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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

September 26, 2016

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the August 29, 2016, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Randall Franklin
Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Tom Sparhawk
Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant
Ruth Hendrick
Will Sandidge
Stephanie Keener
Names highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Monday (9/26/2016)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
None at this time.

Agenda Items:
Muriel discussed information on the modification to the Annual Performance and Professional Development Objectives (APPDO) in regards to the Outstanding Faculty Award. She stated faculty can now choose whether to disclose information concerning their participation in college committees/professional development (listed in their APPDO) to those wishing to nominate them for the Outstanding Faculty Award.  Muriel stated a majority of the nominations are from students who have no way of knowing this information that is required on the nomination form.
John discussed professional development and stated Dr. Abigail Stonerock (VCCS Director for Professional Development) held a brainstorming session this summer here at CVCC for new ideas. He stated a taskforce led by Irene Wheeler has been created to redefine the College’s professional development program to make it more vibrant and purposeful. John stated, in the past, the emphasis was on the equal distribution of funds and whose funds were never depleted. Sarah stated she is a member of this taskforce and reported a survey will be sent out to “everyone” on Campus for feedback and ideas, and plans are to review what other community colleges are doing. Muriel stated opportunities that have little or no cost need to be offered on Campus.

Divisional Reports:

Part-Time Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Association will hold a pizza fundraiser this week to support the student emergency fund and a small educational award which will be awarded to a part-time staff member at the end of this semester.
Sarah stated the next on-campus activity will be a food drive (to benefit the new CVCC Food pantry) held on November 5 at the 50th Anniversary Homecoming.
Sarah reported having their staff to give reports on the governance committees they attend has proven to be beneficial.
Sarah stated some members of classified and part-time staff still feel their supervisors do not encourage (maybe even discourage) committee attendance. John stated if he knew which departments still had this attitude, he would address them personally. (Sarah stated a question on a forthcoming survey will address the barriers of non-attendance.) John asked Randal to discuss this topic explicitly at his upcoming supervisors’ meetings.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported he attended the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium last week (held at Tidewater Community College) and gave a briefing on CVCC’s Energy Technology Career Studies Certificate. He stated Megan Healy (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services) was present and gave a briefing on the solar grant provided by Dominion Power of which CVCC will receive $25,000 to create a solar lab.
Will discussed a newly formed group called the “Central Virginia Energy Alliance” and stated this is an informal group with Bob Bailey, Executive Director of CAER, taking the lead.
Will reported the College plans to have an Energy Summer Academy beginning in 2017.
Will stated he and Cindy Wallin will travel to VWCC and review their mechatronics program.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported as of August 31, faculty had 100% completed their education program assessments from the prior year.
Kris also reported faculty and student services are working on a structured programs project and are very excited to see how this will help define students’ goals, remove any barriers, and show them how their goals can be achieved. Kris stated work will continue on this with plans to go-live in fall 2017.  
Kris discussed departmental assessments and stated the closeout process will begin soon, and she will be informing those involved of any changes for this year. 
Kris reported her office is now facilitating the Governance Committees and will welcome any feedback for improvements.
Kris reported her office serves as a research partner for the OER grants and will be involved in any needed surveys. She also reported the College will participate in the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) survey during this upcoming spring semester.
John complimented Kris and stated several colleges have sought her assistance in their reaffirmation process.

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell reported he was pleased to announce the new radio system is almost complete. He stated the current system had two frequencies but the new will have 15. Russell stated in an emergency situation, the officers will be able to talk directly with the Lynchburg Police Department, Lynchburg Fire and Rescue, Bedford Law Enforcement, and others. He stated that in most incidences, communication is a major stumbling block, and this new radio system will be a huge enhancement to the College.
Russell reported he and the officers had participated in 23 safety and active shooter presentations to students since the beginning of the school year with the majority being in the SDV classes.

President’s Office
Dianne reported CVCC will host the Virginia Education Summit on October 13. John stated this will be a joint meeting of the House and Senate Education Committees.

