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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

September 16, 2013

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the August 26, 2013, meeting was approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Joey Fronheiser
Irene Wheeler
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
Mary Evans
John Poole
Mike Bradford
Peter Dorman
Cathy Beale
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As of Monday (9/16/2013)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported on the Compliance Certification committee and stated it is near completion, and the Quality Enhancement Plan committee is also making good progress. Joey reported the Common Student Learning Outcomes have been identified, and the QEP planning is centered on those outcomes.
Joey reported the Assessment committee is going well and stated he has enjoyed working with the new chair, Cheryl Cunningham. 
Joey stated this is the first time the College has had every component completed for the Institutional Effectiveness plan. He stated he is now meeting with John P. to create a budgeting process. Joey also stated he continues to meet with the faculty, department heads, and off-site centers to make ready for the SACS’ onsite committee visit on October 20-23, 2014.
Irene reported the Compliance Certification Committee continues to meet and is on track with about 76% completed.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
IT Roles and Responsibilities (LIGHTFOOT)
(David L. had distributed a document on Information System Roles and Responsibilities at the last President’s Cabinet meeting and had requested everyone be prepared to discuss and ask questions.) John C. asked if there were any questions or comments. Being there were none, Ruth made a motion, duly seconded, by Irene to accept the document as written.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the IT Roles and Responsibilities as written.
Common Student Learning Outcomes (DORMAN)
Peter had distributed the proposed Common Student Learning Outcomes policy (previously approved by the Faculty Association) by email prior to this meeting for the Cabinet members to review. After much discussion, it was decided to remove the quantity from the following statement—Program and Department heads will assign relevant faculty members to collaboratively develop eight to ten Common Student Learning Outcomes for each college course that will apply to all faculty members teaching that course in any modality.—to read—Program and Department heads will assign relevant faculty members to collaboratively develop Common Student Learning Outcomes for each college course that will apply to all faculty members teaching that course in any modality.
Peter will send the recommended change to the faculty for their approval, and then, bring it back to the President’s Cabinet for the final approval. 
John P. stated after approval, he will add this policy to the Employee Handbook.
Will complimented Julie Dailey for her work on this policy.
Divisional Reports:
Faculty Association 
Peter Dorman stated the Faculty Association by email discussed an issue of non-attendance at committee meetings.
Peter reported he had been busy revising CVCC’s Faculty Evaluation Plan. John C. questioned if a member of the review team would be invited here for input on the plan or perhaps someone from CVCC attending an on-site conference to get an indication of what is necessary. Peter stated his plans were to email the plan to a review person but was open to attending a conference and will make that decision depending on the feedback he received. Peter stated for 2014, CVCC was locked into the VCCS’ model plan. John C. stated he thinks about half of the community colleges are in the same situation.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported the smoking shelters are going to be relocated this Friday. He stated Chief Dove expressed some concerns about the lack of lighting around the relocation area. John P. stated plans are to install lighting inside the shelters and lights on the outside which will focus on Amherst Hall.
John P. gave an update on projects here at CVCC and stated construction should begin on the Student Center as soon as the building permits are obtained from the VCCS, and stated the bids have been sent to the VCCS for the bathrooms renovations.
John P. discussed Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS) stating it is the state’s version of Sarbanes-Oxley. He reported a certification report for ARMICS was submitted last week that showed the College has checks and balances in place to prevent fraud.
John P. reported the wrong insurance was purchased for the College’s baseball team members. He stated this is in the process of being corrected.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth thanked Wil Perez for his effort in launching the new Workforce web pages.
Ruth reported in the process of hiring a program specialist for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and for the Apprenticeship, WorkKeys, and Distance Learning position.  
Ruth reported a very successful job fair was held today featuring six employers who were hiring. She stated this was a small, targeted fair and hopes to have several more like this here at CVCC.
Ruth reported on upcoming classes which included phlebotomy upgrade skills for CNAs, career planning for the hard of hearing population (will include an interpreter), and a series of ten (grant supported) workplace basic computer skills/update resume classes.
Ruth stated she had emailed several of the Cabinet members concerning the Chancellor’s grant for pre-developmental English and math classes. She stated she had no responses from anyone and now plans to work with Jack Freeman on applying for this. Ruth stated the College has had about 100 students who were not able to be placed in either the English or math pre-developmental classes and hopefully if approved for this grant, it would help those students.
Classified Staff Association
Linda reported on the Classified Staff Association and questioned if Classified Staff employees could be compensated when they obtained additional education. (John P. stated there was nothing internally that locks the College into not doing this provided the education was related to their present job.) John C. stated this request should be referred to the Employee Recognition Committee.
Linda also discussed compensation for exempt employees who must work while on vacation. Several cabinet members suggested adjusting leave time in the amount of time spent working.  
Linda questioned if faculty will be required to attend customer service training same as the staff and supervisors. John C. stated faculty training will be scheduled after the staff and supervisors complete theirs.
Part-Time Association 
Mary Evans, in Cathy’s absence, reported on the Part-Time Staff Association and stated they were still trying to get more participation in their meetings.
Vice President of Information Technology
David L. reported Wil Perez has successfully integrated the College’s e2Campus notification system into its Visix Digital Signage system. David L. reported he successfully tested this with the Campus Police.
David L. reported training has been scheduled for representatives from the departments that manage content on the Digital Signage system. He stated the goal is to increase the effectiveness of this system in communicating with students.
David L. reported the Emergency Communications system implementation challenges continue.  He stated at the last Cabinet meeting, he reported the devices were on order.  He stated during this time, the manufacturer has changed the purchase order twice with the latest change being late last week.  David L. reported he is now seeking clarity on this last change, and the order is on hold until the change is agreed upon.
