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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

May 5, 2014

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the April 7, 2014, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Peter Dorman
Dianne Sykes
Will Sandidge
Irene Wheeler
Leticia Forster
Linda Daye
Evan Abatecola
David Lightfoot
Jana Fedele
Ruth Hendrick
John Poole
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Monday (5/5/2014)
SACS Reaffirmation and Budgeting Process Update:
Kris reported the College’s Compliance Certification is being reviewed by the offsite committee Tuesday and Wednesday (May 6-7) of this week. She stated a “Substantive Change for Accredited Institutions” document was mailed today which was required to demonstrate the College’s compliance with CS. 3.12 and House Bill 1184.
Kris reported the QEP will be submitted in September and stated the QEP topic “Building Better Writers” will be marketed to the students in the fall semester to prepare them for possible questioning from the SACSCOC onsite team that will be on Campus in October.  
Kris discussed the Annual Budgeting Plan and stated 52 requests have been prioritized by the committee members. She stated the committee will meet on Tuesday, May 6, to discuss what the next steps are concerning funding these requests.
Kris reported 89% of the 2014 student graduates for the spring have completed the General Education Assessments and Graduate Surveys with the remaining 11% of students’ accounts being placed “on hold” until theirs are completed. She stated these students are being contacted and told they can take the assessment and survey in the Testing Center.  
Kris also reported Institutional Effectiveness is supporting the English and biology faculty in their assessments and working with program coordinators in providing data for program outcomes.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Graduation Speaker Policy (DORMAN)
Peter proposed an idea of having a variety of graduation speakers and not only having alumni speakers. Various names were discussed as options. It was decided not to vote on this but to discuss it in more detail at a later date.
Professional Development Policy Revision (SANDIDGE)
Will proposed a revision to the Professional Development Policy by adding the following statement at the end of the Annual Assessment of Individual Profession Development Objectives (APPDD)—Deans must meet with faculty to discuss APPDDs by January 31.
John P. made a motion with Jana duly seconding, to approve the revision of the Professional Development Policy by adding the statement “Deans must meet with faculty to discuss APPDDs by January 31.”
Being no further discussion, the President’s Cabinet approved the motion unanimously.
Divisional Reports:
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported Intan McCartt, Senior Internal Auditor from the VCCS, will be here next week for a Financial Aid Post-Award Process Audit. He stated this audit will involve the Financial Aid, Admissions and Records, and the Business Offices. He stated CVCC is one of seven colleges that are being audited.
Will reminded everyone that graduation will be held on May 15. He commented on the program for this year and stated he especially liked the new cover.
Will stated summer enrollment is down, and he is busy working with Judy and Evan to review all of their options. Will reported the same classes are being offered as last summer and at this time, he stated he is unsure what reasons are causing the low enrollment.  
Will stated that Dr. Walter Krug, Director of the Appomattox Center, is retiring August 1.
Will stated the PTK and POLIS Ceremonies were held last Friday. He reported each event went well with good attendance. He also stated the Student Appreciation Picnic held on April 25 was a success in spite of the impending rain. (Irene mentioned that Fridays were not the best day for student picnics as that is the lowest attendance day of the week. Will stated he will suggest changing the day for the upcoming picnics.) Will also stated Dani coordinated a 5K race (with 147 participants) here at CVCC on April 26 raising over $1,300 for Big Brothers and Sisters’ organizations.
John C. stated he has represented the College in numerous occasions beginning in Richmond for the VA Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority, Lynchburg Chamber’s Annual Meeting, Inauguration of the President for both Patrick Henry Community College and Randolph College, Lynchburg’s Town and Gown held on April 30, and most recently on May 4th at the Lynchburg City Schools in honoring their top 30 seniors.
John C. also stated the LU tunnels should be open this week prior to their graduation. He stated at the recent Town and Gown meeting, it was discussed that a traffic calming circle at the end of Harvard and Wards Ferry Road will be built to help with the additional traffic resulting from the new tunnels.  
