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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

January 27, 2014

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the December 16, 2013, meeting were approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Joey Fronheiser
Ruth Hendrick
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Irene Wheeler
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
Mike Bradford
Jana Fedele
Peter Dorman
John Poole
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Monday (01/27/2014)
SACS Institutional Effectiveness Recommendation Update:
Joey reported the Compliance Certification Committee is working hard as the document is due to SACSCOC on March 17.  He stated about three or four more standards need to go through the first edit, and the remainder are in various editing stages which included being edited by Cathy Almquest. Joey stated he felt the Compliance Certification document accurately describes what the College is doing. Peter stated he agreed that it was a strong document.
Joey stated the Institutional Effectiveness Departmental Assessments that were due last week are in the process of being reviewed.
John C. thanked all that served on the Compliance Certification Committee as they have invested much of their time and thanked Peter for reviewing and editing the document.
John C. stated (as in his email) that Kris Ogden will be the interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness as Joey has accepted a job at Oklahoma State University.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Policy (SANDIDGE)
Will distributed and discussed a proposed adjunct faculty (includes dual enrollment faculty) evaluation policy that had been previously presented to the Faculty Association. He stated this is a House Bill 1184 as well as a SACSCOC requirement. He stated a common evaluation form will be created and used by all divisions once this policy is approved. Will stated this policy will be implemented beginning this spring (2014) but fully implemented in the fall 2014. Joey stated this timeline would probably not be enough for SACSCOC. Will stated the student evaluation portion should be 100% complete for this spring. John C. stated this is another example of a process that should have been put in place many years ago but wasn’t, and now it is hard to catch-up in a short period of time. He also stated the goal is not to achieve a flawless report from SACSCOC but to make sure CVCC becomes the best it can be.
John P. made a motion to approve the policy as written contingent on a common evaluation form being created and used by all divisions. Peter seconded the motion. 
The President’s Cabinet approved the policy as written contingent on the completion of a common evaluation form being created and used by all divisions.
(John P. will add this policy to the Employee Handbook.)
Administrator Evaluation Policy (CAPPS)
John C. distributed a proposed policy on Administrator Evaluation for approval and also distributed the form used for evaluation (previously approved).
John P. made a motion to accept the policy as written with Will seconding the motion.

The President’s Cabinet approved the policy as written.
(John P. will add this policy to the Employee Handbook.)
Divisional Reports:

Director of HR
Leticia reported the HR Department is reviewing the recruitment procedures and once revised, it will be added to the Employee Handbook.  She also reported the EWP audit (making sure all roles in security are listed, exempt or non-exempt codes are in place, contains the summaries and details in the proper places, and ensuring each position has a EWP attached) are in the process of being reviewed.

Part-Time Association 
Jana Fedele represented the Part-Time Association as she is the only remaining officer. She distributed a survey (completed by 38 employees) which was conducted to determine the course of the Association. The President’s Staff discussed the results and analysis of the survey and expressed concerns at some of the responses. Jana stated she felt the voice of the Part-Time associates was not being heard as they were not attending the meetings of the Association or the Governance Committees. Several suggestions were given for ways to increase attendance. John C. thanked Jana for her willingness to take the lead. 

Vice President of Information Technology
David reported the trend of Cloud IT services continues to gain momentum. He stated the benefits of cloud services are great but the use of it introduces new challenges. David stated the challenge he wanted to discuss today is user account management. He reported IT has identified several cloud-based systems where CVCC information is stored and managed, and the user accounts are managed by the department and stated there are problems with this design and are listed below.
·       Not all departments are notified when an employee leaves CVCC employment. This leaves the opportunity for an employee to leave employment and maintain access to CVCC information. 
·       The College is bound by VCCS password policies.  Password policies are set at the application level. (David stated he knows at least one of the cloud services he uses doesn’t require him to change his initial password.)
David stated this will be an audit finding at this point in the future, but he is more concerned about security of the information. He stated he and Brenda Bowling are working to address this issue but for now he wanted everyone to just be aware of this.

Classified Staff Association
Linda stated the Classified Staff have not met this semester.

Faculty Association 
Peter reported he had met with David McGee and stated the Faculty Awards and Recognition policy should be forthcoming. Peter also stated he was unsure of the status of CVCC’s version of the Faculty Evaluation Plan after resubmitting it to the VCCS.

Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported the Student Center Renovation is coming along, and hopefully, The Spot and the dining area will reopen by the end of next week with the remainder opening the following week. He stated not all of the new furniture has arrived; therefore, the old will be used temporarily. John P. stated the bathroom project is also moving along.
John P. stated an internal audit was conducted on CVCC’s contract management, and there were findings and issues that must be addressed. He reported corrective actions are in process, and a follow-up audit will be performed during the end of February.
John P. stated a group from CVCC attended a meeting in Charlottesville involving the VCCS conducting a benchmark study of business processes in various colleges. He stated eventually some processes or shared services such as payroll, purchasing, accounting, and IT may be consolidated. John P. stated a lot of data must be collected during the next several weeks which will be very time consuming.
John P. stated the APA auditor will be here at CVCC sometime late February.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mike was absent.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth was absent.

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported he felt Convocation went well with lots of faculty and staff involvement.
Will also reported he met with the Faculty Association on January 7, and stated he received a list of seven items of concerns. He stated he will give a status report on each of those concerns within the next week.
Will stated registration went well this semester and reported at this time, enrollment is showing an increase over spring 2013. He stated sometimes when dual enrollment students are added it sometimes skews the numbers based on what date they were added the previous semester.
Will stated he along with John C. and three students, had an enjoyable visit to the General Assembly last week to meet with some of the legislators.

John C. discussed the enrollment for fall 2014 compared to fall 2013 and stated even though the College ended the fall semester with a decrease of -.89% in FTEs, it was ahead of the VCCS average of -1.79%. He stated there were only four colleges that fared better than CVCC, and they were VWCC (+3.36%), TNCC (+.06%), NVCC (+.05%), and LFCC (-.81%).
John C. also stated last Thursday, he and Will accompanied three students (Kristen Greene, Abraham Hebert, and Tanita Anthony) to Richmond for Community College Day. He stated the students had the opportunity to meet with several of the local legislators, including Kathy Byron, Scott Garrett, Matt Fariss, and James Edmunds. Later, he stated they visited the General Assembly, where Delegate Scott Garrett introduced them to the House of Delegates. John C. stated the governor’s budget did not fund any money for capital outlay, therefore, any renovation request must be submitted as a budget amendment. He stated Senator Steve Newman and Delegate Matt Fariss agreed to submit CVCC’s request for funding the renovation of Amherst and Campbell Halls as a budget amendment. John C. stated he was grateful for all of their support. He stated at this time, the outcome is not known.
John C. distributed a copy of the College’s Goals Supporting Achieve 2015 July 2013 through June 2014 as a snapshot of the progress of achieving those goals.
The meeting adjourned at 2:44 p.m.
The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 10, 2014.  
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