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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 21, 2013

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the September 16, 2013, meeting were approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Joey Fronheiser
Irene Wheeler
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
John Poole
Mike Bradford
Peter Dorman
Cathy Beale
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Monday (10/22/2013)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported on the Compliance Certification committee and stated it is about 80% completed, and the Quality Enhancement Plan committee is also making good progress in its planning process. Joey reported the Common Student Learning Outcomes have been identified, and the QEP planning is centered on those outcomes.
John C. stated he was informed of Dr. Mark Smith’s (CVCC’s SACSCOC liaison) retirement and stated he was truly a friend and ally to CVCC during its recent probation. 
Irene was absent.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
Faculty Awards (DORMAN)
Peter discussed the new faculty evaluation plan and stated under the model plan, it demands at least 10% of the faculty to be recognized. He stated six awards will be given at a recommended $500 each. He stated this information will be presented and discussed at the next Faculty Association meeting and also at the upcoming CFAC meeting which will be held on October 31.
Peter stated CVCC’s faculty evaluation plan was not approved by the VCCS and stated for this year CVCC must follow the model plan. He also stated that several colleges have had their initial plan rejected and also their revised plan as well.
Common Student Learning Outcomes (DORMAN)
Peter reported the Faculty approved the President’s Cabinet recommendation to remove the quantity from the following statement—Program and Department heads will assign relevant faculty members to collaboratively develop eight to ten Common Student Learning Outcomes for each college course that will apply to all faculty members teaching that course in any modality.—to read—Program and Department heads will assign relevant faculty members to collaboratively develop Common Student Learning Outcomes for each college course that will apply to all faculty members teaching that course in any modality.
A motion was made by the Faculty Association and duly seconded by Will to accept the document with the recommended revision.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the Common Student Learning Outcomes as written with the recommended revision.
Denying Refunds to Students (DORMAN)
Peter stated during the last Faculty Association meeting, there was discussion about (and opposition to) the policy of denying refunds to non-financial aid students who are administratively withdrawn (no-show students who do not drop themselves) during the first week of class. Peter stated it was his understanding this is a relatively new policy that was approved by the President’s Staff. Will stated his understanding of the policy’s approval was the student enrolled in a class but did not attend, denied a potential student from enrolling. Peter stated this also was true of financial aid students who did attend but they were not being penalized. The President’s Cabinet decided this needed to be reviewed (First by Faculty Association, then by College Governance Committee and last by the President’s Cabinet if a changed was deemed necessary.) Will requested for Dianne to locate the current policy. (Research after meeting showed this policy was approved on October 13, 2011, as documented in the minutes, and became effective fall 2012.)
Divisional Reports:
Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mike reported on the employee fund raising campaign and stated in the past the largest amount given was $9,853 but this year everyone has been very generous in giving. He stated the campaign ends this Friday (October 24), and he will announce the total amount at the donor luncheon on October 31. John C. stated kudos go to Mike and Catherine for all they have done to invigorate this year’s campaign. Mike stated the compliment was nice but felt there was a general feeling that the College is going in the right direction, and everyone is working as a team for student success.
Mike stated the College will be submitting applications (during September-November 1) for several local foundation grants that are available. Mike stated he is trying to match the employee suggestions that he had received to these grants.
Mike reported the Tobacco Commission did approve $207,000 for the Machine Tool program. He stated that was actually $147,000 for CVCC with the College matching that amount. Mike stated that the remainder of $60,000 was slated for the STEM Academy, and they will raise the match for that amount.
Mike reported the Tobacco Commission for scholarships ($420,000) was committed to CVCC for the year 2014-2015. He stated any unused money will return to the TIC. Mike also stated Foundation scholarships available total between $130,000 and $150,000. He reported his office received ten times the amount of scholarships applications this year from the previous year but with this new amount many more will be necessary. Mike stated he and Catherine are working on ways to advertise the scholarship money to high schools and enrolled CVCC students. (Mike reminded everyone that eligible students must accept Pell Grants first before scholarship money.) Will questioned if any of the Foundation money could be used on Early College students. Mike stated he will look into this.