John C. reported Senator Kaine came to CVCC on April 14 to visit the STEM Academy, Machine Tool and Culinary Arts. He reported that the Chancellor’s scheduled visit on April 29 had to be postponed because of the heavy rains.
John C. stated he visited a member of CVCC’s Local Board, Mr. Richard Carter, Sr. who is very ill. He stated Mr. Carter was a very dedicated member of the Board and asked that everyone keep him in their thoughts.
Vice President of Information Technology
Evan reported in David’s absence that the first group of new computers has been delivered and Chris Jordan is coordinating with those faculty that are due a new computer and will not be teaching this summer to have theirs installed first. He stated the next group to have their new computers installed will be the faculty and staff that are working this summer.
Evan reported the 36 replacement security cameras for Amherst Hall have arrived. He stated the software has been installed, and IT is in the process of testing the new cameras. Evan stated the next step is to have the cameras mounted. (the existing locations will be used) He stated additional cameras will be purchased as funds permit.
Director of HR
Leticia reported Open Enrollment for Health Benefits is in progress, and if there are any questions to be please call HR or use the link on HR’s website.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mike reported during the Foundation’s Finance Committee meeting, it was discovered the College is ahead in contributions for this year as of April compared to the last three or four-full years. He stated the Corporate and the Friends and Retirees Campaigns are ongoing but the Machine Tool Campaign (CVCC’s match with the TIC’s grant) is almost completed. Mike stated he has visited AMG and American Hoffman to solicit donations and Wexco and Timken will be sending representatives to consider donations as they tour the Machine Tool lab. Mike also reported a grant was submitted to Wells Fargo Foundation. He stated that Jeff Laub has some additional equipment that he would like to purchase so the fundraising will continue.
Mike stated his office continues to award summer scholarships and so far, have awarded more than last year.
Part-Time Association 
Jana reported on the Part-Time Association and stated she was pleased to report that attendance improved for their last meeting. She also stated more clarification was needed on how part-timers could make up the 29 hours if time was lost due to inclement weather, illness, etc. Leticia stated she would resend the email she sent several weeks ago.
Classified Staff Association
Linda stated the Classified Staff Association met and elected new officers-President, Ed McGee, Vice President, Dani Van Vierssen, Secretary, Lauren Calloway, and Treasurer, Connie Sublett. She stated one goal the Association plans to discuss is to provide healthy food selections in The Spot. 
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Kris had nothing more to report.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported as a result in the weaknesses found in the College’s recent internal audit and the APA, it was determined internal controls existed but they were not documented. As a result, he reported a consultant has been hired to document each internal control activity. 
John P. also reported as the VCCS is looking to consolidate financial services, CVCC will be aligning its purchasing department with VWCC as they are the college closest to CVCC and also have delegated authority to make decisions independently.
John P. reported the Altavista Center is relocating to the Altavista Combined School in the fall semester. He stated this should not require a lease but a Memorandum of Understanding.  
John P. reported the budget allocation from the VCCS has not been received but stated he thinks there will be a decrease of $150,000 to $200,000 which will make it difficult to create a budget with that amount of loss. 
John P. reported the Police Department has relocated to their new offices and their previous office space is being renovated to house the Career Center.
John P. reported the remaining two bathrooms are being renovated at a faster pace. He stated at the recent Town Hall meeting, there was a mention of trash problems in the bathroom and he has requested Facilities to check on this three times a day.
John P. reported the Student Center renovations are complete with the remaining furniture arriving in a couple of weeks.
John P. reported Betty Mickles will be retiring at the end of July.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth was absent.
Faculty Association 
Peter stated the Faculty Association met and elected Tom Sparhawk as the new vice president and Matt Lattimer as the secretary. Peter stated he will remain as president for another year.  
The meeting adjourned at 2:19 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on May 19, 2014, at beginning at 2:30 p.m.  
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