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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

February 23, 2015

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the February 9, 2015, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Peter Dorman
Will Sandidge
Ruth Hendrick
John Poole
Ed McGee
Jana Fedele
David Lightfoot
Dianne Sykes
Russell Dove
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data as of Monday (2/23/2015)

CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Muriel discussed the Chancellor’s Taskforce on Diversity and the charge he has given to all of the community colleges. She stated the Taskforce (created in 2013) was to develop strategies, actions, programs, and policies that would enable Virginia’s Community Colleges to build inclusive and representative communities. Muriel stated this Taskforce, in 2014, presented several recommendations from their report on how to make the VCCS a model of diversity. She stated the recommendations were aimed at increasing the demographic diversity of the VCCS so that the teaching faculty and leaders look like the community of which they serve and also recommendations on how the colleges could create this inclusive community.
Muriel stated a team consisting of Kris Ogden, Will Sandidge, Randall Franklin, Loretta Marshall, Tom Sparhawk, and herself was created to develop CVCC’s response to this diversity initiative. Muriel stated to begin with, this team needed to define CVCC’s current status in relation to diversity, envision the college’s aspiration for change, identify particular outcomes of CVCC’s plans and specific timelines, establish a range of available strategies based on the Chancellor’s report, and regularly check and track the progress of this report. Muriel stated CVCC was to develop strategies to enhance campus leadership, communication and vision sharing, recruitment and development, community engagement and integration. She stated CVCC’s draft report has been written and presently being reviewed by John C. but is due to the VCCS on March 1.
Muriel noted that Region 2000 has a diverse population of 22% which matches CVCC’s diverse student population of 22% but the leadership and faculty at CVCC does not match that percentage.  She stated strategies will be developed to correct this.
Peter stated it had been bought to his attention concerning the $25 cost of replacing a lost ID. He stated some thought this fee excessive.  John P. stated this is CVCC’s policy as the cards are expensive to remake and also encourages employees to keep up with their cards. John C. suggested waiving the first time replacement fee but felt that was a decision for the Safety and Security Committee. John P. stated he will discuss this at their next meeting.    
Divisional Reports:
Part-Time Association
Jana stated the Part-Time Association is having a pizza sale as a fund raiser on March 17.
Jana reported the process of updating the Part-Time Staff Association’s Bylaws and Constitution continues with several requested edits.
Jana stated she did not feel that everyone is aware of the new/revised policies to the Employee Handbook. Dianne stated that a decision had been recently made for the link to those policies be placed on the Daily Bulletin once they are added to the Handbook.
Vice President for Information Technology
David discussed CVCC’s “Virtual Private Network” connection (VPN which allows employees access to their files away from Campus) and stated complications with the vendor have been encountered.
Faculty Association
Peter stated a state-wide group has been selected to review the new faculty evaluations.
Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security
Russell thanked everyone at CVCC who voted in the Stanley Security Grant Program contest. He stated that while CVCC was not a successful winner in this particular grant, he will continue to pursue other grants. He reported he is looking at a United States Department of Justice Grant that would provide protective vests for the two newly-hired officers. Russell stated he is working with Jack Freeman for possible grants that could fund the upgrade to the College’s radio communication.
Classified Staff Association
Ed reported the Classified Staff Association met last week and decided to create a policy to recognize staff who are facing hardships, illnesses or deaths in their families. 
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported the responses related to the QEP recommendations made by the SACSCOC team will be submitted by March 23. Kris stated Michael Hoefer had reviewed the responses and suggested the College update its QEP to reflect the recommendations made by the team.
Kris discussed the diversity initiative and stated a survey is offered by the Chronicle of Higher Ed that CVCC will be sending out sometime in mid-March.
Kris reported it is time to begin with the budgeting process for 2015-2016 and the planning coordinators will need to review and priotize financial requests for available funds based on college goals. She stated she will email information out sometime this week.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. state the annual ARMICS survey has been emailed out to those that need to respond. He stated the survey has to be completed by a minimum of 15 people and is due by the middle of March.
John P. stated as part of a VCCS state-wide contract, CVCC will be switching from Barnes and Noble to Follett Bookstore on July 1. He stated advantages included a higher commission for the College and a financial aid interface with PeopleSoft making reconciliation faster. John P. stated all summer book orders go to Barnes and Noble, and fall orders go to Follett. Mike stated Barnes and Noble gave $5,000 a year to the Foundation and questioned if Follett would do the same. John P. stated he is unsure if this is in the contract.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported he spoke with Michael Farris about marketing (some funding from Financial Aid and some from Marketing) for the upcoming Super Saturday and classes for summer semester. Mike stated that Michael F. has assembled a team to brainstorm ideas for marketing these two initiatives.
Mike stated he and David L. have met several times to discuss a redesign for the College’s website. Mike stated they had looked at Wytheville Community College’s new website which was created through a cooperative procurement agreement with a firm in Roanoke. He stated they had reviewed the contract and costs which was about $74,000. Mike stated he feels everyone will agree that the CVCC’s current website is not user friendly. John C. agreed and stated he, Will, and Ruth met with area business leaders recently, and all agreed that CVCC’s website was impossible to navigate.
Mike discussed the TIC equipment grant (1/2 matching with CVCC) and feels this year the money will be used for biology equipment and the conversion of a classroom to a lab. He stated once these two priorities were funded, the remaining monies could be used to purchase items such as microscopes, a freezer, etc. He stated all of this totals about $190,000.
Mike reported on the new scholarship software and stated the application process is now available on line and stated the counselors and high schools needed to be informed so they could tell their students.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Will reported an information session for parents and students (on the CTE programs offered on Campus for high school seniors) in Region 2000 school districts was rescheduled for March 2. He stated an Early College meeting with Lynchburg City Schools will also be rescheduled because of the snow but not sure of a date at this time.
Will discussed the Perkins Grant and stated the College was awarded $25,205 carry over money. He stated $18,500 will be used for the Career Coaches’ salaries and $6,500 will be used for Smart Thinking.
Will stated Ed McGee and he are meeting with representatives from Job Corps as they are interested in having their students taking 15 online credit hours through CVCC during a two-year period. Will stated that CVCC had worked with Job Corps students in the past and hopes to do so again.
Will stated Deanne Davis has accepted the Student Activities Coordinator’s position and should begin working on March 10. He stated Linda Adams will return and help train.
Will reported on the Title III grant and stated hopes are to create a Math Center similar to the Writing Center. He stated other ideas included to fund the redesign of CVCC’s website and marketing to underserved students.
John C. reported he attended the VCCS Legislative Reception which was held on February 11.
The President’s Cabinet discussed topics for the upcoming Town Hall meeting.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 2:34 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on March 9, 2015.
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