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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

August 11, 2014

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the June 30, 2014, meeting were approved.
Will Sandidge
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Peter Dorman
Ruth Hendrick
John Capps
Irene Wheeler
Leticia Forster
Ed McGee
Jana Fedele
David Lightfoot
Dianne Sykes
John Poole
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report: 
Data As Of Monday (8/11/2014)
SACS Reaffirmation and Budgeting Process Update:
Kris stated work continues on writing/editing the Focus Report (addressing the 11 areas sited by the off-site committee) and the QEP. She reported the meeting here on Campus with Dr. Hoefer from SACSCOC was very productive. She stated Dr. Hoefer was very complimentary of CVCC’s QEP. Kris also reported preparations have begun for the on-site reviewers’ visit which is scheduled for October 21-23.
Kris reported assessments continue to be ongoing for continuance improvements.
John C. thanked Kris for moving the IE program forward.  
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Branding Guidelines (CAPPS)
John C. stated the Marketing Committee has been struggling to develop a policy on branding guidelines, and Donna Hobbs had submitted this document (previously emailed to Cabinet members) for approval before getting final approval from an outside source. Ruth stated she had a few suggestions from her marketing person but would discuss those with Donna.
Ruth made a motion with Jana duly seconding to approve the Branding Guidelines as written.
Being no further discussion, the President’s Cabinet approved the motion unanimously.
Flash Drives (LIGHTFOOT)
David distributed and discussed a document (titled “Stop Sharing USB Flash Drives-Right Now) emailed from James Davis. He stated the document discussed security vulnerability connected to Flash Drive usage. David stated many are stolen or lost which gives others access to files. Discussions included courses (like Bus 226) that require student and faculty Flash Drive usage and students who do not have internet service at home. Ed stated conducting a student survey would show which students have internet access away from CVCC. John C. stated it is good to be proactive but before making a decision, he would like to see what the VCCS recommends.
David also stated he will discuss administrative rights with the faculty during Convocation as the College was sited in an audit finding concerning this.
Divisional Reports:
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported Dani Van Vierrsen (Student Activities) has accepted a position with VWCC and advertising has begun to fill her position.
Will discussed one of the Chancellor’s Goals on Shared Services with Distance Learning and stated CVCC is now receiving 13 classes and delivering 1 in collaboration with other community colleges. Ed stated several classes had been added—early childhood development (to help teach-out a program that was discontinued), fire safety (to promote a new program), and math (students need class to graduate) classes. Ed also stated CVCC is sharing Geology 110. John C. thanked Ed for his leadership in initiating this.
Will stated he and Cindy Wallin met with Jefferson Forest principal, Dr. LeeAnn Calvert and Susan Hogg (CVCC Career Coach), to lay the groundwork for offering a biology class for their students because of JF’s difficulty obtaining a biology teacher.
Will reported he attended the Radiology Honor Ceremony recently for 16 students who had completed the program and also passed the National Exam.
Will stated Early College orientations were held for Lynchburg City Schools, Bedford and Campbell Counties and orientations are scheduled this week for Amherst and Appomattox Counties. 
Will reported the agenda for Convocation was emailed to everyone this morning.
Will reported each college had to submit a Student Success Plan to the VCCS and stated CVCC had submitted its plan and received approval. He stated CVCC’s plan included increase tutoring, hire a retention coach, and increase support in the Great Expectations program.
Will also reported two new math instructors had been hired and an offer was made today to hire a biology instructor.
Director of HR
Leticia stated in the past, employees having excess annual leave at the end of the calendar year were allowed until July 9 of the following year to use the leave. She stated a policy has now been written to affirm this. 
Leticia also reported Search Committee members are now required to sign a confidentiality statement when serving on an employee search process.
Vice President for Information Technology’s Report
David stated both part-time IT employees have obtained full-time positions elsewhere making coverage in the evenings challenging.
David discussed the Code Blue devices and stated they can be used to call the police in emergencies and also broadcast on e2C.
David reported during the past two weeks, the security cameras in Amherst Hall were replaced.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris had no additional report.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported the background checks are in process for the Business Manager’s position.
John P. reported CVCC will soon be entering into a shared services agreement with Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) to provide procurement services on behalf of CVCC.  He stated as part of the implementation many key CVCC employees will be trained to make purchases under $5,000 on the Virginia e-procurement system (eVA). He stated the training timeline depends on who does the training and how quickly eVA access is obtained.
John P. also reported the College is out to bid for the canopy, and the contract is completed for the crosswalks.
John P. stated the construction on Harvard Street/Wards Road includes widening the right turn lane, adding a left turn lane and having a lane going straight through the LU tunnels. He stated in order to do this, Harvard had to be widened on the left side. John P. stated he did not have a completion timeline but was sure it would not be ready for students when they return. John C. recommended adding a statement to the College’s website to inform students and also to work with Russell for a press release. Irene suggested having someone to direct during heavy traffic periods. Will stated he will work with Peter to inform faculty that students may be late to class for the first two weeks.
Classified Staff Association
Ed stated the Classified Staff Association had not met. He stated a new vice president will need to be elected as Dani held that position.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth reported the DOL grant for the Career Center had been extended to September 2015 but after that date it must be self-supporting.
Ruth also reported the next training opportunity (beginning September 15) for the Fast Track Technical Program will be the Veterinary Assistant program.
Ruth stated last week, visitors from the federal and state levels came to CVCC to evaluate the Small Business Development Center.
Ruth reported she and Pat Gatti met last week with the truck driving coordinator, and it was decided the Bedford Center was not doable for the program. She stated the classroom part may be offered through Distance Learning, and the driving would take places in Hollins.
Part-Time Association
Jana reported two officers of the Association had taken full-time positions and the third officer had to resign.
Faculty Association
Peter stated the Faculty Association had not met since spring semester.
Peter stated at the CFAC meeting, a two-semester adjunct contract was discussed.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike Bradford was absent.
John C. stated there were two rumors circulating around Campus, and he wanted to clarify that there is no truth in them:
·       LU has already purchased CVCC
·       CVCC is going to become a satellite of VWCC
The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on August 25, 2014.  
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