Mike stated the Tobacco Commission scholarships are for students only in the counties of Bedford, Campbell, and Appomattox. He stated next year $175,000 has been designated to any student no matter what degree they are pursing that live in these counties with a 3.0 GPA. (Previously the students needed to be in a STEM-H curricula.)
Mike discussed the non-scholarship projects and stated in the past they funded web course and professional development. He stated this money will be transitioned to a mini-grant program for the entire College which will allow faculty and staff to apply for money for professional development above the professional development funds they are already receiving for any project or just an idea. He stated lots of the community colleges already have this in place. Mike stated to avoid duplication, requests would require approval from the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services, Vice President for Finance and Administration, and ultimately from the Foundation Committee and Foundation Board. Mike stated for this year $4,500 will be used for web course developments that are already in progress, and the remainder $5,500 will be used for the mini-grant. He stated for next year, $10,000 or more will be used for a mini-grant.
Director of HR
Leticia reported IT has placed all stipend-supported cell phone numbers on the intranet. Leticia also stated she emailed those that have excess leave as of now stating it must be used prior to the end of the year or permission from their supervisor approving a roll-over. Leticia reported HR is currently reviewing all EWPs and job descriptions for all employees to make sure they are current. She also reported interviews for the HR System position have been scheduled.
Vice President of Information Technology
David reported the VCCS approved the College’s technology plan. He stated this is the first step in appropriation of CVCC’s Equipment Trust Fund allocation. He stated the ETF allocation is used primarily to replace PCs, printers, and projectors. He stated now SCHEV has to provide their authorization (usually occurring in November) to expend the allocation but their approval is not dependent upon approval of the College’s technology plan. David stated the College has chosen to wait until the authorization is received because in previous years, including last year, being confident the money would be allocated, it was spent before receiving authorization. He stated, however, the allocation was delayed a year and resulted in last year’s IT budget being more challenging. (David stated the College’s fiscal year begins July 1, but the ETF allocation is not available until November.)
David reported employees have had the ability to sync email, calendar, and contacts to their cell phones and mobile device for years, but to get this functionality, the submission of an advanced information access form was required. He stated recently it was questioned whether or not this was an artifact from the VITA security requirements which no longer apply to CVCC.  David stated this requirement is an artifact and the access form was removed today. David stated this means anyone with a CVCC email account can sync his/her cell phone and/or mobile device without the form. He stated instructions on how to do this are being created and will available via the web to assist users or the IT helpdesk can assist anyone.  
David reported syncing one’s cell phone and/or mobile device requires the user’s username/password.  David stated if the user changes his/her password to access his/her PC, but doesn’t update the password entry on any cell phone and/or mobile devices configured to sync—the user’s account will become locked as the mobile device attempts to connect using the wrong password.  He cautioned everyone to please remember when the password is changed on the computer, it must also be changed on all devices that sync with the email account.
David reported the College has seven Code Blue emergency notification boxes on the exterior of the buildings of the main campus. He stated the one at the end of the 2400 block of Amherst Hall was configured and successfully activated during the earthquake drill last Thursday. He stated the remainder should be configured for at least broadcast by the end of the week. David reported since the calling functionality will roll-over to the 911 center if CVCC police don’t answer, this has to be coordinated with 911 before implementation. 
David reported he and Chief Dove will be traveling to Virginia Highlands Community College, in Abington, tomorrow to see their security camera system that integrates with Blackboard.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. discussed the 2013 Open World Russian Educators Delegation visit to CVCC on October 15 and stated he enjoyed touring the group around the Campus.
John P. discussed the stone picnic table in front of Bedford and stated lots of designs have been drawn to be placed in and around that area. He also stated design work for the raised crosswalks and canopy are nearing completion and stated the same construction company (J.E. Jamerson and Sons) renovating the student center will also be renovating the bathrooms.
John P. reported he, his staff, and Joey will be attending an off-campus retreat tomorrow.
John P. also discussed his plans for the traffic calming circle which will help with the increase traffic on Harvard Street. He stated this is an expensive project, and as soon as he has some cost estimates, he will be requesting the localities in January to contribute funds over a two-year period.
