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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

July 29, 2013
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 15, 2013, meeting was approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Joey Fronheiser
Irene Wheeler
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
Loretta Marshall
John Poole
Mike Bradford
David McGee
Cathy Beale
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Sunday (7/28/2013)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported he and Kris Ogden attended the SACS Summer Institute last week and stated they learned lots of information for Institutional Effectiveness’ improvements.
Joey reported the QEP committee is meeting and on track. He stated a written report will be completed summer 2014 and a pilot completed fall 2014. Joey stated the QEP topic is improving writing skills in Developmental English and about seven learning outcomes have already been identified. He stated this topic was chosen because about 300 students are placed in Developmental English courses at CVCC.
Joey also reported the Compliance Certification Committee is meeting and on track with about 75 % completed.
Joey discussed the General Education Assessments and stated those assessments are about 100% completed for the summer. He stated the assessment data will be available to the faculty during Convocation and also trend data that will show semester-to-semester data.
Joey stated the first training for the administrative support services assessments (Comprehensive Standards is scheduled for August 1 in Room 5118 at 2 p.m.  He stated an email has been sent to all budget unit heads about support and training dates. Joey stated a full cycle of five-six examples from each area that need improving must be completed by December/January.   
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
Knowledge Center Training (MARSHALL)
Loretta Marshall stated as of today there are still lots of employees that have not completed their Knowledge Center Training. She reported out of 573 employees, 245 (mostly adjuncts) have not completed theirs. Loretta stated Linda Daye will be sending out information to the adjuncts in their contracts to complete the training. She stated she has emailed all full-time employees and their department heads to let them know the training has not been completed.  Loretta questioned as to how this will be further addressed. John P. stated he would like a list of those that have not completed this mandatory training.  
Loretta reported employees have had lots of problems with the Knowledge Center shutting down in the middle of the training sessions, and stated the VCCS has sent her a list of suspected problems. John C. requested she work with David L. to resolve the problems.
Customer Service Training (SANDIDGE)
Will distributed and discussed a proposed CVCC Customer Service Training for all staff and supervisors to attend. Will stated Wanda McGee would be the instructor as she has a lot of background in this area. The proposed training listed the specific objectives to include the following:
·       Defining customer service
·       Identifying the customer
·       Defining communication
·       The importance of first impressions
·       Effective listening skills
·       How to handle complaints
·       Proper phone etiquette
Will stated the dates for the training would be from September 9 through October 7 with each session lasting two hours and having 12 participants from sundry departments. He stated this training would be mandatory for all part-time and full-time staff, off-site staff, and all supervisors. The President’s Cabinet suggested attendees’ training information be added to the Knowledge Center and also to Workforce as non-credit training.
Will made a motion to accept the Customer Service Training as proposed with John P. duly seconding.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously (David McGee abstained from voting.) approved the document as written.
ADA Policy & Procedure Manual (SANDIDGE)
Will stated Judy Graves distributed by email a proposed Disability Support Services Policy and Procedures for all Cabinet members to review and comment two weeks ago. Since Judy has not received any comments, Will made a motion with John P. duly seconding to accept the policy as written.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the document as written.
Will stated the document will be placed on the College’s website.
Proposal to Move Smoking Shelters (POOLE)
John P. requested approval for the smoking shelters (located in front of Merritt Hall, the Appomattox Building and review of the one beside Amherst Hall) to be moved as far as possible away from the Campus buildings. He stated Russell has agreed to enforce the smoking policy at these new locations. (John P. stated the Attorney General would not allow banning smoking from the Campus.) As there was no significant objection to this proposal, David M. made a motion with David L. seconding, to approve moving the smoking shelters.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the moving of the smoking shelters and for John P. to email a map of the proposed new locations of the smoking shelters to all members of the President’s Cabinet.
Divisional Reports:
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth reported a coordinator, Mr. Bart Smith, for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has been hired. She stated his office will be in room 5114. Ruth reported next week a program specialist position will be advertised to work with Mr. Smith. She stated both of these positions are grant-funded for one year, and then must find ways to become self-supporting. John C. stated the SBDC received approval from Region 2000’s Economic Development Council (EDC) to be relocated to CVCC. He also stated the SBDC must show a performance record increase.
Ruth stated a VCCS grant has been applied to fund two new programs which are basic computer training for the area’s workforce and a regional summer teacher training program.
Ruth stated the College will be offering phlebotomy and electrocardiography (EKG) technician training in the fall to hopefully upgrade the skills and wages of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA).
Ruth reported the Career Connections’ office is moving to the ODU trailer during the Student Center Renovations. She stated they have just opened an online job bank for employers to post positions for students to access, and students/alumni can also post their resumes.
Ruth stated on July 1, 2013, the College accepted the full physical responsibilities (previous was Workforce Investment Board-WIB) for the One Stop Center located at the Plaza.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported the Master Plan was approved by the Local Board at their July meeting.
He also stated the budget for next year is complete and should be loaded into the AIS shortly.  
John P. stated he is waiting on the VCCS to approve and sign the contract for the Student Center Renovation. He stated construction cannot begin until the contract is signed.
John P. reported the VCCS has decided they will advertise for the bathroom renovations.
He stated last week he and Tom Bushley met with Lynchburg City representatives concerning extending the bike path through to Wards Ferry Road. John P. stated he did not want it to interfere with the new Master Plan but is considering having the path go to the outer edge of the Parking Lot #3.
John P. stated the Veteran’s Office will be relocated to Rooms 3207A and 3207B during the Student Center renovations.
John C. complemented John P. on his hard work in creating the zero-based budget.
