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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

November 3, 2014

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the September 22, 2014, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Peter Dorman
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
John Poole
Ed McGee
Jana Fedele
David Lightfoot
Dianne Sykes
 Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report: 
Data As Of Monday (11/3/2014)
SACS Reaffirmation and Budgeting Process Update:
Kris reported on the SACS on-site visit and stated it was very apparent to the committee about CVCC’s commitment. She thanked everyone for their hard work in preparing for the on-site visit. 
Kris stated it is very important for all the internal processes and assessments to continue. She stated the annual process will now actually take a year to complete.
John C. thanked everyone for their hard work and especially Kris for her leadership. He stated everyone answered the call to push CVCC over the finish line which was a truly extraordinary effort, a product of everyone’s efforts. He also stated this goal was accomplished while taking the College forward on a variety of other fronts. 
John C. stated this section can be removed from the agenda.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
The President’s Cabinet approved a request from the CGC to simplify the online awards nomination form from five sections to one section for all employee awards (except Outstanding Faculty). The rationale was to increase the number of nominations received.
Agenda Items:
Discussion Items:
Mike discussed several marketing initiatives which included ads/pre-roll video on web (15 and 30 second spots) on WSET, WSLS, and Comcast. He also stated the digital billboard (will show 39,960 impressions) on Wards Road (near the LU cross over) will be showing CVCC messages created by Jill Markwood during the month of November.
Mike stated a new spring 2015 animated video with voice-over has been created and will also be shown on WSET, WSLS, and Comcast.
Will stated Michael Farris has accepted the position of Dean of Enrollment Management and will begin work on December 1. He stated the Dean of Student Success will begin the process of being filled soon.
Will discussed CVCC’s enrollment and stated while the College is -1.30, the VCCS average is 
-3.10. (Only 5 colleges are showing an increase.) Will stated a class will begin shortly with AREVA which hopefully will have a positive impact on fall enrollment.
Peter stated he will be attending CFAC this Thursday and Friday. He stated a recommendation will be made for the VCCS to adopt the VWCC policy on amorous relationships between faculty and students, and supervisors and those they supervise.
John P. stated since the budget cut percentages were not as severe as first believed and several positions were vacant longer than expected, he feels the College’s budget will be okay throughout the year. He also stated passing the cost of credit card use along to students (who pay for classes with a credit card) will result in a savings of about $70,000. John P. stated this will begin in summer because VISA could not be ready by the time enrollment begins for spring. John C. stated CVCC has $265,000 of carry-forward money of which the College is not dependent upon to balance the budget. For now, it is believed the state will allow the colleges to keep this money.
John P. reported he is in the process of creating a better financial report to be presented to the Local Board. John P. stated this should make reconciliations easier also. He stated the AIS generated reports are not satisfactory.
John C. requested ideas on presentations for the 2015 Board meeting. The following ideas were presented:
  • Safety and Security- Russell Dove
  • Great Expectations- Mickey Paige
  • Veterans- Tina Murphy
  • Honors Program- Charles Poff and Muriel Mickles
Jana invited John Poole to their meeting on Thursday to discuss the Part-Time Staff’s Education Achievement Awards.  
The meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on December 1, 2014.
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