David L. reported the process has begun to upgrade the College’s camera system to an IP-based system that will integrate with the BlackBoard transact system.  He stated he was told by the vendor that NVCC is replacing their system with this one also. David L. reported as part of the implementation for these systems, wireless coverage outside CVCC’s buildings and in the parking lots will be implemented.
David L. reported Jim Bell is seeking approval to allow nine students to use iPads. David L. stated the iPads will be assigned to the students to take home during this semester as a pilot. He stated there are many challenges, the first is inventory requirements of students being allowed to take CVCC assets off campus. David L. stated Jim will use them in the classroom until the approval to take them off-campus is granted.
Director of HR
Leticia reported Randall Franklin is an emergency hire as a receptionist for the HR office. She reminded everyone that classified staff evaluations are due to the HR office on October 1. Leticia also stated on October 1, she will be emailing those you have excess leave that must be used prior to the end of the year.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mike reported the employee fund raising campaign is planned for this fall (not the spring as done in the past) and hopes to announce details at the upcoming Town Hall meeting. Mike stated plans are to make the campaign more exciting this year. He stated more choices (other than scholarships) would be available for where the donations will be used such as the Student Emergency Fund, book fund, etc. He also reported for the first time, the adjuncts will be approached with a letter requesting donations. Mike stated the campaign will run from September 24 until October 24 with drawings every week for those that donate. He stated once the pledge form has been signed and submitted, it will be eligible for the drawings (1 entry for $1-$49, 2 entries for $50-$99 and so on).He stated he is in the process of getting prizes for the drawings but one of the main prizes will be a car wash by John C. and himself. Mike also stated any contributors to the campaign will receive a button and several times a week, he or Catherine will walk around Campus and give a small token to those wearing their buttons.
Mike reported that Jill Markwood is producing a video for the Foundation’s fundraising campaign for perspective donors. He stated the video will show how the scholarships benefit CVCC students by seeing and hearing directly from those students.  
Mike stated the College will be submitting applications (during September-November 1) for several local foundation grants that are available. Mike stated some examples included The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust, Retail Merchants Association, Easley Foundation, and the Plymale Foundation.   
Mike reported a grant submission to the Tobacco Commission for scholarships ($420,000) will be made at their education meeting tomorrow.
Linda questioned what do the students who receive money to purchase books do with them at the end of the semester. She suggested they return the books to the bookstore, and the money received be given back to the book fund. Mike stated he will look into this.
Compliance Certification
Irene had nothing else to report on the Compliance Certification. 
John C. reported three part-time security officers had resigned recently and will be replaced with one full-time police officer to better meet the needs of the College.
John C. reported two Town Hall meetings had been held this semester with both well-attended. He stated one of the main topics was the relocation of the smoking shelters.
John C. stated he had several meetings with Virginia Technical Institute (VTI) and representatives from Altavista to discuss the Tobacco Commission developing three regional "Centers of Excellence" that would offer hands-on training programs and educate students about advanced manufacturing jobs. He stated at their last meeting, it was decided to apply to be one of the sites for those centers. John C. stated even without the Tobacco Commission it was noted that a lot still can be done cooperatively.
John C. reported he had lunch with all area high school superintendents and stated without exception, all are very supportive of CVCC and plans are to work with them to expand the College’s dual enrollments.
John C. also reported last Friday he met with Steve Nichols, Amherst County’s superintendent, and stated he wants to establish Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses like Campbell County schools. John C. stated Dr. Nichols recognizes that a high school diploma does not mean much and wants to promote higher education to his students.
John C. reported he had lunch with Patty McCue (Chief Nursing Officer) and E.W. Tibbs (Chief Executive Officer) both from Centra Health and stated Centra gave $10,000 last year to support the STEM Academy. John C. stated during their meeting Mr. Tibbs offered Centra’s continued support of $10,000, and stated CVCC can submit an application to request additional funding. John C. stated at the meeting he asked if Centra could to do a wellness training to help with smoking cessation for CVCC.
John C. reported Will, Muriel, and he will attend a meeting to be held on Friday with a group from Lynchburg College concerning teaching online general education courses to students from St. Lucia.
John C. stated he forwarded an email to a variety of people (Local and Foundation Boards, county administrators, city managers, Region 2000, area chambers, school superintendents) to attend the Chancellor’s fall listening sessions to help develop the next strategic plan. He stated the Chancellor will be holding meetings at various colleges (TCC, NVCC, VWCC, DCC, VHCC, BRCC, and JSRCC).   
John C. stated a meeting is scheduled with Rolls Royce representatives on September 30. He stated the company is interested in CVCC’s Machine Tool program and would like to employ some of the graduates.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported enrollment is down but stated all dual enrollment classes have not been added. He stated the College has until November to enter all DE classes into the system.
Will reported five female intramural soccer teams have been created with CVCC students. He stated that Dani van Vierssen will present a budget to fund this and will bring it to the President’s Cabinet for their approval, and then it will go to the Local Board.
Will stated the fall picnic was a success and also the “Get Downtown” event went well. He reported CVCC had a booth there with free giveaways and thanks to Mike, 2-three credit classes were given away.
Will reported a meeting is scheduled on October 24 with area high school counselors and career coaches to inform them of CVCC’s technical programs. He stated the deans and he will meet prior to October 24 with the assistant superintendents from each school division so they will encourage their counselors to attend the scheduled meeting. Will stated some of the courses offered include welding, EMT, and pre-nursing.
Will stated customer service training will begin on Monday, September 23, and 84 classified and administrators have signed up so far.
The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on October 21, 2013.
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