Faculty Association 
David M. reported the Faculty Association is currently voting through email for common student learning objectives and is busy selecting committee members for the upcoming year.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike was absent.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported he was happy to say that enrollment today was +2.49 FTEs for fall. He stated efforts were still being made to make sure it remained on the positive side such as adding new classes for those that are full and working with school divisions with any dual enrollment issues.
Will stated he is talking with April Bruce from Lynchburg City Early College to see if home schooled students can be added to their Early College program.
Will reported a training session for dual enrollment faculty is scheduled on August 12 at 12 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. He stated this is a SACSCOC and House Bill 1184 requirement.
Will stated three new associate instructors have been hired beginning fall semester 2013—Samuel (Russ) Wood and Victor Sizemore for English and Rick Templeton for Physical Education. Will also stated Danielle (Danni) van Vierssen was hired for the Student Activities Coordinator (replacing Linda Adams), Jane Pearson was hired as the Health Technologies Teaching Faculty (replacing Bill Freeman), and Ed McGee has been hired as the Instructional Technologist. He stated a new faculty orientation will be held on August 14.
Will discussed the new hours for the off-site centers and stated he had not heard any complaints as of yet.
John C. reported he met with Dr. Scott Brabrand (Lynchburg City Schools’ Superintendent) and Dr. Brad Bateman (President of Randolph College) and stated Dr. Bateman would like to have the same dual enrollment agreement between Randolph College and CVCC as Lynchburg College has.
John C. reported he attended a Good Will Board meeting and stated the organization wants to expand to Central Virginia and would like to partner with CVCC at the One Stop Career Center.  
John C. stated he has joined the United Way campaign cabinet to help with fund raising. He stated he (and John P.?) will be participating in their Feeeenomenal Follies Campaign on September 21.
John C. stated a Town Hall meeting was held last week to discuss the budget in detail. He stated the College may be able to offer equity adjustments for adjunct faculty, full-time faculty, and administrators. He stated approval must be obtained from the VCCS before doing so (CVCC does not have delegated authority to make this decision.) and he knows that will not happen before August 16. John C. stated if approved, the College should be able to revise the contracts and make them retroactive.
John C. stated a meeting was held with the Foundation Finance Committee and reported Mike has developed a comprehensive budget for the Foundation. He stated this will enable the directors to know how much money the College wants to award in scholarships. John C. stated in previous years, the College just awarded scholarships when necessary and had no definite plan in place. He stated Mike and Catherine had done yeoman work in energizing CVCC’s scholarship process, and as a result have received lots more applications and awarded far more money to students. John C. also stated CVCC was awarded $400,000 from the Tobacco Indemnification Commission (TIC) and has received lots of applications.
John C. stated that a Foundation Resource Development Committee met and Mike informed them a variety of events have been planned. He stated one event included a banquet for scholarship recipients and their donors together.
John C. stated the Foundation submitted a grant to TIC for $207,000 to purchase equipment related to STEM programs, Machine Tool, and part of it earmarked to the STEM Academy as it will be housed here at CVCC.
John C. reported the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the STEM Academy will be held here August 12 at 10 a.m. He stated Governor Bob McDonnell and Virginia’s Secretary of Education, Laura Fornash, will be here for the ceremony. He encouraged everyone to attend. (John C. stated currently there are 25 students enrolled in the STEM program.)
John C. stated he emailed the 2013-2014 Goals Supporting Achieve 2015 for review and to hopefully to approve at the next Cabinet meeting. He stated to be sure and forward him any questions, comments, or revisions. He stated he shared these goals and a report card on the goals for 2012-2013 with the Chancellor, and he approved both.  
John C. stated he received an email from Terry Kilgore requesting him to serve on an ad hoc committee to determine the future direction of the TIC, specifically funds that will be used to set up three Centers for Excellence in Virginia. He stated these Centers will focus on mega-tronics, industrial maintenance, and machine tool in an effort for the TIC to support economic development in the tobacco counties. John C. stated the first meeting will be held on August 16 which is the College’s only day for Convocation. He stated the dilemma is he feels he needs to be here for Convocation but also needs to attend the TIC committee. The Cabinet members agreed that it was important for John C. to serve as a community college representation on this committee. John C. stated he will consider this in more depth before making a decision.
Part-Time Association 
Cathy had no report on the Part-Time Staff Association at this time. 
Director of HR
Leticia stated beginning fall semester 2013, contracts will be emailed as well as a hard copy mailed to the adjunct instructors by Linda Daye.
Leticia stated the classified evaluations are due soon.
Leticia stated phone numbers for those receiving stipends are located on the College’s website.
Leticia stated in the future, an HR team member will be serving on all selection committees. 
Leticia stated the health screening to obtain premium rewards will be held on August 1 and September 26.
Classified Staff Association
Loretta had no report on the Classified Staff Association at this time.
Vice President of Information Technology
David L. stated he and Russell activated the Code Blue Device on the e2Campus Emergency Communication System with hopes to purchase the product and have it installed by August 19 when students return. He stated this device (located on walls and in parking lots) is a box that contains a blue strobe light with the word “Emergency” on them. David L. stated when the e2Campus receives an alert notification from CVCC, the message is sent as a text or email. He stated that same message will transform to an audio message over the Code Blue device. He also stated the devices are equipped with a button that can be pushed to connect with CVCC’s police department and if none are available on Campus, it will be transferred to “911.” John C. stated this represents a leap forward in the College’s emergency notification system. (He also stated the College is paying for this with treasury loans, not the College’s operating budget.) David L. stated the next phase is to have a camera system that will integrate with the Code Blue, and a future phase will include integrating the door card system as well.
David L. stated CVCC’s mobile app has been upgraded with the addition of Campus maps.
David L. reported CVCC will be using Starfish which is a student retention system for notifying students that are having difficulties.
Compliance Certification
Irene was absent. 
The meeting adjourned at 2:39 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on August 12, 2013.
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