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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

November 11, 2013

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the October 21, 2013, meeting were approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Joey Fronheiser
Ruth Hendrick
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Irene Wheeler
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
Cathy Beale
Mike Bradford
Peter Dorman
John Poole
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data as Of Monday (11/11/2013)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey stated the Quality Enhancement Plan committee is making good progress on its topic of “Improving the Writing Skills of Students Placed in Developmental English.” He stated the report is not due to SACSCOC until August 2014. He stated information on this will be going out to the college community prior to the end of the semester and a more formal session during convocation.
Joey reported the education and departmental assessments are moving ahead. He stated an information session for both groups was held last week.
Joey reported the Fall 2013 Employee Survey has been completed, and a survey results report will be emailed to everyone on Campus either today or tomorrow.
Joey reported in the past, he was the only person from CVCC that attended the SACSCOC Annual Meeting, but this year, there are seven that will be attending-John C., Kris Ogden, Will Sandidge, Lana Velez, Irene Wheeler, Cynthia Lofaso, and himself.
John C. stated the College cannot afford to become complacent in its educational program assessments as in the past. Peter stated he felt a lesson had been learned during the recent SACS’ probation period.
Irene reported that 69 of the 83 written responses to the SACS’ requirements and standards for the Compliance Certification are completed.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Provide Students Free Microsoft Office 365
John C. stated the College Governance Counsel approved last week to provide free Microsoft Office 365 to students. He stated as the VCCS has already stated it is responsible for providing this to students for free, no approval was necessary at the CGC or the President’s Cabinet level.  John C. also stated the VCCS is in control of the timeframe for when this will be available to students.
Agenda Items:
Web Privacy Statement (LIGHTFOOT)
David distributed a proposed Web Privacy Statement and stated it was a slightly altered version of VWCC’s. He stated he hoped to get this approved today in order to have it included in the 2014-2016 Student Handbook. John C. questioned if VWCC’s Web Privacy Statement had been approved by the VCCS. David stated he was unsure but agreed to call VWCC to confirm. Will stated if approval was necessary and did not meet the handbook deadline, it could be added to the online handbook. (Peter suggested changing the words “you” and “yours” to “user” and “users.”)
A motion was made by Mike, and duly seconded by Irene, to approve the statement with modifications as necessary.
The statement was approved unanimously.
Divisional Reports:
Faculty Association 
Peter stated during the last President’s Cabinet meeting, he had discussed the faculty’s opposition to the policy of denying refunds to non-financial aid students who are administratively withdrawn (no-show students who do not drop themselves) during the first week of class. Peter reported after voting, the majority of the faculty was in favor of maintaining the policy of denying the refunds to students who are administratively withdrawn. John C. stated when he recently reviewed the VCCS policy, he feels that CVCC may be in violation of that policy by keeping the refund. He stated he will investigate this further.
Peter discussed the new faculty evaluation rewards policy and stated at the Faculty meeting another option was approved—two grand prizes of $1,000 each and four of $250 each. Peter also stated he sent a revised Faculty Evaluation Plan that closely resembles the model plan to the Faculty Evaluation and Assessment Taskforce for feedback. He stated the new Faculty Evaluation Plan was a major topic at the CFAC meeting he attended recently as several colleges have had their plans rejected numerous times.
Peter stated the faculty discussed changing the beginning dates for fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters and stated those changes were forwarded to Admissions and Records for their input. Will stated he will review those changes and discuss it with the faculty.
Peter also discussed another topic at the CFAC meeting-Performance-Based Funding. He stated the state of Tennessee has gone to all Performance-Based Funding which is based on student success. Peter stated the Chancellor felt, in Virginia, 10-15% of funding in the future will be based on performance. Irene questioned how student success would be determined. Peter stated it would probably be determined by the legislators.
Peter also discussed the adoption of Open Educational Resources (OERs which makes teaching and learning materials freely available online for everyone to use in high enrollment courses including English, psychology, biology, business, chemistry, history, mathematics and information technology). He stated in the future, the usage of a certain percentage of OERs could be attached to presidential and faculty evaluations. John C. stated he knows the Chancellor is committed to cutting textbook costs.
