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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

August 15, 2016

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 16, 2016, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Randall Franklin
Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Cheryl Cunningham
Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant
Ruth Hendrick
Will Sandidge
Kevin Riley
 Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (8/15/2016)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.
Agenda Items:
The President’s Cabinet reviewed the action plan for “Building a Better CVCC.”
The President’s Staff unanimously approved the “Building a Better CVCC” Action Plan as written.

Divisional Reports:
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported on grants and stated there are four opportunities that he wanted to inform those here at the College with a project in mind or see a need. He stated most of these grants are available every year, so if there is not enough time to write a proposal for this year, perhaps one can be written for next year. The grants include:
·     Bridging Cultures of Community Colleges from the National Endowment for the Humanities (intended to expand students’ intellectual horizons by increasing their capacity to read, write, etc.)
·     Bridges to Baccalaureate from the National Institutes of Health (research education programs intended to enhance the pool of community college students from diverse backgrounds nationally underrepresented in biomedical and behavioral sciences)
·     Chancellor’s Innovative Fund (credit or non-credit programs or projects for student success)
·     Advance Technological Education from the National Science Foundation (promotes improvement in education of science and engineering technicians)
Mike asked that anyone who has an idea for a student success initiative to please talk with him or Jack Freeman.
Mike reported the Foundation’s year began on July 1, and a board meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning. He stated the Foundation tries to help the College balance its budget in any way possible. Mike stated the Foundation is reaching some limits in fundraising and must figure out more ways to increase giving. He stated the Foundation would like to hire a part-time fundraiser to help increase the donor pool. Mike reported the College did set a record for fundraising last year and met the budget but a lot of the larger commitments are ending.  
Mike reported on scholarships and stated $680,000 has been awarded. He said this year as well as the last two years, unrestricted funds were depleted back in July.  
Mike reported on marketing and stated new banners have been installed around Campus in time for the 50th year anniversary. He stated fall enrollment marketing continues with new billboards and bus ads.
Mike discussed CVCC’s 50th Anniversary and stated celebrations begin on August 26 with a Welcome Back student picnic. He stated t-shirts will be provided for everyone as well as an anniversary cake. Mike stated Jill Markwood has created posters with the early pictures of the College which will be on display during the picnic.

Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report
Lewis stated accounting is busy closing out the fiscal year.
Lewis reported the process of hiring a Business Manager is almost complete.

Vice President of Information Technology
David reported has been registered as the College’s new domain name. He stated the will be relinquished in 6 months. David stated will also be the domain name for email but everyone would still continue to get email from the original domain of
The Cabinet discussed changing how the user names would be written in the email address. (Example- john.capps or jcapps or j.capps) No decision was made on this but most felt it would be easier to make all the changes at the same time.
David reported Amherst Hall’s Room 2123 has been remodeled (equipment only) and invited everyone to stop by or attend one of his convocation sessions which will be held in that room.

Part-Time Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Association has not met since their June 16 potluck lunch but stated a meeting is scheduled for September 1, and a fundraiser for the Foundation is planned for September 15.
Sarah reported any part-timer that is a member or attends a governance committee will be asked to give an update of that meeting to the Association.

Faculty Association
Cheryl reported the Faculty Association will meet tomorrow for their first meeting since spring semester. She stated all faculty that participate in that meeting will be entered in a drawing to win a free seat in a leadership class of their choice. (This is also open to the Classified Association and the Part-Time Staff Association.)
She stated goals for this semester is to redefine the Outstanding Faculty Award process, review the faculty rewards and recognition program, and possibly creating a treasurer position.  

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell reported Security will be upgrading their radio system (thanks to IT funding) in the next 30 days. He stated this new system has major advantages by providing direct contact with the Lynchburg police, fire departments, etc.
Russell also reported a full-time officer (with 13 years of prior experience, working seven years at VCU and recently as a school resource officer) has been hired and will begin work on August 25.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris discussed her presentation tomorrow at Convocation on guided pathways and how it will affect the students.
Kris distributed and discussed the CVCC College Governance Meeting Schedule for 2016-2017 and stated her office is now facilitating that schedule and will be making sure all meeting minutes are posted. She stated there is a change in the regular meeting schedule for Classified Staff and Part-Time Staff Constituency groups. 

Classified Staff Association
Kevin (in Francie’s absence) reported their first meeting is scheduled on August 31 at 2 p.m. He stated a survey asking for ideas that would encourage participation was conducted with about 50% response rate. Kevin stated the mission for this year is ‘engagement,’ and he thinks the survey ideas will help with this.
Kevin stated all staff that participate in that meeting will be entered in a drawing to win a free seat in a leadership class of their choice. (This is also open to the Faculty Association and the Part-Time Staff Association.)

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported a meeting on nuclear technology was held with representatives from AREVA and Dominion. (BWXT was unable to attend.) He stated the direction of how to support Dominion is not clear at this time. 
Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported Convocation will begin tomorrow with lots of sessions scheduled. She stated a newsletter containing new initiatives, new programs, and other great information from her office was emailed to “everyone” this morning.
Muriel reported interviews have been scheduled this Thursday for the site director of the Appomattox Center.
Muriel reported a last chance enrollment will be held on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. She stated this has been marketed through the News and Advance and all social media. Muriel reported the College is reaching out by texts and emails to all students who have applied but not enrolled or paid for classes.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported his office has submitted a fourth submission for the faculty (and administrative faculty) salary plan to the VCCS for approval. He stated the faculty plan was submitted first due to their contract deadline for the fall semester.
Randal stated a meeting with supervisors and deans will be scheduled to discuss the changes in the Standards of the Fair Labor Act that will take place on December 1. He stated some of the changes will include some exempt employees becoming non-exempt to ensure close tracking of overtime hours.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education
Ruth reported Workforce is still adjusting to the new credential grant changes which were effective July 1. She stated this grant helps offset the tuition for non-credit credentials. Ruth reported she enrolled three students using the Financial Aid for Noncredit Training Leading to Industry Credentials (FANTIC) grant and was pleased to say for a $4,260 program, the students only had to pay $71.
Ruth reported Larry Saffioti has accepted the On Ramp Coordinator’s position, and is hoping to hire a Workforce Credentials Grant Specialists in the near future to help with the new grant funding programs.
John stated a more descriptive term for non-credit classes will be used in order to align non-credit with credit classes to provide the best future for the students.

John asked the Cabinet for topics for tomorrow’s convocation.  
The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on August 29, 2016.
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