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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

April 11, 2016

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the February 29, 2016, meeting were approved.       
John welcomed Lewis Bryant to his first cabinet meeting as CVCC’s new Vice President of Finance and Administration.
John Capps
Ruth Hendrick
Kris Ogden
Ed McGee
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Sarah Jarrett
Will Sandidge
Mike Bradford
Tom Sparhawk
Dianne Sykes
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Thursday (4/28/2016)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Adjunct Workforce Faculty Award
The CGC approved the proposal from the Employee Recognition Awards Committee to award one workforce adjunct each year with a $500 award. The criteria includes the adjunct must have received an “excellent” on their student evaluations.
Branding Manual
The CGC approved the proposal from the Public Relations and Marketing Committee’s revision of the College’s Branding & Style Manual which will be placed on CVCC’s website.
Governance Meeting Proposal
The CGC approved the proposal of the Compliance Committee to dissolve the Compliance Committee and allow individual committees to better handle issues related to their specific tasks.
Muriel made a motion with Mike duly seconding, to accept the motion as written. The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved all three motions.
Agenda Items:
IT Security Policy (LIGHTFOOT)
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the IT Security Policy as written.  
Divisional Reports:
Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported on new hires and job vacancies and stated Mickey Paige has accepted the position as the full-time Great Expectations’ coach and five interviews for the Financial Aid Coordinator’s position have been scheduled for later this week.
Muriel reported the following Open Houses have been held:
·       Counselors Workshop—March 9
·       High School seniors and parents—April 7
Muriel stated the College has applied for a $15,000 Open Education Resources (OER) grant to expand on what has already been accomplished.
Muriel reported the College has applied for a sub-grant which is designed to send text messages to nudge and communicate with students who have taken at least 45 credits of a degree and encourage them to complete the remainder of the courses needed to graduate. She stated the College will not receive the money for this grant until next year.
Muriel reported on new initiatives which include a job fair on April 13 with 32 businesses planning to attend, and sending an email with information on early registration to students (700+) with 45 or more credits.
Muriel discussed an idea for what administrative faculty could do for students and stated Nancy Mitchell had suggested purchasing Wal-Mart gift cards. Mike and Muriel will work with Nancy on this initiative.
Part-Time Association
Sarah stated the Part-Time Association held their elections and she was elected president, Audrey Hudgins, vice president, Jennifer Onuffer, recorder, and Mike Danos remains as treasurer. 
Sarah stated a social is planned for the association in June and hopefully an agenda will be developed for the upcoming year.
Sarah asked that everyone encourage students to attend the upcoming job fair.
Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell reported Security is trying to elevate the College’s emergency response capabilities: upgrade the radio system and establish a fully-stocked Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Russell stated he knows both items as they currently are, would present a disadvantage if the College conducted a functional exercise or in a real emergency situation.
Russell reported the upgrade for the radios would allow contact with Lynchburg and Liberty University Police Departments. He stated another option (Region 2000 Radio System) is being reviewed, which would allow contact not only with Lynchburg PD but GLTC, and sheriff/police departments’ at all off-site centers (but not LU). He stated he and Jeff Sydenstricker met with Lynchburg officials last week to see if they would allow CVCC to join. Russell stated he hopes to learn the cost sometime this week from Harris Corporation who is supplying the radios.
Russell stated there is a room designated on Campus as the EOC but at this time it is not fully-stocked, and he would also like to establish on off-campus EOC. 
Classified Staff Association
Ed reported the Classified Staff held elections and Francie Dye is the new president, and Kevin Riley is the vice president. He stated plans are for the executive committee to meet this summer to brainstorm objectives for the upcoming fall.  
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris stated two surveys had been completed—the Student Satisfaction Survey and The Great Colleges to Work For. She thanked everyone for encouraging participation as the response rates were good on both.
Kris stated her department is engaged in the spring graduate assessment which includes general education and writing.
Kris stated 29 budget requests have been received for the annual budget prioritization process.
Kris reported her department submitted Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) on finance, HR, and library. She thanked Mike Fein, Loretta Marshall, and Mike Bradford for their help in verifying the data.
Kris reported on the Educational Program Assessment and stated the College will be closing out this year with reports completed on the actual annual cycle.
