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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

February 9, 2015

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the January 12, 2015, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Peter Dorman
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
John Poole
Ed McGee
Jana Fedele
David Lightfoot
Dianne Sykes
Russell Dove
 Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report: 
Data As Of Monday (2/9/2015)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
As approved at the College Governance Committee meeting on February 3, 2015, the CVCC Surveillance Doctrine (Safety and Security Committee) and World Wide Web Content Policy (Public Relations & Marketing Committee) were also unanimously approved by the President’s Cabinet.
Agenda Items:
Approval of CVCC’s Information Security Policy (BOWLING)
(A copy of CVCC’s Information Security Policy was previously emailed to all cabinet members asking them to review prior to this meeting.) Brenda Bowling stated CVCC’s policy of 44 standards was based on the VCCS Security Policy (approved by the State Board) and needed to be reviewed annually and approved also by the President’s Cabinet.
John P. made a motion with Peter duly seconding to accept the proposed policy as written.
Being no further discussion, the President’s Cabinet approved the motion unanimously.
Divisional Reports:
Part-Time Association
Jana stated she is in the process of updating the Part-Time Staff Association’s Bylaws and Constitution and upon completion, offered to share the document with the Classified and Faculty Associations.
She reported attendance had increased since the approval of the Part-Time Education Achievement Award. Jana stated their next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 12.
Vice President for Information Technology
David discussed CVCC’s “Virtual Private Network” connection (VPN which allows employees access to their files away from Campus) and stated adding a two-factor authentication as an additional security method could be completed by next week.
Classified Staff Association
Ed reported the Classified Staff Association will meet tomorrow. 
Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security
Russell reported he along with his counter parts have contacted the legislators concerning sexual assault on campus bills. He stated all but two (HB 1785 and one referred to as the Jesse Matthew bill) have been defeated or tabled.
Russell advised he was glad to report that his staffing levels had finally stabilized after several months that included shortages due to several extended illnesses and resignations.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported she, Will, Muriel, Cynthia, and Lana continue to work on the responses related to the QEP recommendations made by the SACSCOC team. She stated Peter will review the responses, and then it will be sent to Michael Hoefer for a final review before submittal to SACSCOC on March 23.
Kris stated Gainful Employment Disclosures have been added the CVCC’s website.   
Kris stated a link to a survey has been emailed to everyone at CVCC to solicit suggestions and comments to help establish college-wide and departmental goals to support the new strategic plan, Complete 2021.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. distributed the January 2015 Budget Expenditure report. He stated a problem arose last year when some of CVCC’s encumbrances were mixed with Paul D. Camp Community College’s, and at this time, there has been no resolution. John P. stated another problem involved CVCC’s p-cards’ clearing account. He stated the VCCS is working on both of these problems. John P. reported he had removed from this report any Workforce items, and in the future, a separate report will be created with all their revenues and expenditures.
John P. stated Randall Franklin will begin as CVCC’s new Human Resource Director tomorrow.
John P. reported next week (Feb. 17), CVCC is hosting a regional VCCS meeting on shared services.
Faculty Association
Peter stated the Faculty Association will meet tomorrow. He discussed Tom Sparhawk’s Brown Bag initiatives and stated the first one (CVCC in the Early 1970s) was really interesting. He stated another will be held tomorrow with Matt Lattimer discussing the Monacan Indians. 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will discussed the McBratney donation of $200,000 to CVCC and stated a meeting will be held this afternoon with Lynchburg City Schools to work out the details.
Will stated next Monday, an information session for parents and students (on the CTE programs offered on Campus for high school seniors) in Region 2000 school districts is scheduled here in the Multi-Purpose room.
Will reported on the Trio Grant’s ($220,000 per year for five years) completion and stated it was a team effort involving many areas of the college. He stated the grant will be awarded in September of this year.  
Will stated effective February 10, the night administrator hours which are currently until 9 p.m. will be changed to 8 p.m., and the counseling front desk will close at 6 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. He stated during certain times such as peak hours of registration, the closing times will revert back.
Will reported Scott Kemp, VCCS Director of College Access, will be here at CVCC on February 20 to review (fact-finding) the On Ramp program.
John C. thanked Will for his leadership in the TRIO grant, Kris for the assessment part, and Judy for the writing portion.
John C. also commended Mike for all of his efforts in securing the McBrattney contribution.
John C. distributed a list of various bills of interest to the VCCS. He stated good news in both the House Appropriation Committee and the Senate Finance Committee is that they are supporting a state employee compensation plan as projections show an increase in revenue for the state. 
John C. discussed the Amherst Center and stated Del. Scott Garrett submitted a proposal for a total of $260,000 for two years to fund the Center. He stated this has been approved by the House but now must be approved by the Senate. John C. stated this will provide time to increase the enrollment at the Center.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth was absent.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 2:01 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 24, 2015.
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