Classified Staff Association
Stephanie stated the Classified Staff Association has decided to include guest speakers during their meetings. She reported, at the last meeting, Mike Bradford and Randall Franklin were the speakers.
Stephanie stated on October 7, the Classified Staff Association, the 50th Anniversary Committee, and the Culture, Diversity and International Education Committee has teamed up together to participate in downtown Lynchburg’s First Fridays Meet and Greet. She stated during check-in at Riverviews Artspace, everyone will receive a 50th Anniversary pin to wear in advertising CVCC’s 50 years of service.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions & Community Education
Ruth reported the College has received a significant Workforce capacity building grant (about $340,000) for developing new programs and for hiring a Workforce coach to work and encourage non-credit students to complete their programs and certifications. She stated this grant will also help the College by supporting the credit-side with both a mobile welding lab (with welding stations and welding trainers) that CVCC will share with Germanna and Piedmont Virginia Community Colleges. This grant will also support CVCC having a certified medical assistant (CMA) program instead of working with an outside vendor.
Ruth reported on non-credit programs and stated the certified medical assistant program began a couple of weeks ago and an IT Specialist class will begin soon. She stated in spring, CVCC will partner with VTI to offer their programs on carpentry and plumbing.
Ruth reported graduation will be held tomorrow for the first MT1 class.

Vice President for Information Technology
David reported the evening IT tech left CVCC for full-time employment elsewhere, and until that position is filled, there will be no evening support. David stated the College joined the VCCS shared services for the information security officer’s duties. He stated this was done to free up funds in an effort to make the evening support position full-time as a part-time position has a high turnover rate. David stated budget constraints have prevented this from happening. He reported the office administrator’s position is also “on hold.”
David reported he attended a Tech Council meeting last week where the IT Accessibility Standards were discussed and stated this will be on the agenda for approval at the upcoming ACOP meeting. He stated the web content accessibility guidelines are more constraining, and he is working with Access (who is creating the College’s new website) to make sure the College is compliant with the new standards. David stated all faculty’s web pages must be compliant with the new standards as well by January 1, 2018.
David reported the web redesign is going well, and the process of creating the templates continues. He stated all content must be reviewed and rewritten by October 31 with a projected “go live” date of February 2017.
David reported a two-year agreement has been signed with the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard.
David stated the internet connection at the Bedford Center is being upgraded. 

Faculty Association
Tom reported, at the last meeting, one topic of interest among the faculty was to have a faculty/staff directory which included a picture (along with name, phone number, and department) and making it internal and external. Tom stated DCC is already doing this but has an opt out option for those not wanting to post their picture. Tom stated another topic was why faculty were not given pictures of their students. He stated for an example, Sweet Briar faculty have pictures from the ID cards of the students in order to help remember names. David stated PeopleSoft has the capability to do this but the VCCS has not allowed it in the past because of a space issue.
Tom stated discussions included putting syllabi on line for students. He stated some were in favor and others not. John stated at VWCC every instructor was required to have a Blackboard site where the syllabus was available. Tom stated CVCC does not require this. Kris stated course syllabi are retained in the division offices.
Tom stated another discussion item was making the College more child friendly such as adding child care and diaper changing areas in both men’s and women’s rooms. He stated some faculty even felt having children in the classroom was a good idea.
Tom stated it was also discussed that the College was not recycling plastic, metal or glass. Lewis stated he will look into this.  

Vice President for Finance and Administration’s Report 1:21
Lewis stated he is pleased to announce that a new Business Manager has been hired and began working today.
Lewis reported in the past few weeks, he has reviewed some of the College’s contracts. He stated he was not sure if this was common knowledge amongst students, but the Follett Bookstore will price match a documented lower cost of a book from another source. He stated Follett will also give a refund of the difference if a book from their store has already been purchased. Lewis also stated he was unsure if students knew the cutoff dates for purchasing books paid for by Financial Aid. (Muriel stated the students get a letter/email listing the cutoff dates.) Lewis stated he will get this info on the monitors around Campus.
Lewis discussed the Campus food services and stated they want to publicize the services provided in the Library. He reported this information is currently on the Daily Bulletin and the monitors to hopefully increase their sales. Lewis also stated he is meeting with the outside cleaning vendor in hopes of insuring cleanliness around the locker rooms in the fitness center. (Tom asked if the fitness center could post their hours of operation.)
Lewis reported everyone should have received their Maintenance and Operation (M&O) budgets. He stated the budgets have decreased about 10%, or if any money remained at the end of the year 50% of that unspent money was taken away from the total amount (whichever amount was larger).
Lewis stated when the part-time staff budgets are distributed, he asked that they be reviewed carefully. He stated if any supervisor has a staff member working less than the 1,450 hours per year to please let him know.
Lewis reported an equipment inventory needs to be completed this year. He stated a list of items located in each area will be sent out soon.
John stated several issues have been bought to his attention concerning The Spot—cleanliness, lack of food variety, quality of the food, and the timeliness of when the food is served. He stated Lewis has met with the owner to try and leverage some enhancements. 