Vice President for Information Technology
David reported for the third consecutive year, CVCC has been recognized as one of the top 10 mid-sized community colleges for Center for Digital Education in the nation. He stated this year CVCC slipped from tied for #8 to #9. David stated his department has reviewed the evaluation criteria and discovered the College needs more policies especially instructional policies such as teacher/students interactions on social media, lecture capture, cyber security, mobile device, thief or loss of device, FERPA, etc.
David stated interviews for the IT admininstrative position have been scheduled.
Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
Lewis began by stating he is glad to be back at CVCC and looks forward to working with everyone. He thanked Will and Mike for keeping this division moving forward during the time the position was vacant. He stated the next few months will be busy as the old year is closed out, and the new budget is being created. Lewis discussed the 29 budget items that will be reviewed soon and stated he hopes his division will be able to support these requests. 
Lewis stated he will be meeting with GLTC to discuss new bus routes for the upcoming year and to sign a new agreement. He stated if anyone has any suggestions related to this or that needs to be changed, please let him know.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported on marketing and stated Workforce wanted to move their marketing position over with Ken Bunch. He stated a part-time position has been hired to fill this request. He also stated Jill Markwood will be transferring over (effective today) to the Marketing Team as well.
Mike discussed CVCC’s 50th Anniversary celebration and stated several colleges’ celebration have been reviewed and found those ranged from a one-day celebration to an entire year. Mike stated tentatively CVCC’s celebration will begin in August/September same as the fall semester. Mike stated a committee has been formed but anyone is welcome to participate. He stated their first meeting will be held on April 18 to brainstorm ideas.
Mike reported BWXT executives were here this past Friday to present the third installment of a $75,000 contribution to CVCC for the Machine Tool Program capital campaign. Mike discussed the science project and stated through the budget process last year, microscopes ($68,000 of tech fee money and matching TIC money) were purchased to replace the outdated ones.
Mike stated the College had to submit this year’s tobacco grant request which was a simulation model for respiratory therapy. Mike stated Jack Freeman also submitted grants to Centra to continue the College’s EMS project as well as genetics and anatomy science equipment, the Easley Foundation for continued support of the College’s Endowed Scholarship, the On-Ramp grant to the VCCS, and a Perkins’ Grant. Mike stated work will begin soon on the Title III grant proposal.
Mike reported the scholarship season for 2016 is ending. He stated about 40 scholarships ($33,000 which was money not used for spring) has been awarded for summer. He stated a Foundation Board meeting will be held soon to approve scholarships for fiscal year 2017.
John reported the College’s renovations for Amherst and Campbell Halls were included not only in the governor’s budget but also in the approved budget by the General Assembly. He stated this includes the planning money for detailed renovation. He stated Vice Chancellor Donna Van Cleve visited CVCC, and while here she mentioned a possibility of new buildings instead of renovations. John requested that Mike ask Ken to work with Senator Newman’s office for a press release. 
John discussed the compensation analysis compiled by Mike Shelton and Brenda Xeroteres for the faculty and full-time classified. He stated once this is complete, the part-time staff’s salaries will be evaluated. John stated he had just received information from Mike, and it seems that it will cost several hundred thousand dollars to implement the recommendations. John reported he was not sure the College can do this all at once but stated he has asked Mike to develop a sequential plan to reach the goal. John stated the next Town Hall meeting will feature Mike to share all of the information he has obtained.
Faculty Association
Tom reported Cheryl Cunningham will be the upcoming president.
Tom also reported on an issue with the faculty awards. Tom stated he emailed everyone encouraging nominations for the Outstanding Faculty Award (which is presented at graduation). He stated Gary Randolph is the chair of the committee and had reported 24 nominations (all from students with no faculty or administrations’) had been received. Tom stated the award is supposed to cover faculty contributions to the college and to the community but students have no access to this information; therefore, it was not included in their nomination. He stated this is very unusual but feels there is very little contact amongst all of the faculty as even attendance in Faculty Association meetings is low. John suggested forming a nominating committee consisting only of faculty who select a slate of those eligible to receive the awards. Tom stated he will suggest this at the next Faculty meeting.
Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education
Ruth was absent.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on May 9, 2016.
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