Classified Staff Association
Linda reported on the Classified Staff Association and stated several proposals are being sent to other committees for approval. She stated she spoke with David L. about allowing Classified Staff to have administrative rights same as the faculty. (David L. stated he is discussing this with the VCCS.)
Ruth questioned if the attendance had increased with Linda stating this last meeting had the largest attendance she remembered.
Faculty Association 
Peter Dorman stated he had nothing else to report from the Faculty Association.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth reported she had just received a MOU for the On Ramp program. She stated this is a grant-funded program that helps provide support to dislocated workers who are attending college. She stated half of the program is non-credit and the other half is credit. Ruth stated she believed this program to be a collaborative effort between counseling, financial aid, and Workforce Career Center.
Ruth discussed the Chancellor’s grant to help those students who were not able to be placed in either the English or math pre-developmental classes. She stated once the grant application was released she realized the money could not be used for what was needed here at CVCC. Ruth stated if anyone had any ideas on this to please let her know. (John C. stated the course of the Middle College is changing and this may be one way to help these students. He also stated there is no money allotted for Middle College but requested Ruth to follow up on this.)
Ruth reported the Workforce Center was in the process of being certified. She stated this was a new state-wide initiative and had heard that other centers had not passed. Ruth stated if there are recommendations, they will be used to make necessary adjustments to the College’s center.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported 2014 spring registration begins on November 1. He stated additional second-eight week general education classes have already been added to the schedule. Will stated he hopes this will help increase enrollment. He stated for 2013 fall semester, CVCC’s FTE enrollment is down less than one percent from the previous year but is above the VCCS average.
Will reported a meeting is scheduled on October 24 with area high school counselors and career coaches to inform them of CVCC’s career technical education (CTE) programs. Will stated some of the courses offerings include welding, HVAC, machine tool, EMT, and pre-nursing. Will also stated on December 12, an information session will be held for parents and students to discuss the CTE. John C. stated he had spoken with News and Advance about an article on this and suggested that it be written prior to December 12. Will stated he will call and set up a time for this.
Part-Time Association 
Cathy was absent.
Compliance Certification
Irene was absent. 
John C. discussed Lynchburg College’s bachelor’s program with the island of St. Lucia that will begin in the spring of 2014. He stated CVCC will be offering the general education courses online for those students beginning in fall 2014 which should generate additional FTEs.
John C. stated the meeting with Rolls Royce representatives which occurred on September 30 went very well. He stated the company was impressed with our facilities and especially with the electronic discharge machine (EDM) that even they do not have. John C. stated he feels they will be reaching out to employ the College’s graduates in the future.
John C. discussed he met with Patty McCue (Chief Nursing Officer), Dr. Thomas W. Nygaard (Chief Medical Officer), and Dr. Daniel Carey (President of Centra Medical Group) all of  Centra Health who are interested in starting a CNA cohort in CVCC’s new CTE pre-nursing program. He stated they also want to start a program to train medical/clinical scribes (a trained medical information manager who specializes in charting physician-patient encounters in real-time during medical exams).
John C. reported on his Professional Development Committee meeting at JSRCC of which he is co-chairing with Susan Wood. He stated there was a uniform plea for a comprehensive calendar that included professional development/grant activities in the VCCS for at least a year. John C. stated the advantage of this is that it would allow faculty to select from that menu of possibilities to help with their new evaluation plan.
John C. discussed how the new governance model will work only if everyone takes it seriously. He stated he has heard that the committees view themselves as extensions of the past committees. John C. what was needed is for the committee members to look for new ideas, themes, and ways of doing things to advance the mission of the College. He stated one committee he is especially interested in is the Employee Recognition Committee and would like to see a more expansive awards program created to recognize and acknowledge the outstanding performance of employees when its happen. John C. stated he was not talking about a large monetary award but something a supervisor could elect to give such as time off from work. He stated he used the Employee Recognition Committee only as an example but this applies to all committees to discover new approaches.
John C. also reported on the Bedford Town Hall meeting that was held on October 10 and stated it was an exceptional meeting with Bedford County Superintendent Dr. Doug Schuch attending with most of his leadership team. John C. stated Dr. Schuch from his perspective, talked about how much CVCC had changed and how they appreciated all the efforts made by the College to help their students. 
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on November 11, 2013.
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