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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 5, 2015

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 27, 2015, meeting were approved.
John Capps
John Poole
Mike Bradford
Tom Sparhawk
Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles
Ruth Hendrick
Kris Ogden
Ed McGee
Will Sandidge
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Jana Fedele
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Yesterday (10/5/2015)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Survey of “Great Colleges to Work For” Discussion (OGDEN)
Kris distributed the results of the “Great Colleges to Work For” survey. She stated CVCC exceeded the 43% participation requirement for this national survey. Kris stated by now most know that CVCC was recognized as a “Great College to Work For” in two of the categories.
Kris stated because CVCC strives for excellence, the data results of this survey will be used in a process for continuous improvement. She stated the plan is to solicit input and obtain recommendations on how the College can improve in all categories by using existing committees/associations and establishing ad hoc committees to focus on all categories. John C. stated he wants this to be an earnest process of examining and studying this data for improvements.
John C. stated he has tasked Will Sandidge to head up these committees to review where the College has succeeded and where improvement is needed.
Divisional Reports:
Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported efforts are being made to increase enrollment which include a push for the second eight-week courses, creating a new career studies certificate, and hiring a career coach for Amherst County High School to promote more dual enrollment. (John C. stated the career coach from E.C. Glass High School was moved to Amherst. He stated as CVCC received additional funding from the General Assembly for the Amherst Center operations, the College must show efforts to increase enrollment.)
Muriel reported the College is in process of hiring a Community College Job Information and Career Advisor. She stated this position will help develop, administer, and deliver career and job search information for currently enrolled students and graduates.
Muriel also stated the 2016-2018 CVCC catalog is being updated and revised for printing.
Muriel reported on SAILS (Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success) which has been introduced for this fall semester. She stated this is an early alert system to identify students that need extra help and also to praise students on a job well done. Muriel stated 321faculty (including adjuncts) have already participated in this but the goal is to have all faculty involved.
Muriel reported Kate Haselhorst from the VCCS Human Resource Department visited the College and praised CVCC on its diversity efforts especially on the diversity web pages (can be found at Muriel thanked Wil Perez and the IT staff for their help on creating the web page.
Muriel reported a Campus monitoring visit will take place on November 4 and stated she will be participating in a Perkins Summit on October 23.
Muriel stated she will be meeting with the McBratney pre-nursing students tomorrow for a mandatory fun session.
Muriel reported plans are continuing to hire a Dean of Student Success and hopefully that job request will be sent to HR today.
John C. asked for Muriel to elaborate on the second eight-week classes initiatives. Muriel stated she had created an ad hoc committee for ideas which included:
·       Update website
·       News release for bulletin
·       Banners at road
·       Mail post card and call students who are eligible for financial aid but did not use it
·       Call students who dropped classes in fall
·       Emails
·       Added classes to schedule
·       Facebook
Suggestions included placing posters in area YMCAs, library, and grocery stores.

Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
John P. reported inventory evaluation is being changed from items of $2,000 to $5,000. He stated the reason is that the College’s insurance has a $5,000 deduction, VCCS also has a $5,000 deduction, and this will greatly reduce the amount of items inventoried.
John P. stated a new lease for the Bedford Center is in progress which will provide extra space for the EMS program.
John P. reported the Human Resources Department is working on implementing SilkRoad's Onboarding software. He stated this software will enable all information concerning benefits and salary be made available to a new employee upon being hired. He stated it also assists hiring committees to track applicants.  (David asked that he be included in this process in order to provide PCs, phones, log ins, etc.)
John P. stated he has been working on financial aid refunds which will now be mailed to students on a VISA debit card instead of a check (state-wide initiative).  He stated testing is being done at this time.
John P. discussed the possibility of the replacement of Campbell and Amherst Halls instead of renovating them. He stated he has sent maps of available land to the VCCS.
John P. stated the College is in process of selling the mobile homes and antenna located at the back of the main Campus.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education’s Report
Ruth reported the first Rapid Train class (formerly Fast-Track) started a couple of weeks ago at the Bedford Center and stated it currently has 14 students enrolled in the Electronic Health Medical Records. She stated the College’s partnership with Good Will is off to a great start with three more classes scheduled. Ruth stated one will be in collaboration with ‘tec hire.” (She stated that Lynchburg-only one in Virginia-is taking part in a new federal initiative called “tec hire” which rapidly trains workers for technology jobs with good salaries.)
Ruth stated a VCCS Institute of Excellence Grant has been received to expand training in the spring.
Ruth stated WES is in the testing phase and will go “live” internally in the next few weeks and will go “live” externally in November for spring semester classes.
Ruth reported Workforce now has an online adjunct orientation thanks to Ed McGee. She stated this will be a time-saver for Workforce.
Ruth stated she is on the state-wide taskforce for soft skills and they have been meeting since spring. She stated this is the Chancellor’s initiative for both the academic and workforce side. (Soft skills include: being able to work as a team, getting along with others, work ethics, time management, etc.)

