their areas to join in as well.
Will also reported meetings will be held for the dual enrollment faculty as a result of a VCCS audit which showed that several schools had problems. Will stated he wanted CVCC to be proactive on this issue.

David M. questioned if the Common Student Learning Outcomes will apply to dual enrollment classes as well. Will stated it would.
Linda had nothing to report on the Classified Staff Association at this time.
Leticia reminded everyone that the part-time evaluations are due today, July 1, and full-time evaluations are due October 1. She stated the policy on nepotism is broad and speaks of immediate family and their dependents but she would like to see in-laws added to that list. John C. and John P. stated they did not think the current policy (approved by the State Board and also the Commonwealth of Virginia) can be changed. Leticia stated she will investigate this further.

David L. stated there were some problems last week with a network switch and as it was an intermittent problem, it was difficult to identify. He stated on Wednesday, four Alertus beacons were the first devices to be impacted, and on Friday morning, phones were impacted because the PBX (the phone system) was connected to the device with the problem. David L. stated the defective device has been replaced and things appear to be operating well. 

David L. stated today he is using the new Microsoft Surface (Microsoft’s new PC in tablet form which runs Windows 8) which is in competition with the iPad. He stated he is working with Ruth to pilot these under the DOL grant.
David L. discussed the new CVCC apps and stated this is being marketed by Counseling on Facebook and Twitter, and he will be working with Judy and Ruth to discuss upcoming events which can be added. He stated plans are to inform students by email closer to the beginning of classes in August. 

John C. asked David L. to compare using the new Surface over the iPad. David L. stated at this time the iPad had more apps than the Surface but figures that gap will get smaller as time goes by. David L. stated the Surface with the Windows 8 Operating System will work well in the classroom setting.

Mike reported he is wrapping up the campaign for this year and busy planning for the upcoming year. He discussed the requests made to the Tobacco Commission which resulted in a grant for Radiology and stated he is in the process of raising the remaining 50% (received two verbal commitments). Mike also discussed the grant for Machine Tool (due August 1) for $150,000 and stated it will not be awarded until September. Mike reported he and Lynn Dillard are discussing a list of companies that might support CVCC’s portion of the matching half.
Mike reported for the second time, CVCC will apply in July/August for the annual grant scholarship. He stated the maximum amount for the eight community colleges (located in the Tobacco Region) is $420,000. He stated the College should know in October the amount of money it will receive.

Mike stated he received several good fund-raising ideas from the College and will bring those to the next Cabinet meeting for review. He stated until now corporate businesses have been contacted but feels individual must be contacted for funding items such as the Student Center Renovations.

Mike stated the Foundation continues to award student scholarships.
John P. reported the bids for the Student Center are due on July 11, opened on July 12, and then contract negotiation will begin. He also reported the bids are out for the bathroom renovations. He stated the VCCS will be providing emergency funds to correct the never-ending leak in the canopy at Amherst Hall but stated first a firm had to be hired to create a sketch of the new design.
John P. stated the year-end is complete, and the budget for next year is almost complete.

John P. reported a quote has been received for the turnkey security system for exterior and interior upgrades to the Alert notification. He stated the IT Department will do a lot of the in-house work beginning with installing external speakers. John P. stated he is working towards securing a treasury loan ($800,000) which will be repaid over a period of years to fund the upgrade to the camera system. 
Irene reported the QEP committee has resumed with their weekly meetings. She also reported she is in the process of editing the work that has been completed with Peter Dorman doing a follow-up.  

John C. distributed another draft of the Goals Supporting Achieve 2014 (incorporated with the suggestions at the last meeting) that he will be presenting to the Chancellor next week. He requested that everyone review them once more and let him know of any additions or changes they felt necessary.

The meeting adjourned at 2:39 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on July 15, 2013.
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