John stated the governor asked the executive branch agencies to build contingency plans of returning 5% of their general fund allocation. He stated so far, higher education is exempt but there was a qualification of possible strategic cuts later. John stated most feel higher education will not be affected this year, because the General Assembly appropriated additional funding as a result of requiring the colleges and universities not to increase tuition more than 3%. However, he stated next year will probably result in higher education experiencing a bad budget year because that is when the more significant shortfall is supposed to hit. John reported CVCC is still operating at a deficit because the budget was created with a 2% decrease in enrollment, and today, enrollment is down 3.8%. He stated this means CVCC does not have a balanced budget which is the reason most vacant full- and part-time positions have not been filled. John reported the 3% increase in tuition was supposed to fund the 3% employee raises but since there will be no raises, no direction has been given where that money can be used. John hopes guidance will be given at the upcoming ACOP meeting. He stated there is still no answer from the VCCS on the faculty salary increases.
John questioned if there was anything else that the College can do to increase enrollment. Muriel stated the advertising campaign will begin soon for the second 8-week classes, and with those efforts, hopefully, the enrollment will increase. John asked that contact be made to the students who dropped classes at the beginning of the semester to see if they can take high-demand second 8-week classes. Muriel stated the marketing campaign has and will continue to reach out to all students that attended CVCC but never completed a degree. Will stated when the new semester schedule is released, he believes all classes (including second 8-week classes) being offered should be listed. Will stated this gives the students more options at the beginning of enrollment.  
John discussed a new initiative with Lynchburg College. He stated students (from Region 2000) who are admitted to the Grow Your Own Teachers program will complete two years at CVCC, while also taking selected classes at Lynchburg College. Upon graduation from CVCC, the remaining two years of coursework will be completed at Lynchburg College and students will work with their home school divisions for job placement after graduation. John stated with financial aid, scholarships, and discounts from LC, students could graduate with a bachelor’s degree and pay only $20,000 out-of-pocket.
John discussed a dual enrollment agreement with Liberty University that is about to be signed. He stated this is similar to the ones with Lynchburg and Randolph College.
John stated the Chancellor was very complimentary about his Listening Tour visit here at CVCC.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported several grants are being written—National Science Foundation (NSF), Advanced Technical Education ($200,000 spread over three years), SCHEV Affordable Pathway ($140,000), and the Chancellor’s Innovative Fund Grant for Building Student Success through Appreciative Advising.  
Mike distributed the 50th Anniversary flyer to be used at the Get Downtown event. He stated the 50th Anniversary Homecoming (November 5) will have lots of food trucks, beer and wine garden, band, lots of games, Campus tours, and many displays. Mike stated advertising for this event will include social media posting.
Mike stated marketing is already discussing advertising for fall’s second 8-week classes and also the spring semester.
Mike stated Karen Painter has established a $3,000 radiology scholarship for second year students in her husband’s name, Dr. Bill Painter.  

Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel stated the College’s General Studies program is now recognized by the State Policy on Transfer. She stated transfer students with this degree admitted through a regular admission process will be admitted as a junior and all lower-level general education requirements are accepted. She thanked Kris for providing the data necessary to achieve this.

Director of Human Resources
Randall reported HR is busy identifying data corrections for those employees going from exempt to non-exempt and should be completed in the next week. He stated this Fair Labor Standards Act overtime changes will take place December 1, 2016. Randall stated he has scheduled several supervisors’ round table meetings this week to discuss the performance management process and forthcoming revisions.
Randall stated all performance evaluations are due October 1, 2016.
The meeting adjourned at 3:26 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on October 24, 2016.
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