Classified Staff Association
Linda reported on the Classified Staff Association stating a meeting was held last week and discussions included the changes proposed by the CGC for the Professional Achievement Bonus for Classified Staff. She stated the cost for this upcoming year’s bonuses would be $2,500 which was comparable to the faculty’s. Linda also reported the Masquerade Jewelry sale resulted in raising funds for the Classified Staff.  She stated the last two meetings were well-attended.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mike reported his office is about to go through the spring scholarship process as there is TIC money still available for STEM-H related programs. He stated he asked Evan to query for students who are currently enrolled in these programs and found there were 185 students. Mike stated he emailed those students (as well as counselors, Debbie, and Judy) today to let them know money is available. Mike also reported that email as well as some handouts will direct readers to the Foundation page on the College’s website. He stated the context on those pages have been revised to make the guidelines of the scholarships easier to understand.
Mike stated a reception was held on Tuesday, November 5, for outside donors and scholarship recipients. He stated about 50 students attended which helped connect the donors to the students.
Mike also thanked everyone that donated to the Employee Campaign and stated it was a huge success and a little more entertaining. He stated he was open to suggestions for next year.
Vice President of Information Technology
David reported the Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) allocation has not been released yet.
David stated Windows 8.1 is now available for installation on most faculty and staff PCs (not laptops at this time as they have not been tested) on Campus. He stated information on this will be included in the Daily Bulletin.
David reported the fiber connection speed to the main campus buildings will be increased 10x.  IT is working to implement wireless in the parking lots and outside areas of the main Campus as part of the emergency communications project
David reported the process for revising our website has begun and the new website should roll-out in October 2014 after the SACSCOC on-site visit and just-in-time for the spring 2015 enrollment.
David stated the emergency call boxes will be replaced with a smaller version of the code blue boxes that are on the outside of the buildings.  Just as the outside ones, these will call the CVCC Police and roll over to 911. He stated the smaller code blue boxes will also be added to the off-site centers.
Director of HR
Leticia reported that Randall Franklin will be leaving the HR office as the emergency hire, and Holly Carter has been hired for that position and will begin on Friday.
Part-Time Association 
Cathy stated due to lack of participation she will be resigning as president of the Part-Time Association. She stated at this time no one is willing to take on the responsibilities of that position. John C. suggested to conduct a survey to gauge the feelings of the part-timers about the lack of participation in the meetings. He also suggested the most viable alternative is to merge with the Classified Staff. Several items were discussed that might perk-up the interest to attend the meetings—resume writing, application process, and interview skills. Cathy stated she would send out the survey and see what response was received.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported 16 training sessions for customer service have been conducted and two make-up sessions are planned next week for those that have not attended. John C. stated he wanted a list of those that did not attend and an email should be sent to them and their supervisors that they had not attended a training session. John C. stated anyone who failed to participate this mandatory training without good reason, should receive a written notice. Will stated he will include this in his email.
Will reported two new programs (nuclear technology and electronics and computer networking) will be presented to the State Board in November and SCHEV in December for their approval. He thanked Joey for all of his help on this.
Will also reported he will be attending an ASAC meeting Wednesday through Friday of this week.
Compliance Certification
Irene had nothing else to report on the Compliance Certification. 
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. was absent.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth was absent.
John C. discussed a concern with people continuing to smoke in non-smoking areas on Campus. He stated floors have now been completed in the shelters which provide a viable place to smoke. John C. also stated once the signs are made to prohibit smoking in any area except the smoking shelters are in place, the police will begin enforcing the smoking policy. 
John C. stated everyone should have received the email concerning New Horizons 2014 which stated the College will pay registration fees of $150. He encouraged everyone to attend.
John C. discussed CVANE (Central Virginia Academy for Non-Profit Excellence) which will be housed here at CVCC and stated a Kick-Off event was held on October 29. He stated CVANE will provide training for officers and members of non-profit organizations.
John C. stated he was very pleased with CVCC’s new Viewbook and stated it will be a great asset as a recruiting tool. He stated kudos to the team that worked on this 9-12 month-long project.
John C. discussed the new dual enrollment financial model which dictates courses taught at high schools must be reimbursed 60% (CVCC is now reimbursing 75%) of the tuition. He stated now the schools have incentives that can increase the 60% rate all the way to 100% which will make the courses free. John C. reported VWCC already offers 100% reimbursement (to complete with Patrick Henry CC) which resulted in their increased enrollment for this fall and stated it should do the same for CVCC’s enrollment.
The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on December 2, 2013.
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