Classified Staff Association
Ed reported at the last staff meeting talk included the new ad hoc committees that will be formed for the Great Colleges to Work For survey to solicit input and obtain recommendations from the members on how the College can improve in all areas listed in the survey. He also stated he attended the VCCA conference last week and was elected as an officer.

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security
Russell stated the Law Enforcement Officer/Emergency Management Coordinator position is being re-advertised.
Russell discussed the public safety survey results that his department recently sent out to everyone. He stated the survey showed improvement compared to the 2013 one. Russell stated there were 339 responses this time compared to 185 in 2013 with more students participating this time as well. He stated one improvement was that less than 4% of the responders said they did not feel safe on Campus compared to 39% in the 2013 survey. He stated some issues were identified in this survey which concerned lighting in the parking lots at night and visibility. Russell stated he was proud of the improvements that have been made and will keep his department moving forward.    

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported 100% of the 2014-2015 educational program assessment reports are completed and posted on the shared drive. She stated this was a huge effort on the part of the deans and faculty to complete this by the deadline. Kris stated they are now working on the departmental assessments reports for 2014-2015, and then the focus will be on the new strategic plan, Complete 2021. 
Part-Time Association
Jana stated the treasurer of the Part-Time Association will be resigning her position at the end of the semester.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported Ken Bunch was hired on September 8 to fill the positon of Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator. He stated Ken is trying to meet with everyone to introduce himself and to hear the ideas of individuals and their areas on marketing needs. Mike also reported Ken has been meeting with the TV/radio media and reviewing the College’s social media. Mike stated he also gave Ken all the files on CVCC’s alumni as this position also includes the Alumni Association. Mike stated plans are being made to contact the alumni to guide them to the College’s website or its Facebook page.
Mike reported $470,000 in scholarships were awarded last year. He stated this is up 91% (was $246,000) from the previous year. Mike stated this year’s budget is $604,000 with $703,000 already awarded. He stated this number will decrease as students change/drop courses or unexpected financial aid is awarded. Mike reported for fiscal year 2017, CVCC has been awarded $450,000 from the Tobacco Commission.
Vice President for Information Technology
David reported as part of the system upgrade, the internet connection speed will be increased hopefully during the month of October. He reported the College is in process to purchase a secondary connection as a backup.
David discussed upgrading the myCVCC and stated it had a new look with enhanced security but still faced some performance challenges. He stated the VCCS is currently working on these challenges, and if not solved, the Colleges may need to go back to the previous version.
David stated he had been meeting with Wil Perez, Kim Angel, and Ken Bunch to discuss the development of CVCC’s new website. He reported they are reviewing several college websites for ideas.
Faculty Association
Tom reported a committee formed from the Faculty Association is working to improve the SAILS’ email wording.
Tom stated a survey has been emailed to determine the best time for the brown bag lunches. He stated this time the subject with be teacher improvement techniques.
Tom stated that nomination requests for Learning Environment Awards have been posted on the Daily Bulletin.
Tom also reported the Association will be voting at the next meeting to change the by-laws for the president to serve one year instead of two with the vice president will act as chair elect first and then become president the following year.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.
John C. reported his travels continue as he attended the Chancellor’s Retreat with the ACOP meeting in Roanoke last week. He stated he will be attending the Council of President’s meeting in Richmond on October 19, and has been invited to be a panel participant for the SA Funds & National Urban League's Higher Education Summit in Washington, DC.
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on November 2, 2015.
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