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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

June 16, 2014

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the May 19, 2014, meeting were approved.
Will Sandidge
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Peter Dorman
Ruth Hendrick
John Capps
Irene Wheeler
Leticia Forster
Ed McGee
Jana Fedele
David Lightfoot
Dianne Sykes
John Poole
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report: 
Data as Of Monday (6/16/2014)
Will welcomed Ed McGee to his first President’s Cabinet meeting as president of the Classified Staff. He also commended Linda Daye for all accomplishments while she held that office.
SACS Reaffirmation and Budgeting Process Update:
Kris reported the QEP document will be submitted in September (Peter will proofread prior to submittal). She also reported Will is working on the funding resources for the QEP.
Kris reported on the Compliance Certification and stated the report from the off-site committee cited 11 areas that needed additional information. She stated Dr. Michael Hoefer (VP SACSCOC) extended an invitation to discuss and share information on the report through a conference call. Kris stated Dr. Hoefer provided excellent guidance and support for the College’s next steps. She stated beginning next week, individual meetings will be held with each departmental planning coordinator to share a new format. She stated the focus report will be submitted responding with clarification to the areas that were cited by the off-site committee.
Kris discussed (and previously distributed) the Student Overall Satisfaction Survey and stated this is a good example of data that can be used as evidence that show improvements necessary for the Compliance Certification. She stated additional surveys are available or if there is a specific need, please ask as the Institutional Effectiveness office has a lot of information available.
Kris stated CVCC’s Strategic Plan is based on the goals from the VCCS Achieve 2015, and she has asked departmental planning coordinators for any input on those goals. Kris stated John C. asked that she incorporate those goals with last year’s goals. She distributed a rough draft of those goals to the Cabinet to review and discuss at the next Cabinet meeting.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Professional Development Policy (SANDIDGE)
Will discussed a previous request to change a deadline date in the Professional Development Policy but stated after discussing this with Peter, they both decided the policy should not be revised.
Being no further discussion, Will’s request to not revise the Professional Development Policy was approved.
(The policy will be sent to John P. to be placed in the Employee Handbook.)
SACSCOC Substantive Change Notification Policy (OGDEN)
Kris discussed a proposed Policy for the SACSCOC Substantive Change Notification that will show compliance with Comprehensive Standard 3.12.1. She stated this was one of the three standards the College disclosed that was not in compliance because there was no current policy in place for reporting Substantive Changes.
Peter made a motion with Will duly seconding to approve the SACSCOC Substantive Change Notification policy as written.
Being no further discussion, the President’s Cabinet approved the motion unanimously.
TMS Contract (POOLE)
John P. stated Tidewater Community College (on behalf of the VCCS) has contracted a tuition management system for Financial Aid students receiving reimbursements. He stated the students will receive a VISA card (instead of a check) which can be used at any automated teller machine (ATM). The company will also place an ATM in each college that will not charge a usage fee. John P. reported there are several pilot colleges that have been selected but he stated he was unsure of the timeline for CVCC. He stated one advantage to the students is that they would receive their reimbursement several days earlier than the traditional mailed check. John reported with Virginia’s new accounting system (Cardinal System), the college will be charged a fee for each check issued. (John P. stated another option for the student was to have the reimbursements direct deposited. He stated receiving a check was still an option.)
Divisional Reports:
Compliance Certification
Irene reported she is working on writing portions of the Focus report.
Director of HR
Leticia reported HR is updating the full- and part-time employees work profile to ensure all the SOC codes are correct and hopes to have all completed by the end of this calendar year. She stated the EWPs will then be sent to the supervisors to ensure accuracy.
Leticia stated part-time staff evaluations are due July 1, and the classified staff’s are due October 1.
Vice President of Information Technology
David reported the Barracuda Spam Firewall has been purchased to help manage the incoming junk emails.
David stated a Code Blue pedestal to the side of the Appomattox Building has been installed but not configured as of yet. He stated this will run as a pilot before adding any more due to the cost.  
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Kris had nothing more to report.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported on the budget and stated the community colleges will receive no additional money for this year; however, the base budget will remain the same. He stated the low enrollment is really hurting the budget, and every effort must be made to increase the FTEs.
John P. reported the raised crosswalks and canopy projects will be going out for bids soon as the pre-bid meeting has been scheduled, and he stated expectations to begin construction on the canopy replacement will be in August.
John P. reported Verizon has requested to place an antenna on CVCC’s Campus to increase data coverage. He stated Verizon is willing to pay up to $6,000 a year but CVCC plans to negotiate for an increase.
John P. stated he will part of a SACSCOC onsite visiting committee to Mayland Community College in Spruce Pine, NC, in September.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement 
Mike reported TV ads for fall semester will begin next week. He stated 50% of the budget will be spent with WSET and the ads will be seen during Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He also stated spring semester ads will be seen on several Comcast cable channels for the first time. Mike reported digital web advertisements such as pre-roll video and pop-up ads are planned.
Mike stated he along with Facilities Maintenance will be working with KSA Interiors to update the College’s signage and wayfinding project next week. He stated Germanna Community College and Thomas Nelson Community College have used this group.
Mike stated that Donna Hobbs will focus only on teaching and being a program head beginning this fall and not doing graphic design work for the College. Mike stated the money used to pay Donna will now go towards contracting an outside source for graphic design.
Mike reported Jack Freeman has submitted a $1.4 million NSF grant cooperative with Lynchburg College for the training of STEM teachers. He also reported a $3 million DOE grant is in the discussion phase which would be used to increase community colleges’ access of underrepresented, under-prepared, and low income students.  
Mike stated his office is almost completed with the awarding of summer scholarships. He reported the total will be more than $300,000 for this year as compared to $177,000 from last year. Mike stated this year should see additional scholarships awarded.
Mike stated contributions (gifts only) will likely total $310,000 for this year as compared to $218,000 from last year.
Will questioned if the College had scheduled any TV ads for summer enrollment. Mike stated the College had only marketed fall and spring semesters in the past and that trend had continued but stated ads for the summer could also be a good idea for the future. 
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth reported Workforce’s numbers had increased remarkably since the addition of a marketing person.
Ruth stated one goal the president is evaluated on is the number of Career Readiness Certificates awarded. She stated their goal for this year was 130 and as of last week, they have awarded 169. She stated employers served is another measure that Workforce and the president are graded on and for last fiscal year the number was 219, and for this year (with 1 team out of six reporting), the number is 311.
Ruth shared a success story in Workforce’s Virginia Placement Test Preparation (VPT) class concerning a student who originally could not test into Developmental English class but after taking the VPT class, tested into English 111. (During this meeting Ruth reported the student was able to test into Dev. English but before these minutes were published, she corrected the information to state English 111. These minutes will reflect the updated information.) Ruth stated the VPT classes are grant funded and will continue throughout fall 2014.
Part-Time Association 
Jana stated Steve Monetti will be leaving employment with CVCC; therefore, a new vice president will have to be elected. Jana stated that Steve has agreed to teach one session during the summer to the Part-Time Staff on proactive job search.
Faculty Association 
Peter stated the Faculty Association had nothing new to report. He reported on the QEP and stated the portions he had reviewed so far looked really good.
Classified Staff Association
Ed stated the Classified Staff Association has nothing new to report except that Dani van Vierssen has agreed to be the vice president.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported he along with the deans met with the Altavista Combined School’s principal to discuss scheduling evening classes for the fall. Will stated courses and rooms have been selected and will be placed in PeopleSoft soon to allow for registering. Will stated the courses will be scheduled from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays. He reported two classrooms, one biology lab, and one computer lab will be used for classes. Will reported Jessica will be creating a flyer to advertise the classes in the Altavista Journal. He also reported a flyer is being created to advertise several new programs being offered at CVCC.
Will stated a meeting was held with Randolph College to discuss recruiting CVCC students.
Will reported John C. requested that he create a taskforce to determine the cause(s) of the low summer enrollment. He stated the VCCS shows a decrease average of -7.04% and CVCC is second from the bottom with -19.17%.
John C. was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 1:52 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on June 30, 2014. 
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